Best Hot Tub Brands Review

With well over 100 hot tub brands on the market today, it can be quite a challenge finding the best hot tub for your needs.

The good thing is, we know a thing or two about hot tub brands and we’ve done the research to narrow it down to the winners. 

See the best hot tub brands on the market today listed below!

Our top picks for hot tub brands
  • Aerated jets
  • Motor-generated heat
  • UVC LED Lights
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Hot Springs
  • Saltwater system
  • Waterfalls
  • LED lighting
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Coast Spas
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Hydro-cyclonic pressured filtration
  • Smartphone control
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Bullfrog Spas
  • JetPak therapy system
  • Energy-efficient seatback
  • Smartphone control
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Master Spas
  • Biomagnetic therapy system
  • UV-C sanitation
  • Bluetooth audio
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  • Aquacisor exercise equipment
  • Custom jets
  • Safety packages
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  • Hydromate cleaning technology
  • Control panel
  • Deluxe locking lids
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Nordic Hot Tubs
  • Adjustable stainless steel jets
  • Northern lights package
  • DTS Therapy system
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Sundance Spas
  • UV-C water sanitation
  • Mobile application
  • Fluidix Jets
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Artesian Spas
  • Powerflow jets
  • Dual footblasters
  • Waterfalls
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Made In


Frame/ Cabinet


Top Features



CA & Mexico

Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full Foam Insulation

Aerated Jets, motor-generated heat, UVC LED Lights

Equip(2-5 Years)

Shell (5-10 Years)

$5,500 - $15,000

CA & Mexico

ABS Plastic / Thermoplastic + Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full Foam Insulation

Saltwater system, Waterfalls, LED Lighting


(2 Years), Shell Surface

(5 years)

$5,500 - $9,000


Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full or Partial Foam

Touchscreen controls, hydro-cyclonic pressured filtration, smartphone control

Five-Year No leak warranty

$4,000- $15,000


ABS Plastic & Acrylic

Molded ABS Plastic / Synthetic

Full Foam

JetPak Therapy System, energy-efficient seatback, smartphone controls

Equip(3-5 years), Shell (5-10 years)

$5,000- $13,000


Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Steel or Wood / Synthetic

Full or Partial Foam

Biomagnetic therapy system, UV-C sanitation, Bluetooth audio


$4,000- $15,000


Continuous-cast acrylic

Steel / Acrylic

Super foam insulation

Aquacisor exercise equipment, custom jets, safety packages


(10 years) Shell 

(10 Years)

$5,000- $30,000


Polypropylene foam


Full foam insulation

Hydromate cleaning technology, control panel, deluxe locking lids

Complete 5-year warranty

$4,000- $7,000


Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full or Partial Foam

Adjustable stainless steel jets, Northern lights package, DTS Therapy system


(3 Years)

$6,500- $13,000


Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full foam insulation

UV-C Water Sanitation, mobile application, Fluidix Jets

Shell (2-10 years)

$6,500- $20,000


Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full or Partial Foam

Powerflow jets, dual footblasters, waterfalls

Equip (1-5 years), Shell (Lifetime)

$3,000- $16,000


One-piece rotomolded plastic

Wood / Synthetic

Full foam insulation

Pressure jets, tuff covers, 110v power

Equip (3 years), Shell (lifetime)

$3,000- $7,000


Continuous-cast acrylic

Steel / Synthetic

Full foam insulation

AeroMAAX Jets, Comfort collars, smartouch control

Structure (lifetime)



Continuous-cast acrylic

Steel / Synthetic

Natural fiber insulation

ExcelX Siding, Wifi Connectivity, UV Sanitation

Components (5 years), surface 910 years), shell (lifetime)

$7,000 - $13,000


Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full or Partial Foam

Adjustable therapy system, UVC saltwater sanitation, smartphone control

Equip (2-5 years),

Shell (3-10 years)

$5,000 - $13,000


Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full foam insulation

Adjustabel jets, saltwatere system, touchscreen panel

Equip(2-5 years),

Shell (5-10 years)

$5,500 - $15,000


ABS Plastic & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full or Partial Foam

Dura-last cabinet, Bluetooth stereo, LED air controls

Cabinet (lifetime)

$4,000- $14,000



Wood / Synthetic

Full foam insulation

Smartphone integration, Bluetooth connectivity, Vibrosonic jets

Shell (lifetime)



Fiber-glass & Acrylic

Wood / Synthetic

Full or Partial Foam

Ozonation, clustered wateer jets, aquatic training vessels


(5 years)

$5,000- $12,000

The 18 Best Hot Tub Brands

#1 Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi has been in the game for many decades now.

For many people, the Jacuzzi name is synonymous with the words hot tub and spa. 

Jacuzzis first hit the market thanks to the Jacuzzi brothers, who pivoted from their airline propeller business to begin making in-home spas using new whirlpool technology in the 1970s.

Jacuzzi brand hot tubs can now be found all over the world at various homes and hotel chains.

The beauty of Jacuzzi is that the network of dealers is absolutely massive, making it easy to get their tubs serviced no matter where you are. 

The lineup provides buyers with a balance of high-end, feature-packed models, as well as budget-friendly, minimalist models.

 Jacuzzi tubs use aerated jets, allow users to throw essential oils in their tubs without having to stress about residue damage in the filtration system. Plus, the motor-generated heat helps to cut down on energy costs, which can save you a fair amount of money over the lifetime of your Jacuzzi tub.

Category - Benchmark Hot Tub and Spa Brand

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Reviews

Hot Springs has some of the most high-end, reliable hot tubs on the market.

Their models have been carefully designed with the help of the BMW Group Designworks.

Their models are made for extreme comfort, which is one of the most important priorities when picking a spa for your home.

Many of their parts are readily available when shopping online, as well as parts for their older models, making servicing very easy.

Hot Springs also has many saltwater models available. 

Saltwater systems are very easy to clean and care for compared to traditional chlorine tubs. 

They are very sanitary as well, as salt works to kill harmful bacteria. 

If you are in the market for a top-notch hot tub or spa with a variety of luxurious features, look no further than the hot tubs from Hot Springs.

Category - High-End Designer Hot Tubs

Hot Spring Spas Reviews

Coast Spas has a variety of low to mid-priced hot tubs, as well as a few larger swim spas.

Each of their hot tubs has unique features, giving people the ability to find the perfect design for their needs and budget.

While Coast Spas is known for focusing on their design and manufacturing, they are even more well-known for manufacturing portable models.

While there are many portable hot tub manufacturers out there, none of them incorporates new and innovative technology quite like Coast Spas does.

From touchscreen control panels to app control technology, Coast Spas is busy designing portable tubs for the future. 

Beyond technology, they have their Hydro-Cyclonic pressured filtration filtering system, which provides greater efficiency than most standard filtering systems on the market today.

If you’re looking for a high-tech, portable hot tub, Coast Spas has some of the best models around.

Category - Portable Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Coast Spas reviews

Bullfrog Spas came around back in 1996 and nowadays they are known for providing some of the most high-end, customizable hot tubs throughout North America.

Their Bullfrof Spas JetPak Therapy System is what sets them apart from their competitors, as this unique system provides customers with over 18 different customization options depending on the type of hydrotherapy that you are looking for. 

While most hot tub brands offer some sort of customization option, Bullfrog Spas has taken it a step further by introducing the option of picking your preferred jet system.

So yes, beyond the variety of colors, styles, and entertainment features that you can choose from, you can swap out your jet system with ease. 

With a wide variety of energy-efficient seatback options that utilize reduced tubing, Bullfrog Spas have a bit more energy efficiency than your average tub too, helping to make sure that water care easy.

For those that are in the market for customization capability and high-quality, top-tier design, Bullfrog Spas is one of the best hot tub brands out there right now.

See our full Bullfrog Spas reviews page for full insights. 

Category - Top-of-the-line, customizable hot tubs

For over two decades, Master Spas has been manufacturing the best budget-friendly hot tub models and swim spas for customers all across the United States.

One of their most prominent products is the Michael Phelps Swim Spa, which is a water current-creating swim spa that allows you to exercise while reducing tension in your joints.

Beyond their famed swim spa, they carry a wide variety of hot tub models too. Most of them fall within the low to mid-priced range.

When you look at their mission statement as a brand, it is clear that they are all about helping people to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Their biomagnetic, pressure point-based therapy system is wonderful for aching joints and their waterfall features are absolutely gorgeous. 

Beyond that, the brand allows for a number of customizable additions, including UV-C sanitation, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth audio. If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly tub, look no further than Master Spas.

For more details, see our Master Spas reviews page. 

Category - Budget-Friendly Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

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Thermospas opened its doors back in 1983 and is one of the original American hot tubs manufacturers.

It is currently under the Jacuzzi Worldwide umbrella and is known for manufacturing some of the best customizable hot tub models on the market today.

In terms of price, their tubs run from a few thousand dollars all the way up into the $20,000 range, giving consumers tons of different options to choose from. Both their traditional hot tubs and high-quality Aquacisor exercise tubs are great.

Consumers love the ability to customize their jet options, as Thermospas gives people the chance to add anywhere from 24 to 100 water jets to their hot tubs.

They also have a wide array of high-quality features to choose from, including safety rails, lighting packages, colors, and so much more. The unique thing about Thermospas is that you don’t have to go through a middleman to buy one of their products, as they sell directly to the consumer.

Thermospas Reviews

Category - Customizable Swim Spas and Hot Tubs

Softub is one of the only truly portable hot tub brands on the market today.

Most of their hot tubs weigh under 80 pounds are very compact, giving consumers the ability to indulge in relaxation just about anywhere they choose.

Their hot tubs utilize heat recovery technology that pumps heat into a single Hydro mate unit to help cut back on energy costs with energy efficiency.

The motor heat is then used to heat up the water, minimizing energy consumption better than almost any tub around.

The best thing about Softub is that they plug into standard 120V outlets. 

See full details at our Softub reviews page. 

Category - Best Portable Hot Tubs

Nordic Hot Tubs has been around for over a decade now and is known for manufacturing some of the most extreme climate-friendly tubs on the market.

From hot summer environments in the southwest to snowy climates in north, Nordic hot tub models can handle it, which in turn makes water care easier.

Nordic Hot Tubs is a brand that keeps things straightforward in design, perfect for those who are looking to buy a hot tub without all the gadgets and gizmos that many spa companies have gone overboard with.

If you’re in the market for a relaxing, budget-friendly spa, Nordic has your back.

Read Nordic Hot Tub reviews for our full brand overview. 

Category - Best Hot tubs for extreme environments

The Sundance Spa brand has been in the game since the late 1970s.

They currently manufacture their hot tubs out of Chino, CA, and they carry a wide array of hot tubs from entry-level to luxury models.

Their most prominent feature is their Fluidix Jet System, which uses reflexology and acupressure technology to create a personalized hydrotherapy experience. 

Their spas are designed to create a stimulus in specific areas of the body using a simple combination of air and water.

Even though their tubs have a wide in terms of prices, each of them comes with UV-C water sanitation, multiple shell cabinet options, gorgeous waterfall add-ons, and the high-tech SmartTub mobile application.

With quality hot tub materials, top-notch water jets, and inventive designs, Sundance makes some of the best hot tubs in the United States. 

If you would like more brand information, see our Sundance Spas reviews page. 

Category - Inventive Spas In A Wide Range of Prices

The Artesian Spas brand focuses its efforts on mental and physical health, providing consumers with hot tubs that combine functionality and feature-rich optimization so that users can have the best of both worlds.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, they create spas for just about every budget.

Their network of dealers runs worldwide, making their hot tubs accessible for just about every consumer.

Plus, even with their large network, their customer service is some of the best around. If you’re in the market for variety and wellness, the Artesian Spas brand has some of the best spas around. 

For full details, see our Artesian Spas Reviews page. 

Category - Hot Tubs With A Focus On Wellness

Hot tub maintenance can be a huge pain. Tuff Spas has the solution.

With their patented Tuff Top cover options, you can turn your spa into a relaxation fortress.

Not only are Tuff Spas great for extreme climates, but they are also wonderful for those who like to host people at their homes.

Each Tuff Top cover converts into a shelf and bar when opened up, perfect for hosting a night of drinks with friends or an intimate evening with a loved one.

Plus, they have a wide variety of seating and jet configurations depending on what you’re looking for.

Check out our Tuff Spas reviews write up for further information on this brand. 

Category - Best Tough and Durable Spa and Hot Tub Models

American Whirlpool was once the leader in hot tub design and hydrotherapy.

Once they were sucked up by the larger Maax Spas company, they combined their efforts with a massive dealer network to bring high-quality hot tub to the masses.

Their luxury hot tubs have a variety of top-of-the-line features, including deep zone therapy seating, full-body immersion, and lounge seating for any person of any size.

The American Whirlpool stresses the importance of using hot tubs to maintain physical health and they pride themselves in creating therapeutic experiences for all customers.

American Whirlpool Reviews

Category - Hot Tub Models for the Whole Family

The Vita Spas hot tub brand shares a lot of the same features with the brand Maax Spas, as Maax Spas bought them out back in 2015.

Their massive network of hot tub dealers makes their hot tub extremely accessible for the average person, even with their small headquarters in Long Beach, CA.

They provide customers with 21 different tub models to choose from, as well as nine different swim spa models, perfect for just about and preference list and any budget.

Their X-Series tubs are top-of-the-line, using the xStream Force Jet Propulsion System to provide users with resistance-based water exercise.

Each of their spa models come with composite wood and solid metal frames, which keep them durable in just about any environment. 

With a wide variety of customizable jet options as well, consumers have the ability to create a hydrotherapy experience that is catered to their needs.

See full info and details at our Vita Spas reviews page. 

Category - Hot Tubs and Spas For Different Lifestyles

If there was a hot tub giant in the industry, it would be Cal Spas.

Though this hot tub brand originally began their business manufacturing pools in 1978, they would eventually switch over to spas and hot tubs after acrylic tubs became a thing.

This brand, headquartered in Pomona, CA, has over 55 above-ground hot tub models that come in all different shapes and sizes. 

Cal Spas’ most prominent feature is their Adjustable Therapy System, which provides users with a way to adjust the seats in the tubs to best fit their preferences.

In terms of price, they keep it pretty budget-friendly, providing people who turn in old spas or hot tubs with a Cal Spas discount. 

Are you looking for an above-ground spa that is within the low budget range? If so, Cal Spas is a solid choice!

Read our Cal Spas reviews page for full brand details. 

Category - Huge Selection Hot Tubs and Spa models

Caldera has been around since 1976 and to this day they provide people with carefully-designed hot tubs.

As one of the most trusted brands around, many people describe their hot tubs as “life-transforming”.

Their spas have a variety of warm water and hydrotherapy features to bring health and wellness right into your home.

As a sister brand of Hot Spring spas, Caldera knows what it means to build an organic and therapeutic spa experience for its customers.

If you’re looking for a spa brand with a large network that focuses their time and efforts on health and wellness, Caldera Spas is for you.

Category - Comfortable and Therapy-Centric Hot Tubs

Caldera Spas Reviews

As you might expect, the Strong Spas brand is known for manufacturing some of the toughest and most durable spas around.

They are headquartered out in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, building their hot tubs from the ground up in their small factory.

Their spa models not only make use of high-quality, organic materials but they also utilize the latest in hot tub and spa technology to retain relevancy.

For eco-conscious buyers out there, you’ll be happy to know that they use clean manufacturing processes to minimize harmful toxin release and keep their CFCs to none. 

Strong Spas Reviews

Category - Tough As Nails Pools and Spas

From the heat of Grand Rapids, Michigan hails Viking Spas, one of the industry’s top, tough spa manufacturers.

They are best known for their Soft-Touch Slip-Resistant spa surfaces that came from their collaboration with American Made Matters. 

They pride themselves on being completely manufactured in America and have even been recognized by the president of the United States for their US exporting.

With a wide variety of quality hot tub types to choose from and customization options for days, Viking Spas is a trusted brand for American buyers.

Category - Tough, Slip-Resistant Spas

Viking Spas Reviews

The Marquis Spa warehouse is headquartered in Camarillo, CA and has been manufacturing hot tubs for over 20 years.

Using geometric patterns and shapes, as well as organic aesthetics, they create high-quality, natural-looking hot tubs that look great in natural environments. With their ConstantClean+ water management system, their hot tubs are energy-efficient and ultra-clean.

This is thanks to the built-in ozonation and in-line filtration and sanitation systems. 

The Marquis spas Hot Tub series utilizes clustered water jets that make up their high-output Therapy Zones.

These provide users with shoulder, lumbar, and foot massages. 

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate water into your fitness routine, you’ll love the Aquatic Training Vessels, which give people the opportunity to create innovative plans for their health and wellness. 

From small hot tubs to premium swim spas, Marquis Spas makes buying a hot tub easy.

Category - Outdoor Hot Tubs and Swim Spas For Smaller Spaces

Marquis Spas Reviews

Factors To Consider When Buying

Above Or Below Ground

The debate between in-ground hot tub vs. portable above ground hot tub and which are the best types of hot tubs is a long-standing debate. Here are a few pros and cons to consider when looking for a hot tub to buy.

Above Ground Hot Tub Pros

  • Far more portable
  • Variety of jet configurations
  • Ergonomic seating options

Above Ground Hot Tub Cons

  • Typically come pre-built
  • Not as aesthetically-pleasing

In-Ground Hot Tub Pros

  • Made to seamlessly blend into your backyard
  • Can use the same filtration system as your pool
  • Totally customizable from the ground up

In-Ground Hot Tub Cons

  • Steep cost right off the bat
  • Can be difficult to maintain

Brand Names

It is important to choose a trusted brand like those that we mentioned above but there are also tall tail signs of brands to stay away from as well. Look through our hot tub brands to avoid article for more information. 

Final Thoughts - Which Hot Tub Brand Is Best?

There are tons of great hot tub brands on the market besides these, though, for a top 13, you still get a huge selection. Of course, there is no best hot tub brand, as everyone is going to have a different preference when it comes to the best hot tubs to buy, though if we had to pick our best hot tub off the list, we’d go with Bullfrog Spas.

There is simply something to love about their innovative JetPak system. No other hot tub manufacturer has come close to being able to do something like they are doing. 

Free Hot Tubs Quotes from

Beyond that, their range of SmartControl and entertainment options help to make them successful in the modern realm.

With all of these great hot tub brands in front of you, it is time to go out and purchase your own quality hot tub with all of the features that you've been dreaming of. Make sure to refer back to our list so you can spend less time sifting through the Internet and more time relaxing!

For an even bigger list of companies, see our hot tub manufacturers page for a A-to-Z database of 49 companies. 

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