Affordable Swim Spas

A swim spa is an investment in your health and wellness. However, swim spas can be wildly expensive, so much so that some people can't afford to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

When you look at brands like Endless Pools or Dimension One, the dollar signs can make you quiver.

If you've been looking to buy a swim spa, though you need one that won't break the bank, we're here to help.

Continue reading to see the cheapest swim spas on the market today.

TidalFit offers some of the cheapest swim spas around today.

The models come with a variety of standard features, as well as some additional features like micron filters, cascading waterfalls, and versatile exercise equipment.

You get all of the benefits of year-round relaxation and low-impact exercise that you could expect to get from your average swim spa.

TidalFit is a subsidiary of the larger Artesian Spas company, offering just two high-quality swim spa models.

Both of these high-quality models make use of unique jet systems, including the Quad Jet System and the Dual Badu Stream Jet System. The Quad System makes use of four swim jets that pump up to 700 gallons per minute. The Badu jet system, however, offers a four-horsepower pump that spouts water out of fewer jets with an 838 GPM.

The Badu jets give swimmers an edge when they are swimming at high speeds.

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One unique thing about TidalFit is that there are multiple exercise options beyond swimming built into the swim spa line. TidalFit includes Row Bars for users to build upper-body strength. You can also use the Stretch Cords for building upper body strength as well. For walking, running, jogging, and swimming, users can take advantage of the Super Swim resistance exercise system, which is a tether that users belt at the waist.

Overall, TidalFit makes one-of-a-kind exercise pools, perfect for those looking for cheap swim spas. Plus, TidalFit can be seen on "Extreme Weight Loss," the famed ABC television show, giving the manufacturer a bit of added credibility.

Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas is another great cheap swim spa manufacturer.

While the brand is well-known for manufacturing hot tubs, their swim spas are some of the best and most affordable on the market.

Arctic Spas manufactures seven different swim spas models, including the Wolverine, Kingfisher, Hudson, Athabascan, Ocean, and Okanagan.

Each of these swim spas comes equipped with unique features and swim jets, which you can adjust depending on your needs.

One of the best things about Arctic Spas is that they are some of the cheapest spas on the market to operate.

In many cases, owners only pay $2.00 per day to operate these at home.

One of our favorite models in the lineup is the Athabascan, which is an all-weather pool, perfect for people who live in a harsher climate. The combination of the insulation system and the sturdy fiberglass shell traps heat during the colder times of the year.

Each model in the Arctic Spas lineup comes with smartphone capabilities, allowing you to make adjustments and run your swim spa from wherever you are. If you are willing to pay a bit more, you can always opt for a Bluetooth speaker system.

Garden Leisure is a well-known hot tub manufacturer that provides consumers with high-quality hot tubs at low prices.

Recently, the manufacturer began making quality swim spas at low costs as well.

With four different options to choose from in the lineup running from 13' to 19', users have plenty of ways to create unique exercise areas in their backyard space.

This lineup of swim spas uses Lucite Shells for added strength and durability.

Each model comes with exercise equipment for some of the best resistance training a swim spa can offer.

The filtration system is also top-notch, ensuring that you'll never have to deal with dirt water while swimming.

Each swim spa also comes with a swim lane in the swim area so that you can have a bit of guidance when performing your exercises. Some of the top characteristics found in these high-quality swim spas include the high-powered river swim jets, stainless steel fittings/grab bars, comfort padded headrests, and adjust stainless steel jets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Average Swim Spa Prices?

The price of a swim spa depends on a ton of different factors. At the bottom, you could end up paying around $8,000 for an extremely cheap model. However, it isn't difficult to find swim spas that cost up to $30,000 or more.

While swim spas are not cheap by any means, they are still much cheaper than your average swimming pools. People spend $35,000 on average installing swimming pools. Of course, swimming pools also require far more maintenance than swim spas, meaning you will also have to sacrifice your time to take care of them.

Plus, pools don't give you access to water resistance, swim jets, and other unique elements.

In our eyes, a swim spa is a much better investment than a swimming pool, especially if you are someone who isn't planning on staying in your house forever.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Swim Spa?

Assuming that you have a swim spa that is well-insulated, your running coats will be anywhere from $50 to $100 per month if you are using it regularly.

While this may seem a bit expensive compared to the costs of an average hot tub, compared to your average swimming pool, which costs $200 per month, this is a pretty solid deal.

Of course, there are many factors that you must consider to get a true running cost.

For starters, the cost can change depending on where you live. 

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If you live in a very cold climate, your energy costs will be far higher, as your spa will need to do more work.

The cost also depends on the size and the place that you put it. For example, a spa installed flush in the ground will be far more insulated than one above-ground.

Final Thoughts - Should You Buy A Swim Spa?

Swim spas are incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons. With high-quality swim jets, you can enjoy the advantages of water resistance in your workout routines. Hydrotherapy jets, which are typically found in hot tubs, also provide swim spas with all of the benefits of massage therapy.

In addition to built-in equipment, consumers can choose to add treadmill options, rowing equipment options, resistance band options, and so much more.

While TidalFit, Arctic Spas, and Garden Leisure Spas are some of our favorites for those seeking out affordability, there are plenty of other top-notch manufacturers on the market crafting one-of-a-kind swim spas.

If you'd like to view specific pricing from dealers in your area, click the button below. Your preferences help match you with the swim spa brands that have exactly what you're looking for and you get to pick from the lowest quotes.

Happy swimming!

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author