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Why should you share your yard?

Why should you use to find a place to garden?


"Growing at the speed of life" a wonderful book check it out on amazon by clicking on the cover.

In 2011 as a result of I was blessed when Graham Kerr contacted me and asked to meet to talk about Yard Sharing, and what they are doing in Mt. Vernon Washington we talked about food, about gardens, and about community. Graham was launching a new book "Growing at the speed of life". It is still one of my favorite garden books today.  We had a wonderful lunch in and something I really took away from talking to him was how food is the community, Yes, of course, we all know that the kitchen is the heart of the family, and likewise, the garden SHOULD be the heart of the community.

This more than anything else is a wonderful reason to start sharing your Yard. Your Yard can be the cornerstone of your community. From it you can build connections that can not only build your own relationships with your neighbors and friends but you can also empower your community to be more resilient and more prepared.

There are many other wonderful reasons to share your yard like:

Yard sharing cuts down on greenhouse gases by limiting the travel time of fruit and vegetables to your table.

Yard sharing encourages you and your family to more healthy veggies!

Yard sharing can be a workable solution for people with physical limitations who want to eat better and more affordable.

Yard sharing is an excellent way to teach your kids about food, chemistry, and biology!

Yard sharing is a great way to get cheaper produce to older people on a fixed income!

Yard sharing helps you get enough vitamin D from sunshine!

Yard sharing is a way to avoid pesticides and other chemicals on your food because you are in control of the growing process!

Yard sharing is a fun!

Yard sharing helps to create independent local food systems that are less sensitive to the price of oil.

Yard sharing helps insulate you against rising food prices.

And nothing tastes as good as the food you grew yourself!