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Bullfrog Spas is one of the top hot tub companies on the market today. 

However, the question on every buyer's mind is whether or not this is the right brand for their specific needs.

Although Bullfrog is one of the premium brands in the industry, they have fierce competition that will make you think twice. 

Continue reading as we analyze this brand against its closest competitors. 

Our top picks for bullfrog spas
STIL Series
  • Elegant and modern design
  • 2 different tubs
  • The top line of hot tubs over at Bullfrog Spas
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A Series
  • Sits right beside the STIL Series on the higher end
  • Elegant and fully-featured
  • Comes with the Bullfrog JetPak therapy system
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X Series
  • One of the most economical choices
  • 7 models to choose from
  • Fixed-configuration jet systems
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Bullfrog Spas Pricing

While the exact Bullfrog spa prices are dependent on how one decides to customize their tub, they do have a few different price ranges listed online to give you a better idea of what you can expect to spend.

Bullfrog has three distinct price ranges, including mid-tier, high-tier, and luxury. The mid-tier range is known as the X Series, which falls between $5,000 and $8,000. The high-tier range is known as the R Series, and it falls between $9,000 and $12,000. Lastly, the luxury range is known as the A Series and STIL Series, and it falls between $13,000 and $18,000 or above.

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Who’s Bullfrog Spas?

Bullfrog Spas is one of the most innovative hot tub companies in the game right now. For the past few decades, they have been changing an industry that has seemingly been complacent for many years. Bullfrog Spas was able to turn the industry on their heads with the introduction of their interchangeable JetPak system.

While they have a variety of high-end hot tub designs, having the ability to create a custom hydrotherapy experience for yourself is one that many people don’t have, which makes the company incredibly unique. We’ll get deeper into the different features as we move into our Bullfrog Hot Tub reviews.

Product Line

#1 STIL Series

We’ll start off our Bullfrog spa reviews with the STIL Series. The STIL Series is the top line of hot tubs over at Bullfrog Spas. Each of them has a design that is both elegant and modern. These particular hot tubs won the iF Design Award for excellent product design. You have the choice between two different tubs in the STIL Series, including the STIL7 and STIL5, which seat six and four people respectively.

The STIL7 comes with two dedicated lounge seats, flexible open-concept seating, and three JetPak massages. The seating can be enjoyed in either a reclined or upright position. The STIL5 is just as open and flexible, and also comes with three JetPak massage jets, though it is a bit smaller. If you are in the market for a hot tub that is modern and elegant, yet functional and comfortable, the STIL Series is an excellent choice.

The A Series is the line that sits right beside the STIL Series on the higher end. They are just as elegant and fully-featured as the STIL Series, though they have a few different features that make them unique. Each of the A Series spas comes with the Bullfrog JetPak therapy system for a completely personalized hot tub experience.

There are nine different hot tubs to choose from in the A Series, including the A9L, A8, A8L, A8D, A7, A7L, A6, A6L, and A5L. The models with the “L’s” in the name come with available lounge seating. Each comes with 18 different types of JetPak modules that focus on particular types of massages. Beyond that, you have access to a few upgradable features, including LED lighting, cabinet and shell options, and a dual-filter WellSpring system.

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The X Series is one of the most economical choices in the line of Bullfrog Spas. There are seven models to choose from in this series, though the main difference is that they come with fixed-configuration jet systems rather than the customizable JetPak systems. There are sizes that range from full-fledged eight seater models all the way down to portable three-seaters. This is also one of the only Series in the Bullfrog Spas lineup that has a rounded tub.

Bullfrog Spas Customer Reviews

They earned a 4.5 star rating (out of 5 stars) with 634 customer reviews. We are not alone at highly recommending this brand.

Here are a few Bullfrog Spas consumer reviews below:

Bullfrog Spas consumer review
testimonial 1
Testimonial 2

Bullfrog Spa Warranty

The Bullfrog Spas warranty only covers the owners of A Series or STIL spas. There are different warranties on the shell structure, EnduraFrame, equipment, and spa cover. The warranties run from ten years all the way down to three years.

There are one-year limited warranties on the smaller items such as the lighting system, audio system, ozone system, and more. If you want to check out more warranty information on the Bullfrog Spas, you can check out the Bullfrog website here.

Bullfrog vs Sundance Spa

Sundance Spas is a lot like Bullfrog Spas in that they offer a wide variety of hot tubs from budget to luxury hot tubs. One of the main differences is that they use adjustable Fluidix jets rather than the customizable JetPak system. While the Fluidix jet system is nice, it doesn’t offer the same personalization as the Bullfrog system.

The other main difference is that Sundance Spas come with UV-C water sanitation, which is one of the top types of water treatments in the hot tub market. If you’re looking for the best massages overall, Bullfrog Spas is a wonderful choice. However, if you’re looking for tons of different features and a wider variety of tubs, Sundance Spas is a better choice.


Bullfrog Spa Dealers

Bullfrog Spas has dealers across the United States, as well as dealers that are around the world. If you are looking for a Bullfrog Spas dealer near you, make sure to head on over to the link on their website where you can enter your zip code.

Customer Service

Bullfrog Spas is known for their high-quality customer service. Whether you are looking for information on maintenance, product care, warranty, or repairs, you can get in contact with the Bullfrog customer service team here.

Bullfrog Spa Financing

If you can’t afford to pay for your hot tub up front, hot tub financing is a wonderful way to get your hot tub now while paying for it down the line. There is no question that hot tubs can be expensive. There are plenty of ways to finance a Bullfrog Spa, which you can read about here.

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Where Can I Find Replacement Parts for My Bullfrog Spa?

Bullfrog Spas replacement parts and accessories can be found at just about any authorized Bullfrog Spas dealers around the country. Make sure to locate an authorized dealer in your area to talk to them about parts before searching online.

Does Costco Carry This Brand?

Yes, we cover the details on our Bullfrog Spas Costco page. 

Conclusion - Should You Choose This Brand?

We hope that you enjoyed our reviews of Bullfrog Spas.

Bullfrog Spas is a unique brand in that it has a custom approach to hot tub design with the modular JetPak system. It is a wonderful choice for those who want a hot tub that is tailored toward their own hydrotherapy and relaxation goals. Each of the tubs looks and feels both luxurious and elegant, though they retain comfortable characteristics that make them a win-win kind of hot tub.

Yes, they may not have as many feature-rich tubs as others on the market, though they have worked hard to provide consumers with innovative hot tub technology that absolutely cannot be found anywhere else.

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