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On September 24th 2008 I was sitting down to catch up on my corporate media and local KGW channel 8 had a news story entitled “Demand Grows for community gardens in Portland” I watched the story and came to the conclusion that with a waiting list of over a thousand people something simple could fix this. Why couldn’t people who own their homes open up yard space to other members of the community to create a food/herb producing garden.

There are many community Gardens in Portland, but even still in 2014 there is a waiting list of more than 3 years for many spaces.

There are many community Gardens in Portland, but even still in 2014 there is a waiting list of more than 3 years for many spaces.


And that’s what got me thinking about the many wonderful things that can be done with this project. Imagine the little slip between the street and your home, that small plot of grass. Now imagine it producing food for 2-4 families, including yours.

I was mesmerized by the fact that the people who have plots in the community gardens were producing so much more food than they could use that they were donating it to the Oregon Food Bank and I thought to my self why couldn’t everyone do this?

How wonderful would it be if everyone in our community had easy access to

is my vision: that in these hard economic times Portland can sustain itsself
and lower the population of the hungry in the city. If on every street in
Portland there were 2-3 gardens there would be more food than we would even
need. Our social network of sustainable living could export from the Portland
metro area fresh produce to feed the hungry around Oregon. This is what
I wish for.


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  • When?

    Well, RIGHT NOW! Or any other time. That’s the great thing about the internet. If you are looking for resources about when to Start a garden there are some good links here. And you can garden some things in your yard year round.
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  • Carrot Love!


    Yard sharing is an arrangement between people to share skills and gardening resources; space, time, strength, tools or skills, in order to grow food as locally as possible, to make neighborhoods resilient, communities healthy and food much more affordable!
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  • Why?

    Why should you share your yard? Why should you use to find a place to garden? Growing-at-the-Speed-of-Life-Cover "Growing at the speed of life" a wonderful book check it out on amazon by clicking on the cover. In 2011 as a result of I was blessed when Graham Kerr contacted me and asked to meet to talk about Yard Sharing, and what they are doing in Mt. Vernon Washington we talked about food, about gardens and about community.
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  • Who Can Share?

    Anyone, Everyone! Can Share!! sharingThat’s the very idea… We want to encourage healthy community building and I can think of no better way than growing and sharing food..
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  1. debra on January 7, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    Hi there, I am a Seattle-based journalist working on an article about sharing/swapping/bartering for landscape * garden owners….the story will run in the March 2013 issue of Alaska Airlines magazine. Is there someone on your staff who I could speak with briefly today or tomorrow? Debra Prinzing 206-769-8211 or
    thank you!

  2. Jill Russell on February 28, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    I found a couple numbers here, from years ago, but will call. I was referred to you by Growing Gardens. I’m actually looking for a place to grow my own small 5X5′ garden or so….and people won’t steal my tomatoes etc… Preferably no fee, or small for water…?I live in Sellwood and garden not a reality. Jill 971-212-6726

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