Best Walk In Tubs

If you're looking to make your daily bathing routine easier than ever before, then buying a walk-in tub is a great idea!

But, of course, with so many walk-in tubs on the market today, finding the right one for your needs can be difficult.

The last thing you want to do is invest thousands of dollars into a walk-in tub that doesn't have the features you truly need.

Luckily, you've come to the right place.

Come dive in with us as we explore some of the best walk-in tubs and walk-in tub manufacturers on the market.


Safety Features

Special Features


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Textured non-slip flooring, anti-scald technology, water-cleaning system, built-in grab bars

Foot-massaging jets, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, dual hydrotherapy, air therapy system, rainfall shower head

Lifetime warranty on the walk-in tubs, faucets, pumps, blowers, heater, door seal, and parts and labor

$4,400 - $11,000

Textured, non-slip flooring, convenient grab bars, ADA-compliant seating

QuickDrain system, neck rest, aromatherapy, targeted massage jets, in-line heating, whirlpool jets, air jets, hydrotherapy jets

15-year warranty on the premium acrylic walk-in tubs, 10-year warranty 

Custom Estimates

Anti-slip flooring, easy-access controls, extra-wide door, ADA-compliant seat and grab handles, low threshold entry

Heated backrest, BubbleMassage jets, hydrotherapy jets, fast-drain technology.

Limited lifetime warranty on door seal, hand shower, faucet, and hydrotherapy system

Custom Estimates

Self-purging jet system, overflow valve, ADA-compliant seating, ergonomic grab bars, anti-slip flooring.

Heated seats and backrests, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy.

Lifetime warranty for key components, including shell, frame, and door seal.

$5,500 - $10,000

Wide seating, ADA-compliant grab bars, toe-kick access panel

Wide seating, ADA-compliant grab bars, toe-kick access panel

Fast-fill faucet system, add-on shower kit, easy-touch control panel, hydromassage system, heated seats and backrests

Limited lifetime warranty on door seal, shell, frame, and door.

$7,000 to $16,000

Anti-scald technology, quick-release drain, overflow drain, leak-proof locking door, ADA-compliant grab bars, slip-resistant flooring, low-step threshold

Limited lifetime warranty on door seal, shell, frame, and door.

Lifetime warranty

The 6 Best Walk In-Tub Brands

Safe-Step Walk-In Tubs

Safe-Step walk-in tubs are made in Tennessee and are some of the best walk-in tubs for joint pain and arthritis.

They also happen to make some of the best bathtubs for elderly people on the market.

If you've read anything about walk-in tub manufacturers thus far, you've probably read a thing or two about Safe-Step, as Safe Step walk-in tubs are the premier walk-in tub models in today's market.

One of the things we truly love about Safe Step is that the company provides bathroom modifications, including electrical work and plumbing, in the installation cost.

Every Safe Step walk-in tub provides several high-end features, including anti-scald faucets, anti-slip seats, automating temperature regulation, rapid-drain systems, rapid-fill systems, and easy-lock doors. In addition, the lifetime warranty on the tub models covers manufacturer defects, blowers, heaters, water pumps, faucets, door seals, and parts/labor for repairs.

If you're looking for a walk-in tub that is completely customizable for your existing bathroom, then we highly recommend checking out the lineup that Safe Step offers. However, it's also important to note that Safe-Step makes walk-in showers as well, which come with all of the same features as their regular walk-tubs, though there are showerheads are also included.

If you're in the market for a high-end walk-in tub that is great for total relaxation, then American Standard walk-in tubs are excellent options. These ultra-low entry walk-in tubs are great for massage therapy and can be completely customized to fit the space in your existing bathroom.

As with some of the other companies on this list, American Standard offers a lifetime warranty on the tub and the installation, including the labor. Some of our absolute favorite features on these walk-in tubs include LED lighting, built-in grab bars, quick-fill and drain systems, and ozone sanitation.

There are more than 50 walk-in tub models to choose from in this incredible lineup, ranging from your basic walk-in tub models to your luxurious walk-in tubs. 

So whether you want hydrotherapy whirlpool jets, aromatherapy, high water capacity, or all of it, you can get what you desire with an American Standard walk-in tub.

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Kohler Walk-In Tubs

Kohler is one of those walk-in tub companies that is synonymous with luxury. If you're looking for an all-around luxury walk-in bathtub, then you truly can't go wrong with a Kohler walk-in bath.

Every Kohler walk-in bath comes with powerful hydrotherapy jets that target your spine, legs, and feet for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

Plus, with total adjustability, you can find the speed and intensity that works for YOU with a Kohler walk-in tub.

All Kohler walk-in tubs come with heated seats and heated neck, back, and shoulder surfaces to keep you warm while your walk-in tub fills. 

You'll also find an extra-wide door on each tub, as well as a three-inch step-in threshold, one of the lowest step-in thresholds on the market.

With an ADA-compliant built-in grab bar and slip-resistant flooring, maneuvering about or getting in and out of your walk-in tub will be much easier. Beyond these great features, you can completely customize your Kohler walk in tub. This walk-in tub company even offers a lifetime warranty on the hand shower, faucet, hydrotherapy system, and door seal.

Independent Home focuses solely on installing walk-in tubs, offering eight incredibly walk-in bathtub models with a wide range of features, including quiet water pumps, designer faucets, 60-second speed drains, LCD control panels, aromatherapy, and heated seat designs.

All Independent Home walk-in tubs are ADA-compliant, though you can choose from a wide range of sizes depending on your needs.

One of our favorite models in the Independent Home lineup is the Royal Walk-In Tub, which comes with a motorized seat to safely lower or raise you in or out of your walk-in tub.

You'll find a combination of air and water jets in these walk-in tubs, as well as dual-massage systems for the most comfortable hydrotherapy experience out there.

Ella's Bubbles walk-in tubs are made in the United States and are some of the best walk-in tubs for couples.

There are plenty of unique comfort options available, as well as a lifetime warranty for every walk-in tub.

One thing that sets Ella's Bubbles apart from other walk-in tub manufacturers is the two-seater walk-in tub they manufacture, which is an excellent walk-in tub for couples!

Beyond that particular model, they have several other sizes and options to gel with your individual situation. All of the walk-in tubs use fiberglass layering, gel coating, and rust-proof stainless steel frames for added strength.

You'll find plenty of luxury features to choose from, including a control valve for regulating temperature, ozone sterilization, chromotherapy, and a foot massage system. In addition, most of these walk-in tubs come with 14 strategically-placed water jets for alleviating joint and muscle pain, as well as 16 air jets for a spa-like hydrotherapy experience.

As the cherry on top, you can even enjoy heated seats while your walk-in bathtub fills!

If you're worried about fitting your new walk-in bathtub into your existing bathroom, then we recommend checking out what BOCA has to offer. This walk-in tub company has a wide range of sizes, perfect for everything from tight spaces to two-person walk-in tubs and beyond. BOCA even happens to have the largest walk-in tub on the market, which can support people up to 450 pounds and 6'6" in height.

Each of these tubs are custom-made. If you can't find a walk-in bathtub model that fits your needs, BOCA will work with you to construct the right dimensions. You can also customize your purchase with a variety of therapeutic upgrades, including whirlpool jets, aromatherapy, rainfall shower systems, heated seats, and more!

Some of the standard features found on BOCA walk-in tubs include the quick fill and drain system, the automatic purge system and a head pillow. In addition, all of the walk-in tubs in the company's lineup come with a lifetime warranty, giving you the peace of mind you need when buying.

How Much Do Walk-In Tubs Cost?

The cost of walk-in tubs varies based on the included safety features, luxury features, and size. The more features you find in a walk-in tub, the higher you can expect the price to be. You must also consider ongoing walk-in tub costs, including heating and electricity. Larger walk-in tubs will cost more to operate, as they'll require more water and more gas to heat the water.

An average walk-in tub will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000. Usually, standard walk-in bathtubs without tons of luxury features will cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000, while bariatric walk-in tubs will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000.

You can choose to add custom features on most walk-in tubs, which will increase the cost. Some of the most popular walk-in tub features that cost extra include fast-draining technology, heated backrests, showerheads, and hydrotherapy options.

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Factors To Consider When Buying

Walk-In Tub Type

When looking for the best walk-in tub models for your needs, you must first consider the type of walk-in tub you want. For example, a soaker tub might be a good idea if you want the most simple, cost-effective option. On the other hand, if you're planning for long-term needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, or you want relief features, such as hydrotherapy whirlpool jets, you might want to take it a step up.

Let's look at some of the most popular types of walk-in tubs available:

Soaker Tub

A soaker tub is a basic walk-in tub model, perfect for those who don't need luxury features, such as water jets. Instead, you'll find standard features on these walk-in tubs, such as comfortable seating and built-in grab bars for easy entry and exit.

Wheelchair-Accessible Tubs

Wheelchair-accessible tubs are not only great for those in wheelchairs, but they're also excellent choices for those who need to enter the walk-in tub from a seated position. In addition, wheelchair-accessible tubs are different from standard walk-in tubs, as they have doors that open wide, making entry and exit much easier.

Bariatric Tubs

In a way, bariatric tubs are very similar to wheelchair-accessible tubs. However, bariatric tub models are far more heavy-duty, perfect for those who weigh more than 300 pounds.

Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tubs

Some people refer to hydrotherapy walk-in tubs as "whirlpool tubs." They are fundamentally the same, as they both come with water jets that provide massage experiences. These jets offer a bit more strength than air jets, perfect for those who suffer from chronic ailments, such as arthritis.

If you have sensitive skin, you might find water jets a bit too strong. In that case, we recommend going with air jets.

Aerotherapy Walk-In Tubs

Aerotherapy walk-in tubs offer gentler massages with air jets. The strength of air and water jets are much different, as air jets feel more like champagne bubbles rising in the water as opposed to the strong blast of water that comes from water jets.

One of the great things about walk-in tubs with air jets is that they come with built-in cleaning features. So when you're done with your bath, you simply run the jets to clean out any excess water. Getting rid of this excess water helps prevent unwanted bacteria in the plumbing.


It's important that you have enough room for your new walk-in tub. If you aren't planning on performing any serious bathroom renovations, you'll want to take a look at the size of your existing tub.

Walk-in tub models are typically around 60 inches long, the same length as a traditional tub. They can range from 25 to 60 inches in terms of width, though the 30-32" range is most common.

Water capacity is another thing to take into account. Most walk-in tubs require at least 50 gallons of water to fill completely. Therefore, you'll want to check your water heater size before making your purchase. For example, if you have a 40-gallon water heater tank, then you'll have to wait for your water to reheat before you can completely fill up your walk-in bathtub.

Of course, your other choice would be to purchase a larger water heater, which might be worth it if you're planning on installing a large walk-in tub, such as a bariatric tub.

Inward Vs. Outward Swinging Door

Walk-in tubs come with two door options. The first is an inward swinging door (where the door swings toward the tub) or an outward swinging door (where the door swings toward the rest of the bathroom).

If you want a door that is easier to move through, we recommend going with an outward swinging door. Outward swinging doors are typically found on wheelchair-accessible tubs. However, they might be a bit more difficult if your range of motion is limited, as you might have a hard time opening and closing it.

On the other hand, an inward swinging door might be a better choice if you have a small bathroom. Note that if you have trouble getting your legs out of the way to close it, an inward swinging door could be frustrating.

Safety Features

While luxury features are great for providing total relaxation, it is more important to consider safety features. Here are some of the necessary safety features you should look at when installing walk-in tubs.

Built-In Grab Bars

Built-in grab bars, often referred to as "handrails," should come installed on your walk-in tub. It is not advised to use your door or other slick parts of your walk-in tub to provide stability as you get in and out. A grab bar stays out of the water, giving you a stable place to grab onto so you can lift yourself in and out of your walk-in tub safely.

You may also want to install a grab bar on the wall near your walk-in tub, depending on your particular needs.

Anti-Slip Flooring

Your walk-in tub should come with textured, anti-slip flooring. That anti-slip mat that you have on your old tub might not work for you, as it's too difficult to replace or clean regularly. Plus, many anti-slip mats do not cover the entire bottom portion of your current tub or shower, leaving remaining slippery areas.

A good walk-in tub will already have anti-slip flooring installed.

Cleaning Features

You want to look for walk-in tubs that don't have extensive pipe cleaning processes. A good walk-in tub should have self-cleaning features. One of the best walk-in tub features out there is the ozone cleaning system. With this type of cleaning system in place, you can ensure that bacteria isn't growing in your walk-in tub.

Quick Fill and Drain

Look for walk-in tubs fill and drain quickly. Unfortunately, some standard walk-in tubs take a long time to fill and drain, leaving you sitting in the cold while you wait around for the water level to rise up or down. But, of course, you can't open the door on your walk-in tub until the water is completely drained, which is why you want a walk-in tub model that can drain the water as fast as possible.

Step-In Threshold

You'll want to find a walk-in tub with a low step-in threshold. Many walk-in tubs have step-in clearances anywhere from three to seven inches. The step-in threshold is the measurement between the floor of your bathroom and the doorway of your walk-in tub. It is the portion of the tub that needs to be stepped over in order to get in.

If you have limited mobility, look for a walk-in tub with the lowest possible clearance. Kohler is one of the few walk-in tub companies that offer walk-in bathtubs with ultra-low step-in clearances at three inches.

In-Line Heater

Some of us like to soak for a long time. It might be disappointing to find yourself sitting in lukewarm water after filling the water up only 15 minutes prior. In-line heating keeps the water in the tub warm for a longer amount of time, allowing you to soak comfortably.


When buying a walk-in tub, finding the right warranty is extremely important, as it can provide you with the peace of mind you need. Walk-in tubs are high-end bathroom fixtures. If you find yourself with one that is defective or faulty, you do not want to be on the hook for forking over the full cost of repairs or replacement.

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Of course, a lifetime warranty is the best option. First, however, you must look at what the lifetime warranty covers. For example, a lifetime warranty may only cover the tub itself, while another lifetime warranties may cover other components, such as the door seal.

To get a better idea of your lifetime warranty and what it covers, you must read the fine print carefully.

Installation Costs

Beyond the walk in tub cost, you need to look at the cost of walk-in bathtub installation.

Different walk-in tub companies have contrasting approaches to the installation process. Also- different consumers have different needs when it comes to walk-in tub installation. For example, you may only need to install your walk-in tub in a spot in your bathroom, though someone else might need to remove their old tub to put their new walk-in tub in place of it.

Even the removal process of an existing tub can cost quite a bit of money, often between $500 and $2,500.

It's essential to get walk-in tub installation estimates from different walk-in tub companies before you commit. Many walk-in tub companies provide in-person evaluations at no cost, giving you professional estimates on the potential cost of your new walk-in tub without you having to fork over a dime.

You may also look for walk-in tub companies that offer financing, especially if you're not comfortable paying for your walk-in tub upfront.


Are Walk-In Tubs Safe?

Absolutely! Walk-in tubs are made with anti-slip surfaces and built-in grab bar designs for additional safety compared to your standard tub. You'll find plenty of ADA-compliant safety features that ensure the safest bathing process possible.

When you look the benefits, it becomes apparent why so many seniors look to replace their regular old tub with a safe walk-in tub.

What Kind of Walk-In Tub Doors Should I Get?

When shopping for walk-in tubs, you'll either find inward swinging doors or outward swinging doors. An inward swinging door folds into the walk-in bathtub, leaving you with more room to maneuver around your bathroom before you get in. One of the biggest downsides to inward swinging doors is that they can be difficult to open in the case of an emergency.

Outward swinging doors are found on most walk-in tubs. The biggest upside to these doors is that they are easy to open in the case of an emergency. However, they can take up quite a bit of room if you have a small bathroom.

We recommend testing out different doors ahead of time to determine which one works best for your needs.

What Are The Most Important Safety Features In Walk-In Tubs?

There are many important safety features to search for when looking at walk-in tubs, as safety is one of the key components. The first thing you might want to look for is the ADA-compliant sign, which says that the safety features available on those particular walk-in tubs meet ADA-certified safety standards.

Some of these safety features include:

  • Strategically-placed grab bars
  • Low thresholds
  • Easy access controls
  • Non-slip surfaces

Most walk-in tubs come with low thresholds, grab bars, and non-slip flooring, though it's important to check ahead of time to make sure.

In addition, some walk-in tubs come with anti-scald technology to ensure that water doesn't get too hot as the walk-in tub fills.

You might even want to consider walk-in tubs that come with high, ADA-compliant seats, as they reduce how much the tub user has to squat to sit down.

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Lastly, look for a leak-proof door. The last thing you want is for water to leak out of your walk-in tub door while you're soaking. While many models come standard with this, it is a good idea to make sure the model you are interested in provides this feature.

Final Thoughts: Which Walk-In Tub Brand Is Best?

The best walk-in tub brand depends on what you're looking for in a walk-in tub model.

For example, if you're looking for a walk in tub shower combo, we recommend going with a Safe Step walk in tub. On the other hand, if you're looking for a luxury walk-in tub that comes with a low-entry threshold, then Kohler is your best bet. Premier Care walk in tubs and Costco walk in tubs are additional highly reputable brands to consider.

It's important for you to take a close look at the features these various walk-in tubs come with to determine the right one for your needs, as there isn't a "one size fits all" when it comes to the different models.

If you're in the market for something more affordable, start your research at our portable bathtub for elderly review article. 

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