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What is Yard Sharing?

I see yard sharing as resource sharing. Many people have become aware that your yard can be much more than grass and there are simple things that make a difference.  Yard Sharing is a way for the community to empower itself, for people to grow. It is very common for people who own property have very limited time, and no time to for a vegetable garden. And sometimes gardeners have trouble finding a place to garden in because they rent an apartment, or perhaps they live in an assisted living facility!  There are all kinds of reasons it makes sense to grow your community through food.

Yard sharing is a connection. It’s a person who owns a home and has space for a garden giving up some of that space to another person who has time to create a garden.

In return, the homeowner can get a share of the food the garden produces.

Excess food that both the Gardner and property owner cannot consume can be donated.

Carrot Love!