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With basic designs that prioritize function over form, Beachcomber has some of the most practical and intuitive hot tubs on the market today.

But with so many options on the market, the real question becomes, is Beachcomber the perfect brand for you?

We'll review all the key features of each series in Beachcomber's lineup.

Let's find out if this reliable, mid-range hot tub manufacturer has what you're looking for.

Our top picks for beachcomber hot tubs
700 SLB Air Series
  • Best for luxury buyers
  • Five hot tubs to pick from
  • Smart Pad Music Center Controls
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700 Series
  • Most simple design
  • Five hot tubs to pick from
  • Step system
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500 Series
  • Best for value buyers
  • Six hot tubs to choose from
  • Enviroskirt cabinetry
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300 Series
  • Most affordable
  • Five hot tubs to choose from
  • Ergonomic seating
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Beachcomber Hot Tub Prices

The beauty of Beachcomber hot tubs is that the company provides customers with quality products for fairly low prices.

At the least, you can find a Beachcomber hot tub for around $4,700.

If you go for the top-of-the-line hot tub features with all of the best features around, you can expect to spend around $15,000 at the most. 

Of course, it depends on where you buy your Beachcomber tub from, as prices can vary based on location and dealer.

To find out a bit more about Beachcomber hot tubs and how much you can expect to spend on a new tub, click on the button below. In doing so, you'll receive price quotes based on your perfect hot tub setup from dealers in your locality!

Beachcomber Hot Tubs Series

There are four different lines or "Series" to choose from within the Beachcomber hot tub lineup. You'll notice that most Beachcomber hot tubs come with the same features, some of which include a cooling seat, lounger jetting, bench jetting, cooling seat jetting, and more.

These hot tubs are made for energy efficiency. In fact, next to Arctic spas, Beachcomber is one of the best hot tub brands for energy efficiency around.

Let's take a closer look at some of the Beachcomber hot tub Series so you can find out which one is right for you.

#1 700 SLB Air Series

700 SLB Air Series

If you're looking for luxury within the Beachcomber Series of hot tubs, the 700 SLB Air Series has got you covered.

This line features five high-quality hot tubs with modern designs and high-performance options. 

Each tub in the 700 SLB Air Series comes with a durable Enviroskirt cabinet.

The material used on these cabinets is protected against harmful UV rays and is manufactured with a composite material that is 100% recyclable.

The outside of the tubs also features a SAFEAXISS Step system, which uses non-slip surfacing for safety while entering and exiting the tub.

As for integrated tech, you get everything you would expect from a modern hot tub. The convenient control pad gives you easy access to all of the hot tub functions. On the outer end of the tub lies the AUX MP3 connector, which allows you to dock your phone or listening device and play your favorites tunes through the built-in speakers. 

You can easily control your music with the Smart Pad Music Center Controls, which includes LED back-lit buttons and an LED-backlit display for easy-to-read shuffling. Of course, the real kickers are the Britwerx Jets. You can choose the number of jets you would like installed from 1-7, adding that element of hydrotherapy to your tub.

#2 700 Series

The 700 Series is very similar to the 700 SLB Air Series in many ways.

The main difference is that it utilizes fewer tech features.

There are five hot tub models to choose from in total, providing you with a range to choose from in terms of size.

One of the main differences that you will notice right off the bat is that the lack of an MP3 AUX dock.

Other than that, it shares many of the same features as the 700 SLB Air Series, such as the step system, the Enviroskirt cabinet, the topside hot tub controller, and the Britewerx Jet system.

If you are still looking for a luxurious experience and you can live without the MP3 player, the 700 Series is a winner!

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Moving into the value-centric Beachcomber tubs, the 500 Series provides exclusive features with fewer tech features than the 700 and 700 SLB Air Series.

There are six hot tubs to choose from in all, which range in terms of size.

Those looking for a more intimate hot tub experience can go with the 520 model, while those looking too party it up might opt for the larger 590 model. 

The 500 Series hot tubs come with Britewerx FlexJets, a topside control system, safe steps, and Enviroskirt cabinetry! If you're in the market for a mix of value and luxury, the 500 Series is a great choice!

Affordability is a quality that many hot tub seekers are looking for.

The 300 Series provides budget buyers with luxury at a low price.

Still, you get some of the same luxury features as the top models on the list, as well as ergonomic seating and high-quality materials, which is what Beachcomber is known for.

There are five models to choose from in total within the 300 Series.

You'll find most of the same features as the 500 Series, though some of the tubs are a bit smaller.

One unique hot tub in the 300 Series that is worth pointing out is the 321 model. 

This round hot tub is the perfect choice for those who don't have a ton of space, though still want to enjoy all of the benefits of having a hot tub. 

Overall, if you're looking to save some cash and still get your hands on a high-quality hot tub, the 300 Series is where you should be looking. 

Final Verdict - Should I Get A Beachcomber Hot Tub?

When it comes down to is, Beachcomber hot tubs are built to the right standard. There is really no doubt about it.

With high-quality hydrotherapy jets, self-supporting hot tub shells, a Balboa hot tub heating, and control system, and clamped plumbing lines, you really can't go wrong!

It's important to note that you won't find all of the latest tech features that you might find in other new hot tub models from luxury hot tub brands, though that's not the point with Beachcomber hot tubs. 

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The point is that they create practical and efficient hot tubs that are well worth the money. They provide relaxation and comfort without all of the bells and whistles.

Plus, with northern climates in mind, you can cut down on energy costs no matter where you live!

If you're in the market to get a budget hot tub, look no further than Beachcombers Hot Tubs!

To find the best price for your new hot tub and save yourself some time, complete the free questionnaire below. In doing so, you'll get price quotes from local dealers based on your ideal hot tub preferences!

Tyler Connaghan

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