7 Person Hot Tub

It can be hard finding a hot tub to host the whole family or a large group of friends, especially if you don't have tons of room.

We believe hot tubs that have a capacity of around 7 adults are the cutoff before moving into the swim spa territory, which makes them the perfect middle-of-the-road spas for those with larger families or friend groups.

If you've been trying to find the best hot tub for your needs, come with us as we explore some of our favorite models on the market today.

Which one of these models will you choose?

Best 7-Person Hot Tubs

Marquis Spas Summit

The Marquis Spas Summit offers a great space to assemble large families and friend groups.

It comes with three side-by-side Adirondack chairs, which work to massage your body from head to toe.

There are also four hydromassage seats, which sit adjacent to the Adirondack chairs, which work to deliver relief that is both soothing and exhilarating depending on your settings.

There are four H.O.T. zones on the Marquis Spas Summit Spa, which give you total flexibility and control for the best spa experience possible.

Thanks to the open layout design of this particular spa, you have plenty of room to move around and stretch.

There are plenty of cabinet colors to choose from as well, each of which utilizes durable Durashell material for long-lasting use.

To add to the utility of the spa, you can choose to purchase from a selection of storage benches and entry steps.

The Marquis Spas Summit spa comes with the Crown MQTouch color screen Bluetooth audio system, which allows you to stream your favorite music through the control system completely wirelessly.

For aesthetics, Marquis Spas has included some pretty incredible LED lighting, which is completely dimmable and color changeable. You can use the LED lights to set the perfect mood in the water to enhance your overall comfort and relaxation.

Sundance Spas Optima

Sundance Spas is one of the biggest spa manufacturers on the market today and the Optima 880 Series has just about everything you could want in a spa.

With space for up to 7 adults, as well as a wide range of seating options to fit a diverse array of body types, it is a very size and customer-friendly spa.

The Sundance Spas Optima comes complete with the Fluidix jet system, which utilizes plenty of high-quality, neck and shoulder massage jets.

With the absence of the spa lounger, there is plenty of room for people to move around on the inside.

The Fluidix jets deliver a skin-soothing massage while providing users with aromatherapy for the best spa experience possible.

For the filtration system, the Sundance Optima spa makes use of UV-C technology, which results in the freshest and cleanest spa water you could expect from a spa.

In terms of LED lighting, the Sundance Optima comes with Multicolor SunGlow LED light options, which work to brighten up the interior of the spa. You will also find an LED light behind the AquaTerrace waterfall, as well as behind the grab bars.

The Optima is controlled using an Advanced i-Touch control panel, which uses an intuitive touchscreen system and gives you all of the details of your spa in one place. Beyond the tech that is inside this spa model, the exterior is something to brag about. On the exterior of the spa, you will find a UV-resistant cabinet with a Quick-Release Door. The exterior cabinet also hosts an indicator light to let users know when the spa water needs a bit of maintenance.

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Overall, the Sundance Spas Optima Hot Tub Model is one of our favorite hot tubs on the market for 7 adults and perfect for customers who are looking to purchase from a large company with a great warranty program.

Bullfrog Spas Model X8L

Bullfrog Spas offers some of the most unique hot tubs on the market today, which perfectly complement any contemporary living space.

The X8L is all about comfort thanks to its large size and premium lounge seat, which allows users to have the deepest and most fulfilling spa experience possible.

There is a range of relaxation and hydrotherapy types to choose from thanks to the unique JetPak jet system, which gives customers the ability to choose the jets that they want to use during their soak.

Customers can choose from a wide array of jets to completely customize their X8L spa model and get a massage system that is unique to them.

Beyond the jet system, the X8L comes with plenty of other noteworthy system features, including the soothing water feature, which includes a fully adjustable waterfall with LED lighting for soothing comfort.

The system also includes premium LED mood lighting, which runs throughout the interior of the hot tub, providing a multicolor ambiance in the spa water.

To keep your spa clean and free from wear and tear, this Bullfrog Spa also comes with a Patio Performance spa cover. This spa cover is UV-resistant and provides a high-end look thanks to its slim, premium design. Along with the high-quality foam insulation, this spa cover works to provide incredible heat retention to save customers energy, making it one of the best hot tubs on this list for energy-efficiency.

Final Thoughts - Finding the Right 7-Person Spa

Finding a hot tub for your needs doesn't have to be a hassle.

Spend time looking at customer reviews and comparing design features between various hot tubs, including filters, cabinets, jets, parts.

Decide what is most important to you, as you may prioritize comfort, water cleanliness, or hydrotherapy jet systems.

Also, make sure to speak with your local dealer about delivery, installation, and warranty information before you make your hot tub purchase.

To view additional sizing options, check out our large hot tubs page. 

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Tyler Connaghan

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