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Though Baja Hot Tubs aren't in production anymore, you still see many of these high-quality hot tubs on the secondhand market today. 

If you recently found a Baja Spa while looking for used hot tubs online and you're not sure whether or not buying it is a good choice, this guide should provide you with all of the information needed in order to make your final decision.

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Baja Spas Pricing

Because you won't find a Baja spa in a traditional store these days, you will have to look on the used market. The beauty of the used market is that you will end up paying a much lower price for a hot tub compared to a new one. The unfortunate thing is that the price for a particular hot tub can vary pretty greatly depending on the year it was made, the overall condition, the additional features, and more.

However, for the most part, you can expect the price to sit anywhere from $2,000-$6,000 for a Baja hot tub. Make sure to click on the link below to get more information regarding pricing.

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Who Is Baja Spas?

Baja began manufacturing spas back in 1972 in Salisbury, North Carolina and Tucson, Arizona. The company was eventually sold, meaning they no longer manufacture spas under the name. With that said, there are still plenty of places online where you can find Baja spa models, as well as a few online shops that still carry replacement spa parts that fit Baja spas.

As with most spa manufacturers, Baja spas was known to purchase components from third-party manufacturers. Most of the Baja spas that you have seen are equipped with Hydro-Quip spa control systems, though there are other models out there that make use of Digital Balboa controls, which have become a bit of an industry-standard these days.

Baja Spas was also known for its long line of plug-n-play hot tub models, which could be easily placed in the backyard without any special form of wiring or installation. Compared to traditional 240V spas, these hot tub models had fewer functions, perfect for the minimalist consumer.

Baja also had the Performance XS series, which they upgraded with features like stainless steel heaters, ozone purification systems, circulation pumps, and more.

The top-of-the-line series was known as the Whitewater XS series. In this series, you would find some of the best features throughout all of the lines, including air blowers, ozone water purification systems, upgraded LED lighting systems, additional spa pumps, and therapy jets.

Top Baja Spas Hot Tub Model - Whitewater Series

The top-of-the-line Baja Spa hot tub model, the Model 1068, came from the Whitewater Series and included 50 high-quality therapy jets, the KleenH20 Water Treatment System, and 27 LED lights.

Of course, you also got the ozone purification system, which was perfect for keeping water as clean as possible at all times.

Similar to the other spas in the line, this one came with a sealed filtration system, a built-in chemical feeder, and a unique gravity drain valve that you could attach your garden hose to.

You can still find this particular spa on the secondhand market today in a wide variety of colors with different features. It should be noted that Baja Spas is an Energy Star compliant brand and each model comes with a warranty.

The Model 1042 comes from the mid-range line and has 12 LED lights, 27 therapy jets, and a 240V equipment pack.

In this line, you will also find the 1042 and the 1046, which come with 35 and 38 hydrotherapy jets respectively.

Some of the other features found in these particular spas include EON synthetic cabinets, 5 HP spa pumps, ozone water treatment systems, and 5.5 kW steel heaters.

If you're looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, we recommend looking at one of the most inexpensive lines in the Baja lineup — the Sportub Series.

The Sportub Series has plug-n-play spas, perfect for those who want a bit of portability and ease of use.

The Sportub spas are quite unique in that they come with a quick-heating system. This plug-n-play spa heats up quite quickly compared to many others that we've seen on the market. 

Plus, thanks to the smaller design, you don't have to do as much site preparation. Simply find a hard piece of ground to lay it down on and plug it into an outlet nearby. There is no special wiring required!

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Beyond that, the Sportub Series also comes with cushioned spa pillows, which make for a more comfortable spa experience overall. If you are looking for a used spa for the lowest price possible, we highly recommend checking out the Sportub series

Where To Find Replacement Parts For My Baja Spa

If you already have a Baja Spa and you are simply looking to get ahold of some replacement spa parts, there are plenty of online stores to buy from. However, one of the most reputable and longstanding replacement parts stores is Hot Tub Outpost.

Here you will find everything from air blowers to spa pillows to ozonators to control panels and beyond.

There are plenty of Baja spa parts that are very difficult to source, as nobody manufactures them anymore. Luckily, Hot Tub Outpost has most of the items that you could be looking for.

Should I Buy A Used Spa?

One of the main reasons someone would look to purchase a used spa is that a used spa will typically sit at a much lower price than a new one. While you need to make a cautious assessment before purchasing a used spa to make sure you aren't buying a lemon, buying a used spa is far more common than you would think.

Plus, with so many replacement spa parts stores out there, it is so easy to find various chemicals, parts, and equipment that you might need to keep your used spa running for many years to come. Make sure to check Craigslist, your local classifieds, and local spa stores in your area.

See our used hot tub prices guide page for more information. 

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Final Thoughts - Should You Get a Baja Spa For Your Home?

With so many spa manufacturers out there, finding the best one for your needs can be a difficult endeavor.

When it comes to the used market, it can be even more difficult, as you have to worry about condition, lack of warranty, delivery, installation, and so much more.

When it comes to finding the right spa for your needs, however, we hope that our review of this once-great spa brand has helped narrow your decision. Good luck and happy soaking!

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