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Alps Spas has been producing high-quality hot tubs for well over three decades.

However, with so many hot tub manufacturers in business today, it can be difficult to determine whether or not Alps Spas can offer you the best deal. 

That's where we come in.

To help narrow down your choices, and to find out if this company has everything you're looking for, we'll explore exactly what the 3 Alps Spas' series have to offer.

Who Is Alps Spas?

Alps Spas has been around since 1986. While the company is a globally-known manufacturer of hot tubs, it only has two manufacturing facilities that run out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Rather than maintaining a massive inventory of hot tubs, the company focuses on building hot tub and spa models to fit the specifications of each customer. Hot tubs from Alps Spas utilize high-quality components, which go through serious testing procedures before distribution.

Who Is Alps Spas

One of the major selling points of the company's spa models is the G-90 steel frame, which is one of the most durable frames in production today and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Alps Spas Series

Alps Spas has three distinct series, each with unique hot tub models to choose from. Here are some of the best hot tub models found within each series in the lineup.

Classic Series

Those looking into premium models with all of the latest components might want to consider the Classic Series.

Within the Classic Series is six premium models, all of which come with two or more pumps, multiple jet options, LED lighting, and additional features.

The smallest hot tub in the Classic Series lineup is the Innsbruck model, which has all the appeal of larger spas, though with a very compact size.

This miniature spa can fit up to three people comfortably and is perfect for those with smaller outdoor spaces, or for those who want a more intimate spa experience at home.

Users can relax in the standard seating to enjoy the powerful hip and back jets or soak deep in the therapeutic hot seat lounger to take advantage of a full-body massage. Some of the unique features on the Innsbruck include the 36 hydrotherapy jets, the Frog sanitization system, the multi-colored LED lighting, and the Balboa LED waterfall.

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At the higher end of the lineup is the K2, which is loaded with a variety of unique therapy seats, has 31 massage jets, including those that provide a 360-degree foot massage, and a reverse neck seat. Users will enjoy multiple companion seats and cool-down seats with more than enough room for up to eight people.

If you're looking for size and power overall, then there is no better choice than the K2.


If you're on a tighter budget, Alps Spas has a couple of solid choices within its Q Series lineup.

There are four spas to choose from in this lineup ranging from the 4-5 seat Q-SL to the 6-7 seat Q-90.

All of the hot tub models in this lineup come with standard Alps spas features and have more minimal designs.

The Q-SL is the smallest in the Q Series lineup with enough room for five adults to enjoy comfortably.

There are a whopping 50 hydrotherapy jets in all, perfect for those who want an all-over hydrotherapy experience. 

Users will enjoy the Gecko TouchScreen control system, the UV Ultraviolet sanitization system, the LED cabinet lighting, WiFi controls, and so much more.

The Q-90 is the larges spa in the Q-Series lineup with more than enough room for up to seven adults at once. With its additional size, it has room to hold 62 hydrotherapy jets. It comes with many of the same features as the Q-SL, including the Gecko TouchScreen control system, the UV Ultraviolet sanitization system, the LED cabinet lighting, WiFi controls, ABS-backed acrylic shell, and much, much more.

The Swim & Exercise Series is where things truly start to step up.

Within this series, you'll find three swim spas, all of which are great for exercise and hanging out with larger groups.

The Denali is the smallest in the Swim & Exercise Series. It comes with room for up to seven adults and has 44 high-quality hydrotherapy jets, as well as two professional Badu Swim jets. The swim jets help maintain a steady current so that users can swim within the spa, combining all of the benefits of a pool with the rejuvenating benefits of a spa.

Similar to the tubs in the Q-Series, you'll get Gecko Touchscreen Controls, adjustable stainless steel jets, a variety of LED-backlit components, a UV Ultraviolet sanitization system, an ABS-backed acrylic shell, and much, much more.

A step up from the Denali sits the Trainer spa model, which is wonderful for those who like to exercise in the water, whether lifting weights or performing aerobics. There are 27 hydrotherapy jets in all, as well as a single 200 GPM River jets. The Trainer comes with all of the same components and features as the Denali model, giving you high-quality strength and top-of-the-line spa construction.

For those who are looking to get down with the whole crew, we highly recommend the Party Spa. Yes, it's in the name. The Party Spa features an incredible 13 seats and comes with 52 high-powered hydrotherapy jets, as well as a single 200 GPM River jet. We definitely recommend adding the Bluetooth Stereo System to this model if you want to bring the party to your backyard and WiFi compatibility for easy control no matter where in the house you are.

Where Can I Find An Alps Spas Hot Tub Dealer?

If you are looking for a spa dealer that sells Alps Spas hot tub models, make sure to check out the dealer page on the Alps Spas website.

Here you will find an alphabetical list of all of the company's dealers located throughout the United States and Europe.

You can also get in call with one of the representatives from their customer service team to get more information on where to find the right dealer.

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Final Thoughts - Should I Get an Alps Spas Hot Tub?

Hot tub owners around the world boast about their experiences with Alps Spas. Many customer reviews go on about the durability of the steel frame construction, the high-quality components, and the elegant designs, which are perfect for just about any backyard setting.

There are a few people who have noted the difficulty of getting in touch with the company's customer service team, which is a bit of a downside that we hope the company can fix in the near future. It would be a shame to let something like bad customer service get in the way of such fantastic spas.

We hope that our review was helpful in narrowing down your choice. Overall, we give Alps Spas an A+ rating. Make sure to check out other customer reviews to find out more about the right hot tub for you.

To see all of your options, read our best hot tub brands page. 

Tyler Connaghan

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