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Selecting the perfect high-quality hot tub can prove quite difficult considering how many brands are available today. Looking at boutique models can make the hunt even harder.

Today, we're going to explore one of the most asked about hot tub manufacturers on the market in our Barefoot Spas Reviews, allowing you to determine if this brand has all that you need. 

Who Is Barefoot Spas?

Barefoot Spas is a company that specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of spas and swim spas. The company's versatile lineup suits a wide variety of customers. The spas in the Barefoot Spa lineup include the M Series, B Series, P Series, and SS Series.

All Barefoot Spas products are well-equipped with high-quality water filtration systems, temperature and waterfall controls, headrest cushions, LED lighting, and so much more.

Top Three Barefoot Spas Models

Barefoot Spas Alpina Grand

The Barefoot Spas Alpina Grand is the largest hot tub in the Barefoot Spas lineup. There is more than enough room inside this hot tub for up to seven adults.

The spa features calf and feet massagers, two comfortable seatbacks with cushioned headrests, spacious hospitality ledges, and armrests.

There are also two additional seatbacks that are set up in a conversational design and two deeper corner seats equipped with massagers for the neck and back.

The Alpina Grand comes with a wide range of adjustable jets and a gorgeous LED lighting package. Customers love the dual LED-lit waterfall features, which are perfect for adding a bit of ambiance to the backyard.

The digital control system is incredibly easy to use, allowing users to set and forget. Along with the fact that the temperature and time adjustments help save energy, the mylar-backed foam insulation retains heat and keeps the hot tub running as efficiently as possible.

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To keep the hot tub as clean as possible, the Barefoot Spas Alpina Grand utilizes OZO filtration. The precision spa cover helps to keep unwanted debris and critters from getting inside the hot tub too.

Overall, this large Barefoot Spas hot tub is wonderful for those who are looking for a hot tub to host larger groups.

Barefoot Spas Alpina Platinum X

The Barefoot Spas Alpina Platinum X is a smaller version of the Barefoot Spas Alpina Grand, perfect for those who don't require as much room, yet still want access to the best features available.

With the Barefoot Spas Platinum X, you get seven comfort seatbacks that sit at a variety of depths.

You won't ever lack space for relaxing and relieving pent-up tension with high-quality, stress relief jet massages. The system comes with a wide range of adjustable jets, which can cater to your needs for pain relief. 

The LED perimeter lighting package has been upgraded for one-of-a-kind ambiance and the dual LED-lit water features add a bit of visual and audible appeal.

On the Barefoot Spas Platinum X, you'll find two neck rests with massage jets, an intuitive digital control system, and Mylar foam insulation for the most efficient form of heat retention.

Durability is a huge concern when it comes to hot tubs and the fact that the Barefoot Spas Platinum X utilizes a sturdy PVC frame for the best structural integrity possible makes it a clear winner of a hot tub.

Similar to the Barefoot Spas Alpina Grand, the Barefoot Spas Alpina Platinum X comes equipped with unique OZO filtration and a precision spa cover.

Barefoot Spas Soletta Classic

With the Barefoot Spas Soletta Classic hot tub, you get a unique combination of high-quality features.

The best part about the Barefoot Spas Soletta Classic, however, is that it can fit into small spaces.

You get all of the top features found in the Barefoot Spas lineup without having to sacrifice a ton of backyard real estate. Plus, you cant beat the price.

The Barefoot Spas Soletta Classic comes with a seatback on each end and a versatile lounger for total comfort and stress relief. 

You can sink in deep with a top-notch jet massage and have plenty of room to stretch your legs.

Beyond that, the Barefoot Spas Soletta Classic comes with four full-size seatbacks varying in depth, giving you plenty of options for relaxation.

The jet system is completely adjustable to your liking and the lounger comes with a comfortable neck pillow so that you can take a load off and have the most relaxing spa experience possible. Similar to the other hot tubs above, the Barefoot Spas Soletta Classic comes with a PVC body frame, an intuitive digital control system, mylar-backed foam insulation, and LED lighting.

You'll never have to deal with hiring an electrician, as the Barefoot Spas Soletta Classic comes with 110v plug-and-play installation. Simply plug this hot tub spa into any outlet around your property to get it up and running right away.

Barefoot Spas Swim Spas

It is important to note that Barefoot Spas also sells high-quality swim spa models, as not all spa manufacturers do.

There are six swim spa models in the Barefoot Spas swim spa model lineup. the largest and most popular model in the swim spa lineup is the Barefoot Spas Spania 19 Swim Spa.

The Barefoot Spas Spania 19 Swim Spa utilizes a unique combination of Barefoot Spas features. 

You get the stress relief and relaxing experience of a traditional spa or hot tub with the exercise benefits of a pool.

The Barefoot Spas Spania 19 Swim Spa comes with plenty of space to stretch out and relieve tension thanks to the two full-sized loungers. Plus, you can adjust the jets to create a custom experience in each of the hot tub seats.

Of course, the main selling point is the swimming factor, as the large size of the Barefoot Spas Spania 19 Swim Spa allows customers to create fitness routines and perform them no matter what time of year.

With the Barefoot Spas Spania 19 Swim Spa, you get all of the same features and accessories as the other hot tubs listed above, though you also get the adjustable swim spa jets with resistance customization.

If you're looking for sheer size and quality, you will find no better experience than in the Barefoot Spas Spania 19 Swim Spa.

Final Thoughts - Should You Buy a Barefoot Spas Swim Spa or Hot Tub?

When it comes to advanced swim spa and hot tub models, Barefoot Spas is known for providing a top-notch experience. Every swim spa and hot tub spa is handcrafted here in America.

You can buy a Barefoot Spas hot tub model knowing that you are receiving something with close attention to detail.

We hope that our Barefoot Spas review was helpful for narrowing down your decision. 

To review all brand options, see our best hot tub brands page.

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