8 Person Hot Tub

Whether you have a large family or tons of friends, an eight-person capacity hot tub is quite the bold move. Luckily, you're a bold hot tubber, ready to take on a model that is large and in charge.

Digging through the hundreds of 8-person spa models out there can be quite overwhelming. 

That's where we come in. 

We'll explore 5 of the best 8-person hot tub models on the market today.

Which model will have all of the features that suit you best?

The R8 is one of the highest quality hot tubs within the Bullfrog lineup.

This one-of-a-kind spa features an open-seating design with more than enough room for eight adults to sit comfortably.

This particular model features foot and hip therapy jets, as well as Bullfrog's unique JetPak system.

The great thing about the JetPak system is that users have the ability to customize what types of JetPaks they choose to build into their spa, which allows for a completely custom massage experience.

There is no other spa brand on the market that allows for this level of customization for its jets.

Beyond the JetPak system, the R8 exudes elegance and excellence with premium integrated waterfalls for total peace and relaxation. Even with a unique high-end design, the durability of R8 should not be underestimated.

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The R8 makes use of Bullfrog's EnduraFrame construction, which is completely wood-free. This hot tub is made to last without ever having to worry about rot or warping. Pair that with the Patio Performance cover and the R8 is a spa that is guaranteed to last.

Master Spas Balance 9

Master Spas is a brand best known for crafting high end Michael Phelps swim spa models.

However, they also happen to manufacture some of the most forward-thinking hot tub models on the market today.

The Balance 9 comes complete with 57 adjustable jets and a number of aesthetic features, including a serene waterfall and LED lighting.

One of the main selling points of this model is the StressRelief Neck & Shoulder seat, which uses jets above the water to attack high-tension areas in the neck and shoulders. 

With the Bio-Magnetic Therapy system installed, there are strategically-placed magnets within the jets to help cut down on inflammation.

One thing people love about the Master Spas brand is its commitment to energy-efficiency. The spa shell is made with full-foam insulation and comes with a snug-fitting cover to help retain heat while cutting down on energy costs. Plus, the EcoPur filtration system uses minerals such as zinc and copper to purify water in the cleanest way possible.

Caldera Spas is one of the few spa companies out there that makes use of a high-quality salt system.

The salt system works by generating chlorine from salt to keep the water as clean as possible.

In fact, this particular system keeper water cleaner for three times longer than a standard chlorine system.

The Cantabria can fit up to eight adults comfortably along with the UltraMassage lounge seating.

Any user will feel like true royalty soaking in this comfortable lounge. 

There are plenty of jets to go around, targeting problem areas from the feet to the neck.

In terms of looks, the Avante Cabinetry gives consumers a gorgeous, multi-dimensional look. Even with its elegance, it retains durability, giving it the ability to withstand the harshest of climates. To keep up with the ever-changing technology in the spa industry, Caldera added its Advent Touchscreen Control system, which gives users full control over the jet system, water temperature, lighting, and more.

Thermospas Manhattan II

Thermospas calls the Manhattan II the "standard for all luxury hot tubs."

With eight different seating areas to choose from, every soaker can enjoy a full-range massage.

From the wraparound corner seat to the extra-wide lounge, there are plenty of ways to soak in and obtain a unique massage experience with high-quality jets.

There are also a few seating areas across from the lounge, which provide more than enough legroom for taller users.

For older hot tubbers, the slip-resistant footwell is a savior. 

For a bit of added comfort, Thermospas created a unique, patented Pillowfall, which acts as both a headrest and waterfall to provide the most comfortable massage experience one could ask for.

One great thing about the Thermospas Manhattan II is that there are plenty of cabinet colors to choose from. No buyer will have a difficult time finding the right match for their living space. Beyond all of that, the Manhattan II has a variety of additional features, including underwater LED lights, a water care status indicator light, and a 2-lb Density Thermocover for protection.

Those in the market for a hot tub that is both comfortable and easy to maintain should look into the Manhattan II.

Nordic Hot Tubs Rendezvous LS

With an 8-person seating capacity and a price at nearly half of what one might pay to the competition, the Nordic Rendezvous LS is the perfect spa model for budget-conscious buyers who still want to take advantage of a luxury experience.

The Rendezvous LS comes with Nordic's one-of-a-kind Dual Therapy System, which combines direct-pressure jets with high-volume whirlpool flow, providing a unique form of hydrotherapy.

The system makes use of Nordic Star Stainless Steel Jets too. The 49 jets in this system provide users with a fully customizable massage with more than ample pressure and flow. 

To help create high pressure, the Rendezvous uses two powerful pumps that excel in both low and high settings.

Those who want to add a bit more ambiance to their backyard oasis might consider the Northern Lighting Package option, which adds in LED sconce lighting, LED backlit Nordic Cascade, LED cupholders, and LED sidewalls. To optimize water cleanliness, users can also add the Nordic Clean or Norci Pure Ozone water feature, which helps sanitize the hot tub to keep the water feeling clear.

Finding the Best Spa Model

Those looking for a spa model with an eight-person seating capacity have tons of options.

With so many choices, it is important to speak to a local dealer to get more information on the price, colors, and features of a desired spa model.

To see more sizes like 7, 9 and 10 person, check out our large hot tubs page.

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