4 Person Hot Tub

Whether you're looking for solo relaxation time or a fun way to hang with family and friends, a 4-person hot tub is an excellent investment. With four seats, you can fit the average sized family, two couples, or a small group of friends.

It's the perfect middle-ground in the hot tub size range, great for those who want a bit more versatility without taking up tons of real estate in their backyard.

If you've been searching for the perfect 4-Person hot tub, we've got you covered.

Come with us as we explore the top models on the market today.

Top Three 4-Person Hot Tubs

#1 Jacuzzi J-425

Jacuzzi is arguably one of the biggest names in the hot tub industry and the J-425 four-person hot tub is one of the most popular tubs in the company’s lineup.

This particular model sets itself apart from the rest due to the high-back design, which allows for a deeper, more relaxing soak.

Beyond that, the gorgeous ProFinish cabinetry presents a luxurious look that fits nicely into just about any backyard setting. 

You have the option of adding corner accent lighting if you choose as well.

New hot tub buyers want enhanced technology to elevate their hot tub experience. Luckily, the J-425v also comes with a high-quality touchscreen control panel, which allows you to control the temperature, jets, and timer built into the tub.

To help keep the water in the J-425 as clean as possible, Jacuzzi has installed ClearRay 5-stage filtration. This one-of-a-kind system makes use of the same UV-C technology that you would find in a healthcare or municipal waste environment. Your water will remain crystal clear at all times and all of the water in the tub will filter through the system quickly and efficiently. Overall, the J-425 is one of the highest quality four-person hot tubs on the market, perfect for anyone in search of luxury.

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Even with an inflatable design, the spa is incredibly strong thanks to its UV-resistant, reinforced material. Bestway also threw in two replacement filter cartridges, a built-in air pump, a repair kit, and a chemical dispenser to help keep the spa clean at all times.

One unique thing about the Bestway SaluSpa Milan Hot Tub is that it utilizes the Bestway Smarthub app for complete control from a smartphone or tablet. Users can activate the spa energy-saving features, adjust the temperature, control the jets, and activate the water filter from anywhere.

#2 Bullfrog Spas Model R6L

Bullfrog Spas is a company that turned the industry on its head years ago when it came out with the innovative JetPak hydrotherapy system.

The JetPak system makes use of interchangeable jet configurations, allowing users to completely customize their massage experience.

There is no better form of custom hydrotherapy on the market as of right now.

Beyond the cutting-edge hydrotherapy technology, the Model 6RL is all about comfort. 

Plus, the puncture-resistant, three-ply construction material helps keep the hot tub safe from any damage.

To give consumers a bit extra, Intex decided to throw in some unique features, including color-changing LED lighting for soaking after dark, two contoured headrests for added comfort, and 140 high-quality hydrotherapy jets. The jets are integrated with a control panel so that users can control and customize their massages from inside the hot tub.

In terms of maintenance, the Intex PureSpa Four-Person Hot Tub comes with easy-to-replace cleaning filters and an integrated hard water treatment system. Essentially, the tub requires very little maintenance thanks to its semi-automated cleaning features.

When users are ready to deflate the hot tub for winter, they can store it away in the included carry bag. Costco can have great deals on Bullfrog Spas. 

#3 Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman is a brand that is best known for manufacturing camping equipment.

However, most people don't know that they have a long line of some of the best hot tubs on the market today.

While the other two hot tubs on the list are excellent choices for anyone seeking out a four-person spa, the classic round design doesn't always work.

Sometimes, having a square hot tub design makes more sense for the space. 

The internal layout includes an ultra-comfortable bent-knee lounge, which has jets that work on the calves and feet. You also get multiple bucket seats, perfect for hanging out and conversating with friends and family.

For optimal durability, the Bullfrog Spas 6RL uses EnduraFrame construction. EnduraFrame is a completely wood-free composite material that is engineered to last a lifetime. You won’t ever have to worry about a wood frame that warps or rots, especially if you live in an extreme climate.

Every Bullfrog Spas hot tub comes with a high-end hot tub cover as well. These premium hot tub covers make use of advanced patio fabrics, which are completely UV-resistant and weather-repellent. With the thickness and durability of these covers, you’ll cut down on energy costs, as your tub will always retain heat with the best insulation possible.

Are Plug and Play Hot Tubs Any Good?

Smaller, four-person hot tubs like the ones on this list are often referred to as "plug-and-play" hot tubs. These hot tubs are known for providing users with better energy-efficiency, ease of installation, and lower prices.

Of course, the less expensive the hot tub, the fewer options or features there will be for the customer to enjoy. Standard hard shell hot tubs typically come with stronger jets, unique seats, and more customization options. With that said, the prices on these tubs are often much higher, which can be an important thing to consider.

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Finding The Best Hot Tub Model for Four People

There are plenty of high-quality four-person hot tubs on the market that can be purchased for a low cost.

For customers seeking out comfort, durability, and high-quality hot tub features, such as LED lighting, energy-efficiency, and hydrotherapy jets, these inflatable hot tubs are perfect.

Keep in mind there are other size hot tubs to choose from as well, see our small hot tubs or our large hot tubs page for different sizes. 

Because 4 person hot tubs are so common, the majority of the manufacturers we review on our Best Hot Tub Brands page offer models that can accommodate 4 people. 

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Tyler Connaghan

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