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Caldera Spas has been around since 1976, winning numerous awards in the hot tub industry.

But with so much competition, how can you know whether Caldera Spas is the best brand for you?

After reading our in-depth reviews, you'll have all of the information needed in order to determine whether or not this is the company that you should purchase from. 

Let's take a closer look at all Caldera Spas has to offer!

Our top picks for caldera spas
Utopia Series
  • Best for luxury buyers
  • Five spas to choose from
  • 6-8 person capacities
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Paradise Series
  • Most diverse features
  • Six spas to choose from
  • 3-7 person capacities
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Vacanza Series
  • Broadest range of therapeutic benefits
  • Six spas to choose from
  • 2-7 person capacities
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Caldera Spas Prices

There are three main product lines when it comes to Caldera Spas hot tub models. Each has its own price point and features, so there’s definitely the spa out there for you. The three lines are the Utopia Series, the Paradise Series, and the Vacanza Series. Prices range from around $2,500 to over $13,000 depending on what you want.

The Utopia Series is Caldera’s premier spa option with everything that you could want in a spa. But don’t be alarmed if the price seems steep. The Paradise Series has top notch spa models with great systems. Even the Vacanza Series has many of the great things that you would expect from a Caldera spa at a great price point. We’ll look at reviews for each series.

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Caldera Hot Tubs

Caldera Hot Tubs

Whether you are looking to just relax at the end of a hard day with a dip in a tub or want something that is more therapeutic, Caldera has all the features you’ll need in a hot tub.

There are a few items we want to take a closer look at. 

In our reviews, the Caldera spas impressed us with their comfort. The seats are not only comfortable, but they even help you get into the most comfortable and rejuvenating positions. 

The tubs are also equipped with pillows and adjustable jets for maximum, individualized comfort. 

One impressive feature that we liked about Caldera spas is that their hot tubs have a great setup for personalized massages. With ergonomic seats and a huge array of jets, Caldera’s hot tubs offer a great way to relax. You can get a great spa experience whenever you want with jets that can massage your entire body.

We also appreciated the overall style of the hot tubs from Caldera. With fluid lines and recessed jets, each tub is stylish and elegant. Not only will you be happy with the look of your Caldera tub, you will know that the great style is designed to benefit you. From relaxing seats to insulated panels and efficiency, Caldera Spas has combined form and function.

Using a Caldera tub is easy. The touch screen control panel, standard for Caldera Spas tubs, is intuitive and easy to adjust. Whether you want to control the temperature or lighting, you can unlock your Caldera spa with the touch of a screen. 

There are tons of great options that come with a Caldera Spa. Whether you want a sound system for your music or ambient noise or enhanced mood lighting, Caldera has options for you. Their tubs are customizable with the features you need to get whatever mood you want exactly right. 

Overall, we were impressed by the range of options from Caldera Spas. From two to eight person tubs and everything in between, Caldera has an excellent option for you. With any Caldera tub, you can refresh, relax, and improve your wellness at whichever price point you are comfortable with. 

Performance And Maintenance

Performance and Maintenance

At the end of the day, we know that the ease of upkeep for your hot tub is directly proportional to your enjoyment of your tub.

When your spa is a pain to take care, you’ll never enjoy using it.

Fortunately, Caldera Spas is one of the top brands when it comes to ease of care and performance.

When it comes to the sanitation system, Caldera works to help you. 

With two different water sanitation systems depending on your tub’s product lines, a Caldera spa provides clean, healthy water without the worry or trouble of chemicals. The system is easy to figure out and has stunning results.

Caldera’s salt water system means that you won’t have to be constantly adding chlorine on your own. The easy to use system generates its own chlorine so that you can spend more of your time having your hot tub take care of you instead of taking care of your tub. 

Another awesome part about any Caldera Spas hot tub is the energy efficiency. Caldera knows that keeping a hot tub hot and ready for use all the time can be expensive and prohibit you from enjoying your tub whenever you want. With more energy efficient hot tub models, Caldera helps save you money and get more from your hot tub. You can worry less and relax knowing that you’re using less energy while you soak. 

We also appreciate that Caldera Spas use the highest quality parts for their tubs. Instead of not using your spa because something broke again, you’ll be relaxing in comfort all the time. You know that you can get a longer lasting tub with Caldera and make your investment more worthwhile and enjoyable. 

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Where Do I Go To Get A Caldera Spas Hot Tub?

The best deal on a Caldera Spas tub is going to be through your local dealer. Caldera recommends working through your dealer as they can help provide the best support for you and your spa.

Can I Do Hydrotherapy With A Caldera Spa Tub?

Absolutely. A soak in a Caldera tub will help you relax and reset from any hard day or week. From accelerating muscle recovery to just calming yourself, you can do it all with a Caldera tub.

What Are The Differences Between The Different Series?

The Vacanza Series spa modelsprovides great value for owners.

If you are looking for a more basic spa at a great price, a Vacanza tub might be perfect. 

Paradise Series tubs use the Caldera salt water sanitation system.

They have larger tubs that are still easy to maintain. This line also has tubs that provide excellent comfort and are energy efficient.

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The Utopia Series is Caldera Spas’s top line. If you want it all, the ease of use, energy efficiency, comfort, and quality, then a Utopia line hot tub is the one for you.

These tubs don’t compromise anything when it comes to providing the best soak out of all tubs. 

How Do I Get Customer Service?

Caldera Spas does have customer service and will get back to you. For other customer service including maintenance, set-up, and operation, use your local dealer.

Why Use A Hot Tub

A Caldera Spas hot tub can help you transition from stress to relaxation. In addition to helping with aches and pains, a regular soak in a hot tub can help lead to a healthier lifestyle. Releasing stress and moving to calm is proven to be a healthy transformation. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best hot tub, look no further than Caldera Spas. With a huge array of different lines and hot tubs, they have an ideal tub for you. Whatever your criteria, you can find the best hot tub for your needs.

If you want a salt water system that is easy to maintain, an energy efficient tub, and a tub that can provide a massage with well placed jets, Caldera Spas has what you need. Look through their tubs and you’ll see that they have the perfect option for whatever spa you want. 

If you are still unsure, take a look at our Caldera vs Hot Springs article to compare a close competitor.

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