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Artesian Spas is a subsidiary of May Manufacturing and one of the most reliable hot tub brands in the industry. 

Our in depth research of this brand and its competitors is aimed at helping you determine whether Artesian Spas is the right choice for your hot tub needs. 

Come dive in as we get into the details of Artesian Spas, allowing you to make an informed decision. 

Our top picks for artesian spas
Artesian Spas Elite Line
  • Artesian Direct Flow Personal Control System
  • H20 PowerFlow jets
  • Comes with neck jets and tranquility waterfalls
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Artesian Spas Island Line
  • Gives users individualized hydrotherapy experiences
  • Artesian Variable Control system
  • Has the standard Island Spas and the Island Elite Spas
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Artesian Spas South Sea Line
  • Uses Artesian's ArcticPac Insulation
  • Utilizes cabinets made of Grandwood
  • Hydrotherapy jets
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Artesian Spas Garden Line
  • Excellent choice for smaller households or families
  • 7 different hot tubs to choose from
  • Plug n' play experience
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How Much Does An Artesian Spa Cost?

One of the biggest hot tub considerations that consumers have to make when purchasing is the price. Luckily, Artesian has a wide range of hot tub price points for both budget buyers and spa splurgers. 

There are four tiers within the Artesian Spas brand, including Artesian Spas Elite, Artesian Island Spas Elite, Artesian Spas South Seas, and Artesian Garden Spas. These run from highest to lowest in terms of price. You can expect to find top-end Artesian Spas hot tubs for about $14,000 while you’ll find low-end hot tubs for about $4,000.

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Artesian Spa Models

#1 Artesian Spas Elite Line

When it comes to luxury design, the Artesian Elite spas are easily the top choice.

They come with the Artesian Direct Flow Personal Control System, which provides users with total control over their massages and energy-efficient options, as well as high-quality paneling for an elegant look.

The Artesian Elite spas also come with powerful H20 PowerFlow jets, which help to ease stress by digging into pressure points along the back and legs.

The Artesian Spas Elite spas range from 4-9 seats in terms of capacity and there are five models to choose from, including Artesian Spas Eagle-Crest, Artesian Spas Quail-Ride, Artesian Spas Dove-Canyon, Artesian Spas Piper-Glen, and Artesian Spas Pelican-Bay. 

Each of these tubs come with neck jets and tranquility waterfalls, providing a relaxing soundscape for you to unwind to at the end of a long day. There are also Dual Footblasters, which provide a therapeutic foot massage.

Just a step down from the Artesian Spas Elite series is the Artesian Spas Island series.

These spas give users individualized hydrotherapy experiences and a ton of comfortable features.

You can utilize the Artesian Variable Control system, which helps to adjust the pump pressure on the individual seats to create a massage that is specific to each individual in the tub.

In our eyes, these tubs sit alongside some of the top custom hot tubs on the current market.

The Island Artesian Spas line has the standard Island Spas and the Island Elite Spas.

The Island Elite Spas include the Artesian Grand Cayman Elite, the Artesian Captive Elite, the Artesian Antigua Elite, and the Artesian Isla Margarita Elite. 

These tubs come with the same Direct Flow Artesian Personal Control System that the Elite tubs come with and have seating capacities that range from around six people to nine people, making them an excellent choice for larger groups or families.

Some of the Island Spas are also convertible, meaning they can be plugged into a standard 20-amp outlet that you would find at home. These convertible spas include the Artesian Santiago and the Artesian St. Kitts. Even with their smaller size, they still come packed with all of the same features as the Elite Series.

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If you are in search of a hot tub with a more natural look, we recommend checking out the South Seas lineup.

The Artesian South Seas line uses Artesian's ArcticPac Insulation, which helps to retain heat.

This makes the spa far more energy-efficient.

This way, the temperature of the water remains at a tropical level at all times. 

The South Seas Spas utilize cabinets made of Grandwood, which don’t require much maintenance and are absolutely gorgeous.

Not having to stress about rust, rot, or warping is a huge benefit

There are two different “classes” of tub in the Artesian South Seas series, including the Artesian Standard Class and the Artesian Deluxe Class. 

The standard class comes with some of the standard features of Artesian tubs, while the Artesian Deluxe class comes with a more ergonomic design, a more elegant aesthetic, and a variety of features including LED lighting, waterfalls, pillows, shoulder massagers, and neck massagers. Of course, also have the option splurge and add rail lighting or a high-quality Artesian stereo system as well!

For those who are on a budget, we highly recommend Artesian Garden Spas.

These run from about 2-6 people in terms of capacity, making them an excellent choice for smaller households or families. 

Even with their small size, they should not be underestimated, as they have all of the same high-quality and efficient features that you would expect from Artesian. 

There are seven different hot tubs to choose from in the Artesian Garden Spas line, each of which provides a plug n' play experience that provides ease of set up and installation. You’ll get to enjoy stainless steel jets, high-quality Artesian Spas ArticPac Insulation, digital control, and Grandwood cabinets that are almost maintenance-free.

Where To Find Parts For Artesian Spas Models

If you are already a proud owner of an Artesian Spas Hot Tub in your home already and you just want to find some legitimate Artesian Spas Hot Tub Parts for replacement or repair. If so, we highly recommend heading over to Hot Tub Outpost. Hot Tub Outpost has a massive catalog of spa parts, including those for Artesian Spas models. 

If you are a DIY kind of person and you want to do a bit of self-maintenance or repair on your Artesian Spa, you can find some Artesian manuals there as well.

Artesian Spas Hot Tub Dealers

Artesian Spas currently has a massive dealer network with over 300 hot tub dealers in countries around the world. To find an Artesian Spas dealer near you, we highly recommend visiting the dealer locator on the Artesian Spas website


Do Artesian Spas Hot Tubs Come With A Warranty?

The warranties from Artesian Spas vary from hot tub to hot tub.

If you compare the two warranties from the Artesian Spas Elite Series and the Artesian Spas Island Series, you will see that they are both very similar. 

The tub structures come with lifetime warranties, the surfaces come with seven-year warranties, the plumbing, electrical components, and other parts, come with five-year warranties, and the cabinets come with two-year warranties,

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Can I Finance An Artesian Spas Hot Tub?

Let’s face it, not everyone has the money lying around to purchase an Artesian Spas hot tub for full price. Luckily, there are a couple of great financing options for Artesian hot tubs that you can consider. Simply visit the Artesian Spas website and seek out pre-approval from their financing department. Once you have pre-approval, you can use it at any dealer showroom that has Artesian Spas models.

Don’t stress yourself over the big cost upfront of a brand new Artesian Spas hot tub! With financing, it is pretty easy to make a home investment. You'll be able to invest in both your health and relaxation while paying off your hot tub over the years.

Where Are Artesian Spas Manufactured?

Artesian Spas are built in the United States. The company has its factory located in Las Vegas. You can look at the Artesian Spas website for more information on the business background!

Are Artesian Spas Any Good?

Artesian Spas have some fo the best hot tubs around. The company builds spas like they should be built and they take care of their customers post-purchase to make sure they are happy years down the line.

Where Can I Buy An Artesian Spas Cover?

Having a good hot tub cover for your Artesian Spa is an absolute necessity. Great covers are made to protect spas from harsh weather conditions or unwanted dirt and debris. This means that without a great cover on your hot tub, you risk reducing its lifespan. Plus, spa covers work to maintain the chemical balance within the hot tub, making sure that the water doesn’t evaporate. 

Artesian Spas has a ton of great Standard Artesian Spas Cover and All Seasons Artesian Spas Shield Covers available on their website for purchase.

Bottom Line - Should I Go With An Artesian Spa?

In our opinion, Artesian Spas is no doubt one of the best hot tub brands on the market today.  The company has a wide array of spa models that you can pick from, each of which is packed with top-of-the-line features that are made with quality control.

The company provides excellent customer service as well!

From Artesian eco-friendly technology to hydrotherapy jet systems, Artesian Spas provides all of the awesome features that you could possibly want from a spa product. If you are ready to prioritize your relaxation and wellbeing and purchase a hot tub, we highly recommend looking into the Artesian Spas lineup. They have spas to suit everyone. 

Make sure to fill out the questionnaire below if you want to save some time and money! In doing so, you will get multiple free quotes from nearby dealers based on your ideal hot tub preferences!

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