Are Swim Spas Worth It

Swim spas are investments that require plenty of preparation and planning, yet many swim spa owners feel that their purchases were worth it.

For starters, they are capable of year-round usability in any weather, which makes driving to the gym unnecessary. 

And that's just the beginning. Lets dive into the pros and cons of swim spa ownership so that you can decide whether or not a swim spa would be a good addition to your home.

Best of Both Worlds

With a swim spa, you get the best of both worlds. Swim spa models often use the same features as traditional hot tubs, including jets, LED lighting, illumination, control panels, and ergonomic seating.

The majority of larger swim spa models typically come with separate sections that mimic traditional hot tubs, allowing you a multi-purpose use.

Of course, the main reason people buy swim spas is for the swimming pool benefits.

Swim Spa Hot Tub Combo

 With open-concept designs, you can enjoy the same benefits that you would enjoy in a swimming pool. With additional resistance from the swim current jets, you can swim in place, jog in place, or perform resistance exercises.


Hydrotherapy is an ancient form of therapy that uses water. Hydrotherapy is also one of the best forms of therapy for those recovering from physical injuries. With hydrotherapy, you can enjoy a combination of buoyancy, temperature, and massage to get your body back on track.

One of the big advantages of hydrotherapy is natural endorphin production and increased blood circulation.

If you are someone who suffers from arthritis, using a swim spa can stretch your muscles, improve your overall mobility and flexibility, and soothe your joints. Of course, it is important that you speak with a healthcare professional before making your decision to use hydrotherapy for your health.


There are many ways in which swim spas can positively impact your overall health including:

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Sleep
  • Soothed Joint
  • Weight Loss

Exercise Benefits

If you're looking for a way to enjoy low-impact water exercise, then look no further than a swim spa. Water is buoyant, helping to take about 90% of the weight off of your body to free your muscles and joints. You will literally feel the world lift off of your shoulders, allowing you to move your body freely about the spa.

There are exercise routines that can be quite painful or uncomfortable for those on land. When swimming, however, that pain ceases to exist.

Exercise Benefits

Beyond that, water adds an element of resistance to your exercise. You can increase the effectiveness of your exercise routine without even noticing it. All the while, you'll get to enjoy the cool and refreshing feel of the water on your body, keeping you from feeling sweaty or fatigued.

Compact Size

The idea of putting a pool in a backyard isn't always a viable one. Beyond the cost of a standard swimming pool, the space that one takes up can be a major deal-breaker. With a swim spa, which provides users with a combination spa and hot tub, you can enjoy year-round use without taking up tons of space.

The average swim spa and hot tub combo is around 1/3 the size of a traditional pool.

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Learning To Swim

You may have learned to swim at a public pool when you were young, as most people do. However, there are many parents who get anxiety about teaching their kids how to swim in public swimming pools. There may not even be any pools near your house. You should never let that deter from teaching your children how to swim. Knowing how to swim is a necessary skill for so many reasons.

Swim spas offers controlled environments for children to learn how to swim. You can get your kids used to being in the water and treading before they ever get into an uncontrolled environment. You can use the powerful jets found in your swim spa and gradually increase the speed as they get better. From the beginner to the intermediate to the advanced swimmer, a swim spa is an excellent investment.

Improving Your Backyard

Having one of these things in your backyard is an excellent aesthetic investment too. It can create more fun and functionality righ outside of your home. When you install a swim spa in your backyard, you create a transformation.

Year-Round Use

The beauty of swim spas is that you can use them throughout the year, no matter what the weather is like. Regardless of the temperature is outside, you can use the control panel on your swim spa to adjust the temperature and find a comfortable setting for you. During the summer, you can keep the temperature at a cooler settings, while in the winter, you can heat it up to the the average temperature of a hot tub.

Fun and Entertainment

Owning a swim spa is a bit of a lifestyle. The great thing about owning one is that you have access to exercise and relaxation. Of course, beyond that, a swim spa can provide all of the same fun as a hot tub. Thanks to the fact that these come at a much larger size, you can enjoy your time in the swim spa with the whole family!

How Much Does A Swim Spa Cost On Average?

There are a few things that you need to consider when you're looking for price information, including the initial price, the installation costs, and the maintenance costs.

On the low end, you will probably pay somewhere around $8,000 for a swim spa, while on the higher end, you can easily pay an upwards of $30,000.

The installation costs depend on a few different components, including whether or not your need to hire an electrician, run a gas line, have your spa hauled in by a crane, etc. Costs can vary pretty greatly based on these factors.

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Lastly, you will have to account for maintenance, repairs, and other ongoing costs. This includes purchasing chemicals, electricity, and any potential repairs that you face down the road due to natural wear and tear.

Visit our swim spa cost page for a full breakdown. 

Final Thoughts - Are Swim Spas A Good Investment?

If all of the features and advantages that we went through above create any desire for you, then a swim spa can absolutely be a great investment. 

As we said before, owning a swim spa is a lifestyle. With an incredibly unique design, a swim spa can offer you a way to stay healthy, happy, and fit, all from the comfort of your own home.

Ever wondered about hot tubs? See our are hot tubs worth it page to compare. 

When you're ready to buy, or just interested in accurate pricing don't waste time scouring for hot tub information on the Internet! Instead, select your preferences below to receive several quotes based on your particular swim spa needs!

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author