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Trying to decide if Catalina Spas is the best spa brand for all of your relaxation needs?

Catalina Spas has been on the hot tub market since the early 1970s and began producing swim spas in the 1980s. While they still sell both, they now specialize in portable spas.

Whether you are looking for a fully customizable tub with all of the latest features or a simple tub that will just allow you relax, it is likely that you can find a great model from Catalina Spas. 

Let’s check out some of the top models within their impressive selection so that you can determine whether or not they are right for you!

Our top picks for catalina spas
Catalina Luxury
  • High-end performance
  • Exquisite design
  • High performance and durability standards
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Catalina Classic
  • Best for budget buyers
  • Provides users with quality materials
  • Eight different tubs to choose from
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Catalina Spa Pricing

Now that you’ve seen all of the great features that Catalina Spas has to offer, you might be asking yourself,

“How much does one of these tubs cost?”

The thing is, Catalina Spas does not sell hot tubs directly through the company website. To find out prices, you must contact one of their dealers. With that said, Catalina hot tubs range in price. You can opt for budget hot tubs by purchasing from their Classic line, though if you want the latest and greatest features, you may want to splurge a bit more on their Luxury line.

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Catalina Spa Lineups

#1 Catalina Luxury

For those of you looking for a more lavish hot tub experience, the Catalina Spas company has a Luxury line.

It combines the characteristics of high-end performance and exquisite design to bring consumers the best of the best hot tub products. 

Each hot tub is branded as a “fusion of art and science” and the company ensures that every tub meets its high performance and durability standards.

There are six tubs to choose from in this lineup, including the Nantucket, Kennedy, Armstrong, Hampton, Carlton, and Berkshire, ranging from two to six people in terms of capacity. 

Each tub comes complete with Gecko K-1000 Controls, a Balboa WaveTEC UV Sanitizer, LED Backlit Magnetic Pillows, SynthaWood Skirting, and much more!

The Classic Line is best for budget buyers.

This diverse lineup of hot tubs provides users with quality materials without any sort of compromise. 

There are eight different tubs to choose from in the Catalina Classic lineup, ranging from three to seven people in terms of capacity.

These tubs include the CL360, Neptune Premium, Samoa Premium, Saber Premium, Raptor Premium, XL 2100, XL 22000, and XL 26000.

Each hot tub in the Classic lineup comes with a variety of cool features, including LED lighted controls, the Clear View H-100 Ozone System, Stainless Waterfall, Bluetooth Compatibility, and more!

Top Catalina Spa Features

Gecko K-1000 Spa Controls

The Gecko K-1000 Spa Controls is a 4.3” touchscreen keypad that is both intuitive and interactive and comes with every Luxury line spa.

You can set up your water care and energy savings with ease, as well as create pre-programmed settings, such as 24/7 temperature maintenance, weekend-only heating, and more.

You can control your spa from anywhere thanks to the Wi-Fi connection!

Gecko K-1000 Spa Controls

Balboa WaveTEC 254 UV Sanitizer and Clear View H-100 Ozone System

To keep your water clean and clear, Catalina Spas has developed its own unique water sanitization system. The Classic line comes equipped with the Clear View H-100 Ozone System while the Luxury line comes with both the Ozone System and the WaveTEC 254 UV Sanitizer.

The Clear View H-100 Ozone System works to break down any contaminants within the water to optimize the benefits of bromine and chlorine. This makes it much easier to maintain water quality.

The WaveTEC 254 UV Sanitizer takes it a step further by deactivating the harmful DNA found in viruses and bacteria. UV light is one of the top choices for modern hot tub sanitization, as it works to destroy 99% of harmful viruses and bacteria. UV light also reduces chemical levels to eliminates eye or skin irritants.

Not only is UV healthier for you, but it also lowers the consumption of power from your tub, leaving you with fewer costs overall! 

LED Backlit Magnetic Pillows

LED Backlit Magnetic Pillows

Catalina’s Luxury line peg-free pillows are the epitome of hot tub comfort.

They are coated in a chemical-resistant seal to keep them in shape over time, which is incredibly unique compared to traditional hot tub pillows, which tend to collect bacteria.

The LED lighting in the back provides a pop of color, all while supporting your neck and back while you sink into pure relaxation. 

The Luxury line comes with high-quality SynthaWood Skirting. These designs are absolutely timeless and come with extreme UV protection to keep them looking as crisp as the day you bought them. With clean lines and rich color tones, this Synthawood Skirting provides backyards with a beautiful, natural touch.

You never need to worry about color fade thanks to UV resistance, meaning you’ll never have to deal with pesky staining methods to keep it in good condition. 

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Eternitree Forever Frame

All Catalina tubs use Eternitree material, which is treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate. This material is often used in marine applications, meaning it is great for use in places where the materials are exposed to water for long periods.

The use of Eternitree in Catalina Spas is unique, as it is used throughout the entire frame, rather than just parts of it like other manufacturers. This way, they set a guarantee on the lifetime of the frame for protection from rot, erosion, and decay.

LED Lighting Features

Catalina tubs come with a variety of cool LED lighting features.

The Luxury line comes with LED water fountains, LED-backlit Hydrofalls, and LED-backlit cupholders. 

Some of the tubs even come with custom crystal LED-backlit jets and LED spillover waterfalls. 

The Classic line comes with a few of the same LED features as well, including LED-backlit jets, LED-backlit cupholders, and LED underwater flights.

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The LED water fountains are fully-arching fountains that provide a little spectacle of light and water in your tub. Paired with the pop-up, LED-backlit water spouts, you can essentially soak into a state of zen surrounded by miniature waterfalls. 

Bluetooth Audio

One great feature with all of the hot tubs in the Catalina Spas lineup is Bluetooth Compatibility. All Cataline spas come with a Bluetooth compatible audio device and a subwoofer. You can literally feel your favorite tunes as they vibrate through the water in your tub. The system is easy to use and works with any smart device or computer that has Bluetooth compatibility. It is the perfect way to bring excitement to your Catalina Spas experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Catalina Spas Hot Tubs?

Catalina Spas was just recently purchased by LPI, a Tennessee company. All of the Catalina swim spas, spas, and hot tubs, are still manufactured here in the United States.

What Is The Cost of a Swim Spa?

It is important to note that Catalina also makes swim spas. These Catalina swim spas come with all of the same water features as traditional spas or hot tubs, though provide users with strong jets that produce water currents for exercise. Swim spas usually range from around $10,000 to $20,000, as they are much larger and come with more professional features.

Final Verdict - Should I Buy A Catalina Spa?

From hot tubs to swim spas and beyond, Catalina Spas has some of the best spa products on the market for all kinds of buyers. Catalina Spas has a variety of hot tub models for those seeking out luxury or for those who are on a budget.

Each tub comes with high-end jets, LED lighting systems, and sanitization systems to keep things clean. Whether you are seeking out a traditional spa to relax at the end of the night or a swim spa to combine your fitness and relaxation, there is no doubt that Catalina Spas has what you need!

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Tyler Connaghan

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