2 Person Hot Tub

2-Person hot tubs can be the gateway to intimacy for many couples. However, they are also great for solo soaks or in more platonic settings, especially those that have separate seats. 

Many people purchase 2-person hot tubs as therapeutic tools thanks to the fact that they provide all of the benefits of hydrotherapy without the massive footprint or alarming price tag.

Of course, with so many 2-person hot tubs on the market, finding the right one can seem overwhelming. Come with us as we explore some of the top models on the market today.

Top Three 2-Person Hot Tubs

#1 Hot Springs TX

The Hot Springs TX is a unique corner-style two-person hot tub, perfect for those who want the best in hydrotherapy.

The Hot Springs TX uses a patented moto-massage feature, which produces a warm stream of water that gently sweeps along the length of your back for one of the most invigorating spa massage experiences possible.

If you are someone who deals with stiffness or soreness in your muscles, this is an excellent solution.

Beyond that, there are three other kinds of jets built into the Hot Springs TX, including the directional hydromassage jets, the directional precision jets, and the rotary hydromassage jets. No part of your body will be left without comfort.

 Hot Springs isn’t only about hydrotherapy, however. The company puts a ton of thought into its designs, which is why you get hot tubs with sleek metallic corners, dramatic LED lighting, and eye-catching nuances. Even with such a luxurious look, these hot tubs are still incredibly durable.

Lastly, it should be noted that the Hot Springs TX makes use of the FROG ease in-line sanitizing system, which comes with pre-filled SmartChlor technology cartridges to maintain crystal clear water at all times. Your hair, skin, and eyes will thank you too, as this system uses 75% less chlorine than a traditional system.

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The Aventine from Caldera Spas was specifically designed for smaller spaces.

Thanks to the corner design, you can comfortably tuck it away into any corner and enjoy a top-of-the-line hydrotherapy experience.

The Aventine comes with two types of jets, including the Euro Directional Jets and the AdaptaFlo Jets.

The Euro Directional Jets are made to target specific muscles while the AdaptaFlo Jets are made so that users can redirect the streams to specific muscle groups by positioning the nozzle.

If you’re looking for energy-efficiency, Caldera Spas has you covered. This particular model uses FibrerCor insulation, which is four times denser than the traditional foam found in spas. It also makes use of EcoTech cabinetry. Not only does this durable EcoTech cabinetry work to protect your spa from the elements and retain heat, but it looks fantastic.

Of course, we can’t leave you without talking about the Foot Ridge, which may just be one of our favorite features on this hot tub. The Foot Ridge acts as an anchor point for your feet so that you can feel sturdy and stationary as the jets make their way up and down your body for the deepest hydrotherapy experience possible. It also comes with unique jets, perfect for those who suffer from pain in the calves and feet.

#3 Coleman SaluSpa Miami

While the Coleman SaluSpa Miami may actually be rated for up to four people at the most, many people like to consider it a two-person model.

The beauty of the Coleman SaluSpa Miami is that it is incredibly inexpensive and one of the most versatile tubs there is, perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

It only weighs a mere 54lbs, meaning it can be taken just about anywhere and stored with ease. Even those who want to take it on the road can consider doing so.

Of course, the less one pays for a hot tub, the fewer features they will get. The hydrotherapy hot tub experience from the jet system on the Coleman SaluSpa Miami isn't nearly as powerful as one might get from one of the many hard shell models, though it still provides comfort and relaxation with an 80-jet system.

The Coleman SaluSpa Miami can heat up at around 2 degrees Fahrenheit per hour, which is a bit longer than the other spas mentioned above. Of course, it is possible to fill the tub with warm water to start, which drastically cuts down on the heating time.

For budget-conscious buyers who don't need all of the fancy cascading waterfall or sound system features, the Coleman SaluSpa Miami hot tub is a wonderful choice for a low price.

What To Consider When Looking At 2-Person Hot Tubs

While there are many considerations to make when searching for hot tubs online, here are some of the most important when it comes to two-person spas.


2-Person Hot Tubs are much smaller than standard hot tubs, though there still needs to be quite a bit of available space for installation. Even 2-person hot tubs occupy a bit more space than a typical bathtub.

It is important to consider both the location and the position within the location. Plus, larger 2-person hot tubs require more water, meaning higher running costs.


Though two-person hot tubs are made with the same capacity in mind, the seats can vary pretty greatly. Some might want to look for molded seats with padded headrests, while others might want lounge seats, which are available on many higher-tier models.


Hardshell two-person hot tubs are typically made with plastic, acrylic, and vinyl materials, all of which are fitted over the spa parts. Other rarer models might use materials such as fiberglass, metal, wood, or concrete.

Inflatable two-person hot tubs, otherwise known as plug and play hot tubs, are typically made with some combination of PVC and marine-grade vinyl.

Plug and play hot tubs cost a bit less right off the bat and are much easier to store away when not in use.

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However, these hot tubs typically do not come with the same high-quality elements found on standard hot tubs, including LED lighting, sound system components, or cascading waterfall options.

It is good to understand the pros and cons of each type of hot tub prior to making a purchase.

Searching for the Best Hot Tub Model

There are plenty of reasons to purchase two-person spas. From romantic evenings at home with the partner and some privacy to a relaxing soak alone, top-notch two-person spas offer all one could ask for at a low price.

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Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author