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With so many hot tub manufacturers on the market today, finding the perfect model for your needs is more difficult than ever.

So how do you determine whether or not California Cooperage is the best choice for you?

We're here to help.

Today we're going to examine the top features that this wonderful and iconic spa company has to offer, allowing you to make a highly informed purchase decision.

Let's dive in!

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Model 371
  • Six-person capacity
  • 41 Jets
  • Best feature: Cleanzone filtration
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Model 280
  • Seven-person capacity
  • 48 Jets
  • Best feature: Footwell jets
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California Cooperage Pricing

California Cooperage, like many spa companies, does not explicitly state its prices on its website. There are factors that come into play which can greatly affect the price, such as additional features, location, and more. However, these spas are fairly affordable, which is why they have become so popular over the years.

You can click the link below and complete our questionnaire to get free price quotes from several dealers in your area.

Where Did California Cooperage Come From?

California Cooperage has been around since 1972. In fact, this company created the very first line of mass-produced Redwood hot tubs that were meant for fun, relaxation, and romance. Even in today's California Cooperage models, people still say that the company injects the same high-quality experience.

Within these California Cooperage spa models, you get a mixture of powerful jetting systems alongside the mystique of the iconic redwood hot tub. You get serious efficiency, modern technology, and a gorgeous aesthetic that can fit in just about any backyard setting.

With attractive and durable designs, these hot tubs are modern classics.

Recently, California Cooperage teamed up with Maax Spas to put out a number of high-quality models.

Top California Cooperage Hot Tub Features

California Cooperage makes a wide variety of superior hot tub products. There are plenty of reasons that we love the spas from this company. Here are some of the top features that make these spa models so wonderful.

ABS Sealed Base

Unlike some spas, these particular spa models are built from the group up. The bases in these spas are made to hold up for years on end without fail all thanks to the ABS sealed base design, which is a product of MAAX Spas. With its rugged foundation and single-piece construction, it traps heat while keeping out unwanted moisture. There is nothing quite like having a strong, single-piece design for strength and longevity.

Steel Sub Structure

In conjunction with the ABS Sealed Base, these spa models make use of partial steel structures.

Steel sub-structures are great compared to wooden structures, as they are super high strength and resistant to corrosion, warping, and rotting.

In climates where it tends to rain or snow a lot, having a steel structure instead of wood can help keep moisture away.

Steel Sub Structure

Insulating Covers

One of the most important things to consider when looking at a hot tub is the insulating properties. One of the best things about these particular models is that they come with premium covers. These covers use copper wires that help keep heat from seeping in during the summer and heat from escaping during the winters.

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When you improve heat retention within your spa, the results are reduced electricity costs. The heat ends up getting recycled throughout the spa, creating a more effective and efficient method of heating.

The cover's exterior is made up of 3M Thinsulate material, that uses two layers to help trap heat and retain durability. Speaking of the exterior...


The exterior of these spa models uses DuraMAAX siding. This one-of-a-kind material looks and feels exactly like natural wood. The beauty of the material, however, is that it does not wear like wood does. If you live in a fairly harsh climate, you don't have to deal with maintaining your exterior as much. It will protect the inside of your spa from external water, insects, or creepy crawlers.

Noise-Free Operation

Many brands out there sell spa models that are noisy when they run. The beauty of these particular models is that they are completely noise-free. In the same way that the insulation system makes the spa completely noise-free, it also keeps it incredibly energy-efficient.

Along with the fact that the thermal insulation system traps and eliminates sounds from popping out of the interior. There's nothing quite like having a quiet system when you are looking to relax.

Water Cleaning System

Water Cleaning System

The water cleaning system found in these hot tubs is one of the best in the business.

While there aren't as many options as you might find in some companies, such as saltwater systems or ozone systems, the system they do have will keep your water crystal clear at all times so that you can have the cleanest soaking experience at all times.

The water cleaning system also makes keeping the spa maintained very easy too. 

The system used in these models is the same one found in purifying stations all over the world.

Our Favorite Cal Cooperage Model

The Cal Cooperage 371 is a six-seater spa and one of the best in the lineup.

The 371 makes use of DuraMAAX cabinetry, which is the state-of-the-art wood alternative that we talked about earlier.

This spa is extremely durable and completely impact-resistant.

One of the best things about the 371 is the advanced art spa controller.

It utilizes a Powerworks controller with top-of-the-line M7 technology to give people the best experience possible. 

It is a revolutionary piece of hybrid software and hardware that uses through-wall temperature sensors and mechanical sensor switches that accurately monitor water conditions.

The 371 comes in a wide variety of colors too, including ten different acrylic color options and three cabinet color options.

Of course, you also get some of the standard features found in other similar models, including LED lights, full-foam insulation, and jets.

Of course, you can also choose to add CleanZone filtration technology as well, which uses a high-powered Powerworks 56 frame pump that draws water through the filtering.

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Final Thoughts - Should You Get A Cal Cooperage Spa?

With classic designs, cutting-edge technology, excellent hydrotherapy, environmentally-friendly components, and easy installation, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy a spa from Cal Cooperage.

Make sure to complete the questionnaire below to get several spa price quotes based on your personal preferences!  It's our job to bring the lowest prices in your area to you.

Tyler Connaghan

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