Yard Sharing is a passionate group of hot tub and swim spa experts that love to advise new prospective owners about every aspect of buying and enjoying one of these products. 

Our site is composed of experts that have owned a hot tub and/or swim spa for many years and we simply like to give back and talk shop. 

What does "yard sharing" mean? It is all about entertaining guests by getting together and sharing your backyard and home! It's getting together with your neighbors, friends and/or family to spend quality time together to barbecue, have a meal, jump in the hot tub and have a great time together.  

This site covers brands, reviews, parts, buying, maintenance and very thing in between when it comes to hot tubs and swim spas so come join us and browse our website!

Our goal with this site is to ultimately educate consumers and prospective hot tub or swim spa owners about everything having to do with them so that you can get the information you need. Whether that is making a decision to buy your first hot tub or you simply need help fixing an issue with your current hot tub, we are here to help! 

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The Yard Sharing Team 

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