3 Person Hot Tubs

Three is a charm, as they say.

What better way to celebrate that sentiment than with a three-person hot tub.

Small hot tubs built for three can be surprisingly hard to find.

That's why we've rounded up the best 3-person hot tub models on the market today. After reading about the unique features and excellent manufacturing behind of each of these models, you'll be well on your way to soaking in your own backyard in no time!

Which model will you choose?

5 Best Models

Bullfrog Spas R5L

The Bullfrog R5L model is one of the most luxurious three-person hot tubs on the market today.

It provides consumers with high-quality hydrotherapy at a price that won't break the bank.

This particular model comes with two massaging JetPak jet systems to deliver a comfortable and custom massage experience.

As for seating, there is a deep-soak lounge seat, which has been ergonomically contoured for a natural and comfortable soak.

This three-person hot tub is a great choice for couples, singles, or empty-nesters, who are looking for comfort and quality without having to spend a ton of money.

The beauty of the Bullfrog R5L is that it can easily fit through just about any doorway, making delivery and installation a piece of cake. While there aren't as many colors to choose from in the Bullfrog lineup compared to other models on this list, the customization aspect alone is a major selling point.

Jacuzzi J-315

Jacuzzi is one of the most popular hot tub brands on the market today.

While there are plenty of great hot tubs to choose from in the Jacuzzi lineup, people often gravitate towards the J-315 model thanks to its mixture of comfort and portability.

It comes with a combination of lounge seating and upright seating.

With PowerPro jets, users can enjoy a quality spa experience for a low price. 

People often boast about the HydroSooth no-splash jetted massage pillow, which provides a bit of added comfort atop the semi-lounge seat.

While there are plenty of color options to choose from, the main eye-catcher of the hot tub is the ProFinish cabinetry that comes complete with optional corner accent lighting. Jacuzzi has so many great products in its lineup with an excellent reputation behind them. Those who want to stick with one brand should highly consider purchasing a Jacuzzi model like the J-315.

Hot Springs is a hot tub brand that defines itself through health and wellness.

The Hot Springs JetSetter model is a three-person hot tub that is designed for easy installation in small spaces.

 It is the ideal spa for those seeking out luxury at low prices.

The JetSetter comes with a unique ComfortControl system, which allows users to adjust the strength of the jets. Within the Highlife Collection lie seven different jets, which target different parts of the body.

Hot Springs is also well known for its high-quality water care systems. The Freshwater salt system provides a more natural form of water care while the industry-leading No-Bypass filtration helps keep water as clean as possible at all times.

Another great thing about the JetSetter is that there are plenty of great cabinet colors to choose from, which range from sleek and modern to organic and rustic. Hot Spring offers some of the best spa products on the market today and those looking for the ultimate water care should consider the JetSetter.

Master Spas Healthy Living 630L

The Healthy Living 630L model is a great place to begin when looking for a high-quality, hydrotherapy-centric hot tub.

It comes with 30 targeted jets, quiet operation, a relaxing lounge seat, and colorful lighting options.

For a good price, users can also add on an optional sound system, which can create an environment that is fun for the whole family.

Master Spas is known for its Bio-Magnetic Therapy system, which makes use of strategically-placed magnets to reduce inflammation while running. 

This particular model also uses EcoPur filtration, which helps to make water care incredibly easy thanks to its mineral-based design.

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There are plenty of unique hot tub colors to choose from in the Healthy Living lineup, which helps the 630L to fit into just about any space with ease.

Nordic Hot Tubs Stella MS

Nordic Hot Tubs is a brand known for crafting high-quality hot tubs that excel in harsh climates.

Those looking for three-person hot tubs at a low price should highly consider the Stella MS.

This particular spa model comes with two opposing, deep-seated captain's chairs and a No-Float lounger.

While the therapeutic benefits of this spa model sit up there with the rest of the hot tubs on this list, the fact that it is a 110v convertible spa makes it even better. 

People don't have to worry about high installation costs, as this plug-and-play tub can be plugged into any outlet.

Those who have limited installation space, though still want to take advantage of all of the benefits a hot tub has to offer should definitely consider the Nordic Hot Tubs Stella MS.

Finding the Best Three-Person Hot Tub

Finding the right three-person spa model can seem a bit overwhelming.

Most people are looking for three-person tubs due to the available space or the number of people in their homes.

However, beyond size and water capacity, there are plenty of things to consider. From features like LED lighting, digital control panels, and ozone system water care, to additional costs for installation and operation, there is plenty of research that must be done to find the ideal spa model.

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Sometimes it is worth looking into the other products and accessories that a company offers, as never having to search online for random parts when something breaks can provide a bit of peace of mind.

It is important to speak with a local dealer or compare multiple local dealers, as they will be able to provide information on prices, products, upgrade options, promotions, and more.

We compare prices from spa dealers near you. If you're looking to get quotes in your area, click the button below and fill out our free questionnaire. You'll receive the best deals based on your particular preferences!

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author