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With long lines of high-quality hot tub equipment, top-of-the-line accessories, and high-quality control systems, Balboa Water Group is one of the most prominent hot tub parts manufacturers in the industry. 

The company’s products have been developed over the course of two decades and have come to feature the almighty M8 temperature flow sensor technology, which no other hot tub company has come close to today.

From better ease of operation to more accurate cycling to lower noise, Balboa hot tubs function like well-oiled machines.

The question is,

Are these hot tubs right for you?

Let’s dive into the features that Balboa Hot Tubs have to offer so that you can decide whether or not they have what you're looking for.

Our top picks for balboa hot tubs
M8 Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Adapts to changing environments
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SpaTouch Panel
  • Best-in-class display
  • Sleep button feature
  • Total spa control
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BBA Bluetooth Audio Amp
  • Listen to your favorite tunes
  • Four-channel, 120-watt audio amplifier
  • Built-in equalizer
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BWA Control Systems App
  • iOS and Android hot tub control
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Intuitive design
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Balboa Hot Tub Pricing

After looking at some of the great features that Balboa Hot Tubs have to offer, you might be thinking to yourself,

“Looks great, but whether or not I buy one of these things truly depends on the cost.”

Balboa Hot Tubs are not sold directly on the Balboa Water Group website, though they can be found in various hot tub dealers around the world, as well as various online stores. In terms of pricing on hot tubs from Balboa, what you end up spending will depend on where you buy your Balboa Hot Tub and what features you decide to add.

If you want to learn more about price quotes in your area, fill out the form below! Not only is it free, it takes all of your preferences into account to provide you with the very best local quotes!

Top Balboa Hot Tub Features

M8 Technology

M8 Artificial Intelligence Technology makes predictive insights to give you your desired water temperature every time that you get into the hot tub. This system works to reduce energy consumption by reducing the time that your pumps need to run. This means that your pumps will last longer and consume less power all while maintaining your desired temperature.

The M8 system adapts to changing environments and automatically determines when to turn your pumps on. It creates a quieter spa environment by creating accurate predictions through the use of artificial intelligence.

SpaTouch Panel

Every Balboa Hot Tub comes with a SpaTouch Control Panel for easy operation.

There are three generations of the SpaTouch Control Panels, which range in price and features.

The newest generation of SpaTouch control, otherwise known as SpaTouch 3, comes with a best-in-class display with a bright screen and dynamic performance.

SpaTouch Panel

The true-color display is easy on the eyes and provides true clarity when navigating the system. Pair that with the fact that it is durable and water-friendly and you have yourself a touchscreen panel that goes the extra mile for longevity and convenience.

There are some incredibly innovative features on the SpaTouch Control Panel, including a new sleep button feature, which turns the panel off when it is not in use, and a Swipe to Wake feature, which gets the system up and running similar to a smartphone.

This sleek and modern system can control the various temperature and jet settings around your Balboa hot tub, the lighting system, and the music, as well as a number of other features. New hot tubs aren’t really competitive without a touchscreen panel. The SpaTouch simply takes the touchscreen game to the next level, setting a higher bar for other hot tub manufacturers. 

BBA Bluetooth Audio Amp

BBA Bluetooth Audio Amp

The Balboa Bluetooth Audio is a huge selling point for Balboa hot tub products.

You can listen to your favorite tunes with this device or stream music straight from your phone or computer.

The menus are intuitive and the four-channel, 120-watt audio amplifier sounds absolutely incredible. 

The Bluetooth system gives you song title and artist information, and a built-in audio equalizer, similar to what you would find in a modern automobile.

There is nothing quite like feeling your favorite tunes as they vibrate through the water during your relaxation time.

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BWA Control Systems App

The BWA Control Systems app is another reason why Balboa Water Group has set the bar for hot tub tech. This application comes for both iOS and Android and provides users with a way to control their hot tubs without ever having to use the included control panel. Simply connect your hot tub directly to the same Wi-Fi network that your phone is on and control your tub from anywhere in the house.

The app is very intuitive and makes personalizing your hot tub settings and absolute breeze.

Chromazon3 Color

Balboa Water Group is all about bringing the best in world-class technology into each hot tub that they manufacture. Chromazon3 is a great example of that technology.

This top-of-the-line lighting system is made to bring diverse lighting into your hot tub environment.Whether you are looking for calm colors to relax or energetic lighting for a party light show, this system makes it possible.

The Chromazon3 interface comes with the SpaTouch3 Control Systems, making it easy to navigate through your color presets to pick your favorite lighting experience.

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Here you can create different color zones and save your light settings. Plus, there are well over 16.7 million color presets to choose from, each of which provides a sensory experience that is personalized for you!

Spa Jets

Balboa Water Group is ahead of the game when it comes to providing versatile jet systems. In fact, the company provides consumers with six different jet collections to choose from, which range in price and features.

These include the Pearl Essence collection, the Light Up Jets collection, the Laguna Jets collection, the Pismo Jets collection, the Venice Jets collection, and the Lido Jets collection.

Pearl Essence collection

The Pearl Essence and Light Up Jets collections are made to bring an extra element of senses stimulation into the mix by providing users with lighting features. These diverse jet collections come with multi-colored jet options to give you your own personal light shows while in your hot tub.

The Laguna, Pismo, Venice, and Lido jets collections use a mixture of plastic and stainless steel depending on how much you want to spend.

The important thing to note is that all of these jets come with similar, high-quality features, including:

  • Wide windows and double seal barrows for supreme vacuuming
  • Nut, compensator ring, and L-gasket system to eliminate gluing
  • High-resistance to deformation with thick flange and body design
  • Locking mechanism for a preventative blowout

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Balboa Hot Tubs Made?

Balboa Hot Tubs are developed and built in a state-of-the-art spa manufacturing facility in California. It is also important to note the Balboa is the leading manufacturer of spa panels in the world, setting the industry bar for construction and design.

How Long Does It Take A Balboa Spa To Heat Up?

In general, a hot tub that is in good condition will rise in temperature anywhere from three to six degrees per hour. One of the best ways to ensure that your Balboa Hot Tub heats up faster is by leaving the cover on the surface to stop heat from escaping. The great thing about Balboa Hot Tubs is that you can set a timer for your temperature early in the morning and have it fully heated by the afternoon.

Final Verdict - Should I Purchase a Balboa Spa?

Balboa Hot Tubs is one of those companies that you don't often hear about, though when it comes to setting the bar for other hot tub manufacturers, they are there in the shadows.

With top-of-the-line LED lighting, titanium heater features, a crystal clear filtration system, an easy-to-use control system, and a heating system that will keep your hot tub at prime temperature for when you need it most, Balboa might just be the best choice for those seeking out a spa with modern tech.

That's without mentioning the fact that the company provides supreme customer service.

So far, no other spa manufacturer has been able to catch up to Balboa in terms of their spa control systems. Something can be said for that. Plus, with fairly low prices, you can enjoy that spa hydrotherapy session without the guilt of a massive hole in your pocket.

If you're finally ready to buy your own spa, fill out our free questionnaire below! We provide you with several local quotes based on your hot tub preferences, making the shopping process easy!

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author