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With 51 hot tub models that span across six different series, as well as a large selection of top-of-

the-line swim spas, Cal Spas is one of the biggest hot tub brands on the market today. 

This is why selecting the perfect model for you can quickly become overwhelming.

But we're here to help! We'll differentiate between the 4 main series in the Cal Spas lineup. 

Which of these series will you choose?

Our top picks for cal spas
Cal Spas Escape Series
  • Best for the daily hot tubber
  • 6-7-person capacity
  • 39-67 jets
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Cal Spas Patio Series
  • Best budget-friendly option
  • 6-person capacity
  • 110v plug-n-play design
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Cal Spas Platinum Series
  • Best for hydrotherapy
  • 6-7-person capacity
  • 73-93 jets
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Cal Spas Swim Spas Series
  • Best for fitness
  • 3-12-person capacity
  • 20-81 jets
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Cal Spas Prices

As with a good number of other hot tub brands out there, Cal Spas doesn’t provide any of their pricing on their main website. To find the correct pricing, you will have to contact one of their many third-party hot tub dealers.

The one thing that we can tell you about the Cal Spas cost is that their tubs run from around $2,999 to $20,000, so whether you are looking for a budget-friendly tub with minimalist features or a cutting-edge tub with all of the latest in technology, you can find it at Cal Spas.

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Cal Spas Series Reviews

#1 Cal Spas Escape Series

The Cal Spas Escape Series is perfect for the daily hot tubber.

With tons of different models to choose from in this series, users will have access to innovative features and adjustable controls, all of which help to provide a professional level of therapy that you’ll be pressed to find elsewhere.

The Escape Spas are perfect for 6-7 adults at once, and come with anywhere from 39-67 jets depending on the type of model that you get. 

If you want to take it a step further, you can purchase from the Escape Puls Spa series, which includes Cal Spas’ hydro-massage technology, which uses an incredibly powerful jet system with three pumps.

As for features, each of these tubs come with titanium heaters, curved cascade LED waterfalls, 2-3 pump systems, and LED lighting packages.

If you’re short on space or you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, we highly recommend checking out the Cal Spas Patio Series.

The Patio Series uses plug-n-play technology that gives you the ability to plug your hot tub into a 110V outlet to get it up and running.

It is one of the most convenient tubs in the lineup, perfect for quick relaxation anywhere.

You never have to make alterations to your home with the Patio Series too, yet you still get complete body hydrotherapy.

You can take it a step further and get the Cal Spas Patio Plus series, which features more seating for friends or loved ones.

The main difference besides the sizing is that these tubs are powered using a custom 6.0 BHP pump.

Both of these series come with plug-n-play cords, titanium heaters, and multi-color LED spa lights, while the Plus series is unique in that it comes with Hydro Steamers for a deeper therapeutic experience.

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If you are very serious about your hydrotherapy, we highly recommend picking up a hot tub from the Cal Spas Platinum Series.

These hot tubs feature accelerated hydrotherapy technology that is used to target tense muscle and joint areas where people often experience the most pain.

For those who want to spend a bit more extra cash, you can opt-in for the Platinum Plus series, which offers an even deeper hydrotherapy experience.

These tubs have tons of custom U-Select jet options so that you can create the best-possible hydrotherapy session for yourself. All of the tubs in this series are made to fit six people or more, and they have anywhere from 73-93 jets.

Some of the top features include titanium heaters, cascade LED waterfalls, a Dyna-Flow Filter system, and the integrated Cal Spas touchscreen for control.

The Cal Spas Platinum Plus series is unique in that you get all of this plus the choice of your own therapy seat.

Whether you are an athlete who is looking to train at home, or just a recreational swimmer who doesn’t want to fork up the cost or real estate for a full pool, you’ll love the Cal Spas Swim Spas Series.

Cal Spas has eight different swim spas to choose from, each of which is built on a unique concept for varying levels of fitness.

With Cal Spas Swim Spas, it is almost like having a full-on hydro-gym in your backyard.

Even when you are done with a hard workout for the day, you can cool off in your swim spa thanks to the unique seating arrangements.

These swim spas fit anywhere from 3-12 people inside, and come with anywhere from 20-81 jets.

Cal Spas Consumer Reviews

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Cal Spas Parts

Let’s face it, nobody wants to have to deal with repairing a hot tub. Luckily, with Cal Spas repairs, it is pretty easy.

Whether you are dealing with some broken parts or you just want to buy some backup components for when you may need them in the future, we recommend heading on over to The Spa Works to check out their long list of Cal Spas parts.

Whether you are looking for Cal Spas jets, Cal Spas replacement pillows, Cal Spas filters, or a Cal Spas pump, Spa Works has got what you need for your Cal Spas replacement.


Cal Spas Warranty

The Cal Spas warranty is very different from other warranties that we have seen from other hot tub manufacturers. Because they have so many tubs with different components, Cal Spas has decided to split up their warranties based on the series that the tub is in.

The Swim Spas, Platinum Spas, and Escape Spas, each have a 10-year structural warranty, seven-year finish warranty, five-year equipment warranty, five-year plumbing warranty, and five-year cabinet warranty.

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For Patio Spas, the list is a bit different. These spas have a five-year structural warranty, a two-year finish warranty, a two-year equipment warranty, a two-year plumbing warranty, and a one-year cabinet warranty.

Cal Spas Dealers

Like many other hot tub manufacturers, Cal Spas does not sell any of their models through their website. Instead, Cal Spas models are sold through third-party dealers around the United States.

If you are looking to find a Cal Spas dealer in your area, you should head on over to their dealer locator page and put your zip code in to find the one nearest you.

Where are cal spas made?

Cal Spas pride themselves on the fact that they manufacture all of their hot tubs in the United States. They are headquartered in Pomona, California, where they have a 40,000 square-foot factory for building and testing their hot tubs. They are currently the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products in the world, as they produce a wide variety of lifestyle products.

Cal Spas Troubleshooting

If there is one thing that Cal Spas is known for, that thing is their customer service. If you are having any problems with your Cal Spas hot tub, we highly recommend calling customer service.

We never recommend messing around with any of your hot tub components if you don’t know what you are doing, as this can create further problems. Get on the phone with one of the many Cal Spas representatives and technicians to get a bit more information. Depending on the problem, you may be able to fix it yourself at home!

Who owns Cal Spas?

Cal Spas is one of the few hot tub companies that we’ve reviewed that is not under a larger umbrella. For those who like to concern themselves with company history though, it is good to note that they originally started back in 1978 as California Acrylic Industries. At this point in time, they were building and exhibiting a wide variety of pools in Pomona, California.

Their miniature acrylic pools began to receive the most attention, which gave them the idea to pivot towards the hot tub industry. It was at this time that they stopped building pools altogether to keep their focus on hot tubs.

Final Verdict - Should I Choose The Cal Spas Brand?

Having a spa is wonderful for so many reasons. Hydrotherapy is great for people with stress and anxiety. Spas have even been shown to help with weight loss and high blood pressure. Whether you want a hot tub for the many healing properties they provide, or just to up your backyard game, we can confidently recommend the Cal Spas brand.

The beauty of this brand is, that with nearly twice the number of models as other hot tub manufacturers on the market, you are bound to find a model that fits all of your personal needs. With tons of awesome hot tubs to choose from, the Cal Spas brand is perfect for budget hot tubbers as well as top-of-the-line, cutting-edge luxury seekers. With swim spas for exercise, large hot tubs for parties, and plug-n-play hot tubs for portability and intimacy, Cal Spas has no shortage of models for just about every situation.

We hope that our little Cal Spas reviews article has inspired you to take the plunge and get your own Cal Spa!

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