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American Spas models come standard with some of the industry's best hot tub features, including digital control systems, hydrotherapy jets, and energy-efficient designs.

Of course, with so many hot tub and spa brands on the market today, determining whether American Spas fits all of your needs can be a difficult endeavor.

To learn more, come dive in as we explore the pros and cons of American Spas.

American Spas Pricing

One of the best things about American Spas is that they manufacture high-quality hot tubs at a very low cost, allowing everyday people to enjoy the many benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy and relaxation.

As of right now, American Spas sit in the low price range. You can find an American Spas model for around $3,500-$5,000 depending on where you buy it from.

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Who Is American Spas?

Without diving too deep into the history of the brand, American Spas is part of the larger parent company, Cal Spas, which manufactures high-quality spas for consumers all over the world. American Spas hot tub models sell out of big-box retailers, providing entry-level hot tubs to regular consumers. American Spas sells on a wide variety of platforms, including Wayfair, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Overstock, and Amazon.

Even with a big-box backing, the brand has some of the best customer service compared to other brands on the market, which is pretty surprising.

In short, American Spas is one of the many hot tub companies out there born out of a premium manufacturing company to sell specialty, budget-friendly spas.

Top American Spas Features

There are 30 American Spas hot tub models at the time of writing this article, many of which carry the same features. Rather than exploring the various spas available, we are instead going to explore some of the top features that the brand has to offer.

Hydrotherapy Benefits

Those looking to take advantage of hydrotherapy will love American Spas.

The brand's large hot tubs come with bench seating, which can accommodate larger groups.

The beauty of side-by-side bench seating is that it provides far more room to maneuver about the hot tub.

Plus, each American Spa model has plenty of room in the footwell for added stretchability.

Bench seating

Some of the hot tubs come with lounge seating, allowing users to soak at an ever deeper level. With ergonomic designs, users can take advantage of full-body hot tub hydrotherapy with water jets without floating out of the water. You can sit back and enjoy a soothing massage from the jets.

Lastly, the American Spas system includes the Cool Seat, which acclimates the body to hotter and colder temperatures when you are getting into and out of the hot tub. Not many hot tub manufacturers consider this transitional period, which is pretty unique.

Every hot tub in the lineup comes with high-quality SQR jets, which are positioned in tried and true positions to pinpoint problem areas on the body. The jets deliver unique hydrotherapy massages all over the body.

Plug and Play

All hot tubs in the lineup utilize plug-and-play designs, meaning all you have to do is plug your hot tub into any outlet in your home to get started. With a plug-and-play hot tub, you get rid of the need for any special wiring. Plus, you can easily move your hot tub from one place to the next, which is very convenient if you are someone who rents your home.

Jet Pump

We're pleasantly surprised by how powerful this hot tub brand's jet pumps are. Plus, because the pumps don't have as many moving parts as other hot tubs do, there is less room for error. The motors for the jets work at two independent speeds and are made to last a lifetime.

Digital Control System

All the spas in the lineup make use of a high-quality LCD screen control system with plenty of visual feedback. This digital hot tub control system is incredibly intuitive and functional, letting you know which of the parameters you are adjusting. The system also displays a variety of helpful information that you can use to set your hot tub up, including temperature, status, jet modes, time of day, and much more.

Hot Tub Water Care System

Hot Tub Water Care System

Every American Spa hot tub makes use of the HydroSilk Ozonator system, which works by injecting the various mixing chambers with ozone to kill harmful bacteria and prevent them from spawning or reproducing.

There is no need to add chemicals to the water to keep it clean for long periods.

Plus, ozone hot tub systems are much easier on the hair, eyes, and skin, as there isn't a ton of chlorine involved.

Energy-Efficient Insulation

The cabinet walls on every hot tub make use of high-quality insulation, which produces less waste compared to many other hot tubs on the market thanks to the fact that it is made with 100% recyclable material. Beyond that, each of these hot tubs use Thermo-Layer Floor insulation, which helps to lock heat inside the hot tub while keeping moisture from escaping.

The Spa Preferred Vertical Cabinet Panels are incredibly durable, perfect for those who live in harsher climates. Plus, they provide the organic look of natural wood, helping these hot tubs to blend seamlessly into just about any backyard landscape.

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To protect the interior of the hot tub, every one of these American Spas comes with Hydro-Armor hot tub covers. These ho tub covers are manufactured with unique tapered edges, which use a downward angle moving out from the middle of the cover. So many hot tub covers have issues with water pooling at the center. With this design, you never have to worry about it.

The hot tub covers are just as strong as the cabinetry, made from 100% marine-grade vinyl. The centers of the covers are held together using 18-gauge C-channel steel beams, allowing users to fold them up and down with ease.

Additional Hot Tub Features

One of the more notable features available on these spas is the waterfalls.

These dramatic water fixtures help add a bit of ambiance to any backyard setting.

You can choose to add a vertical fountain-style waterfall or classic cascade-style waterfall depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Of course, to complement the unique water features, there are plenty of LED lighting options available. 

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You can add a spectacular show of colors to your hot tub with different LED lighting possibilities. The perimeter LED lighting and LED cabinet lighting add a sense of excitement or relaxation depending on the colors you choose, acting as a perfectly complementary element to the jets.

Lastly, you can choose to add a Freedom Sound System to your hot tub package, which utilizes unique Bluetooth technology so that you can blast your favorite music while enjoying your soak.

Final Thoughts - Should You Get A Hot Tub From American Spas?

As we said before, American Spas is a product of Cal Spas, one of the largest and most reputable hot tub manufacturers on the fact of the Earth. The company has excellent customer service and even better spas to choose from.

Beyond that, this company produces some of the most affordable spas on the market, allowing everyday consumers the chance to enjoy the many hot tub benefits out there.

In the world of budget-friendly spas, American Spas gets an A+ from us. 

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Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author