Cheap Hot Tubs

If you're looking to add a slice of luxury to your yard, one of the best ways to do so is with a hot tub.

However, we all know that hot tubs are no small investment — well, traditionally, at least.

Luckily, more and more manufacturers are beginning to put out affordable hot tub models so that just about every consumer can enjoy the benefits of warm water hydrotherapy.

Come with us as we dive in and explore the best cheap hot tubs that the market has to offer.

Best Cheap Hot Tubs

#1 Coleman Saluspa

The Coleman brand might be most popular for selling camping products and outdoor equipment.

However, most consumers don't know that they manufacture and distribute some of the best cheap hot tubs in the game.

The Coleman SaluSpa is a top-notch inflatable hot tub with air bubble jets, an advanced heating system, and a hardwater system for water care and treatment.

 With a capacity of 210 gallons and a wide, round shape, it can comfortably fit four adults at once, making it the perfect choice for small families or couples.

The heater is incredibly strong for an inflatable spa model. It can heat up the water at a max of 104 degrees Fahrenheit with ease. To help keep the water clean, the Coleman SaluSpa comes with a chlorine dispenser on the surface, which is also easy to refill when necessary.

In terms of durability, the Coleman SaluSpa takes the cake. It utilizes durable Tri-Tech wall material that inflates in a matter of minutes. The walls are strong enough that users can relax on them and enjoy a simple foot soak when desired.

In the case of any short circuits, Coleman integrated a GFCI breaker. This built-in breaker helps by cutting the power right away in the case of any short circuits. The Coleman SaluSpa is one of the most inexpensive inflatable hot tubs around right now, perfect for just about any situation and location.

Bestway is a company that has been in the value spa industry for quite some time.

The Bestway SaluSpa Miami is very similar to the Coleman SaluSpa in many ways. This high-quality inflatable hot tub can fit four adults at once.

it features a high-quality water filtration design and a rapid heating system.

Bestway has made it very easy to control the bubble jets and water temperature thanks to the built-in digital control system. 

Users can make adjustments without ever having to step foot out of the spa.

In terms of durability, Bestway makes use of the familiar Tri-Tech material. Users can place the hot tub indoors or outdoors thanks to its strength and long-lasting characteristics.

To create a bit more energy-efficiency, Bestway sells every hot tub with a thermal cover. The cover helps to cut back on any heat loss, which helps to reduce how much energy the hot tub consumes when no one is using it.

As for the setup and installation, Bestway gives all of its customers easy-to-follow instructions and a helpful DVD for visual learners.

#3 Intex PureSpa Plus 4

Intex is a brand that is almost synonymous with high-quality inflatable products.

They offer some of the best inflatable spas that money can buy, which is why their models often sit among the top recommendations on spa product review sites.

The Intex PureSpa Plus 4 is similar to the other two hot tub options on this list, as it can fit the same number of people inside. However, there are some unique features that make it stand out, including the non-slip seats.  

The Intex PureSpa also comes with an insertable seat that provides a bit of added height. For added relaxation purposes, the brand has even included a built-in headrest.

The setup for this hot tub takes about 20 minutes. Thanks to the self-inflating design, it takes very little work to get it up and running. The hot tub is incredibly durable thanks to its Fiber-Tech construction, which helps the hot tub to maintain shape over time.

This particular spa model comes with a hard water treatment system, which filters out unwanted minerals such as calcium. The hard water treatment system makes the spa experience much more enjoyable, as it is far gentler on the skin than a normal treatment system. Plus, the filters are easy to replace.

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There is a neat digital panel on the side of the spa, which allows users to control the jets and the temperature. It only requires a few clicks to soak into pure bliss with the high-quality jet system.

This hot tub model comes with a few unique features, which include the ground layer and insulating cover. Both of these features work to increase overall energy-efficiency. Users won't have to worry about heat escaping the hot tub when it is not being used, which greatly reduces energy costs.

With 170 high-quality jets, unique carry handles, and an easy-to-use, built-in inflation pump, the Intex PureSpa might just be one of the best cheap hot tubs on the market today.

Why Buy a Cheap Inflatable Spa?

One of the reasons that people often opt-in to purchasing cheap inflatable spas is that built-in spas and hot tubs can easily cost thousands for plumbing and installation costs. A traditional hot tub, on average, will have a $7,000 initial price tag, which doesn't include any of the installation or maintenance costs.

Inflatable hot tubs cost far less, and they come with heating units and other unique features and accessories. The beauty of many cheap hot tubs is that they do not require any type of serious installation, meaning there is no need to hire an electrician or plumber to begin enjoying the hot tub.

Cheap hot tubs like the ones listed above only require a standard 110v outlet and a garden hose for filling.

How Long Does It Take To Heat an Inflatable Spa?

One of the main questions that people ask when purchasing an inflatable hot tub is, "how long will it take for inflatable spas to heat up?" While different hot tub models have different heating times, it typically takes about an hour for an inflatable hot tub to heat up by two degrees Fahrenheit.

For a hot tub model to reach a max temperature of 104-degrees Fahrenheit, a user will likely have to wait up to 24 hours. While there are many benefits to inflatable spas, the long heating time is a definite downside and one of the reasons why someone might want to purchase a more expensive model.

How To Search For The Best Cheap Hot Tub

There are plenty of things to consider when looking for a cheap hot tub. First, it is important to consider the location of the hot tub, as this can impact the overall size and delivery process. Of course, delivery for an inflatable model is something one doesn't need to worry about. 

However, a hot tub that has an eight-person capacity will take up a lot more room than a hot tub with a four-person capacity.

Once the sizing and backyard or indoor location have been determined, consumers often move onto the features. 

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A typical inflatable spa won't have probably won't have some glorious waterfall feature, high-power jets, or a fantastic LED-lighting system, as these things cost a lot. However, it can be worth looking at the type or number of jets, the power requirements, and the included accessories, such as covers or filters.

Lastly, it is very important to look into the warranty that the company offers. One of the biggest problems people face with cheap hot tub models is that they break. There are many reasons why spas might break, including poor treatment or years of use. However, some of those reasons aren't always at the fault of the consumer.

Having a strong warranty in place can protect the consumer from having to fork over tons of money for repairs if something goes south. When shopping, it is very important to look for warranty information from the company to see if there is any safety net in place. It is also worth speaking with different local hot tub stores to find out if they have specific warranty programs.

Cheap Hot Tubs - Are They Worth The Money?

There are plenty of reasons one might buy a cheap hot tub. With a price that often sits below a thousand dollars, the cheat hot tubs on this buying guide are a fraction of the price of standard hot tubs, including built-in hot tubs and acrylic hot tubs.

Cheap inflatable hot tubs provide users with the same hot tub experience, all while reducing energy costs, maintenance costs, and more. For hot tub lovers on a budget, there is no good reason not to get one of these cheap hot tubs.

See our hot tub prices page to explore more pricing tiers or our hot tubs under $1,000 page. 

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author