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Clearwater Spas is one of the industry's top budget-friendly hot tub brands, though with so many factors to consider, including price, size, style, features, and more, it can be hard to make a final decision.

The last thing you want is to pay for a hot tub that won’t even last five years.

Stick around as we take you through a short review of one of our favorite and most underrated spa brands on the market, Clearwater Spas.

Our top picks for clearwater spas
Clearwater Spas Resort Series
  • Classic Clearwater series
  • 5-6 person capacities
  • Lounger seats for full-body massages
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Clearwater Spas Beachcraft Series
  • Best for luxury buyers
  • 5-6 person capacities
  • Multi-colored LED lighting
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Clearwater Spas Northwest Series
  • Best for portability
  • 5-7 person capacities
  • Lighted coasters
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Clearwater Spas Evergreen Series
  • Most diverse spas in the lineup
  • 5-6 person capacities
  • Traditional seating layouts
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Clearwater Spas Pricing

Clearwater Spas does not sell hot tubs directly through their website. You must find a dealer that sells Clearwater Spas through their individual channels to find out more information on pricing. The good thing about Clearwater Spas is that they are not very expensive, even though they utilize the same types of luxury features of high-end spas.

You can find Clearwater Spas for well under $10,000 no matter what model you are looking at and what dealer you are buying through.

Of course, to get specific pricing, we recommend filling out the questionnaire below to save yourself some time and money! In doing so, you'll get a bundle of price quotes based on your specific hot tub needs!

Clearwater Spas Features

Digital Control

All Clearwater Spas models come with a digital control system, which controls the heating element, water temperature, mood lighting, and more. You can self-test all of the diagnostics of your hot tub to make sure that it is running in tip-top shape or check if now is the right time for spa maintenance.

The touchscreen control panel is hot tub industry standard and helps to save on energy bills as well!

LED Mood Lighting

The hot tub lighting system that comes with Clearwater Spas is also hot tub industry standard. With multi-colored LEDs and a programmable design, it works to bring a sense of cool to your spa.

Spa Shell

Keeping your spa water temperature up can be a hassle, especially if you live in a frigid environment. Luckily, Clearwater Spas utilizes RTB insulation alongside its quality heating element to make sure that the water temperature stays where it should be at all times.

Clearwater Spas Series

#1 Clearwater Spas Resort Series

The Clearwater Resort Series is the classic spa line from Clearwater Spas.

There are three hot tubs in the Clearwater Series, including the Monaco, the Cabo, and the Orlando, which hold up to five, five, and six people respectively. 

The Monca comes with high-quality, multi-colored LED lighting so that you can customize the mood with your favorite colors.

There are 98 hydrotherapy jets in total, as well as a nice lounger seat for the ultimate full-body massage experience.

Next on the list is the Cabo model. This model is a bit smaller than the Monaco, though shares a lot of the same features.

It comes with a removable bistro table, which allows everyone sitting in the hot tub to bring in their favorite beverage. It has a full-body lounge, multi-colored LED mood lighting, and 91 hydrotherapy jets.

Lastly, the Orlando is the big brother of the three. It comes with all of the same features as the last two tubs, as well as his and her seating to provide supreme hydrotherapy comfort. There are 107 jets in total, making it perfect for the consumer who is looking to get the most out their spa experience. 

#2 Clearwater Spas Beachcraft Series

Taking it one step further is the Clearwater Spas Beachcraft Series, which has four different tubs to choose from.

The first tub in the series is the Pearl Island hot tub. It comes with 66 hydrotherapy jets and is fully-loaded with a number of high-quality features, including multi-colored LED lighting, three headrests, and comfortable seating for a soothing hot tub experience.

The second tub is the Tradition tub. With 67 hydrotherapy jets and enough room for seven people, this hot tub is the perfect choice for larger families or parties. 

It comes with all of the same features of the Pearl Island tub, though takes it in a different direction with a more ergonomic seating layout.

The third tub in the series is the St. Andrew hot tub, which is loaded with 66 hydrotherapy jets and has enough room for five people in all. It is very similar to the Pearl Island tub, though features a full-body lounge for those who want to take advantage of a complete hydrotherapy experience. 

The last hot tub in the Clearwater Spas Beachcraft Series is the Myrtle Beach tub, which comes with 62 hydrotherapy massage jets and an ergonomic seating layout that is a bit more similar to the Tradition tub. If you want a classic design that is small enough to fit in a spot with little real estate, the Myrtle Beach tub is an excellent choice!

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The Clearwater Spas Northwest Series comes with five different tubs to choose from, each of which is smaller than the tubs in the Beachcraft and Resort series. 

The first one in the Clearwater Spas Northwest Series is the Broadmoor hot tub. This six-person tub comes with 51 hydrotherapy jets and a number of standard features, including LED mood lighting, lighted coasters, and much more. 

The largest tub in the Clearwater Spas Northwest series is the Concordia.

Though it only comes with 51 jets, there is enough room for up to seven people! The open seating layout is excellent for those who want to have parties or family time in the hot tub! 

The Liberty Lake model is a solid choice for someone looking for a smaller option thanks to the fact that it seats around five people comfortably and has 51 jets to enjoy. This tub is very similar to the five-seater Twin Peaks model, though the Twin Peaks model comes with 57 jets and three powerful hydrotherapy pumps rather than the two in the Libert Lake model.

Lastly, we have the Fairview, which is a high-quality six-person hot tub with 51 hydrotherapy jets and an open seating layout for smaller families to enjoy comfortably. 

#4 Clearwater Spas Evergreen Series

The Deluxe Clearwater Spas Evergreen Series is the most diverse in the Clearwater lineup.

The Series provides consumers with eight different spas to choose from, ranging from a smaller, three-person tub to a large and in charge eight-person tub.

The smallest tub in the Clearwater Spas Evergreen Series is the only tub in the Clearwater lineup that has a three-person capacity, and that is the ES76R model.

It comes with 40 hydrotherapy jets and a full-body lounge seat, perfect for more intimate situations or smaller yards. You can also take a small step up with the ES76CC, which is a four-person tub with all of the same amenities.

There are a few five and six-person spas in the Clearwater Spas Evergreen Series lineup, including the ES84L and the ES76L, both of which have a five-person capacity, open seating layouts, and 40 hydrotherapy jets, as well as the ES93L, ES84, and ES76, which have a six-person capacity, open and ergonomic seating layouts (except for the ES93L with a full-body lounge), and 40 hydrotherapy jets.

If you are in search of a traditional-style hot tub, we highly recommend taking a look at the ES93. It comes with an open seating layout that you are likely used to seeing in traditional spas, as well as 40, high-quality hydrotherapy jets.

Do Clearwater Spas Come With A Warranty?

You always want to make sure that the hot tub brands you are looking at come with a warranty attached.

A hot tub brand without a warranty is a red flag for poor quality. If you ever run into a problem with your hot tub or spa products, you want to know that the dealer will have your back.

Luckily, ever Clearwater Spas hot tub model comes with a spa warranty that is just around industry standard.

The spa structural warranty is good for 20 years while the spa equipment warranty is good for five years.

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Final Verdict - Should I Get A Clearwater Spas Hot Tub?

We hope that our reviews of these spectacular Clearwater hot tubs were helpful in narrowing down your spa buying decision. There is no doubt that finding a quality spa for your home can be a tough decision. You have to consider the price, the warranty, the maintenance, and so much more.

Clearwater Spas is one of the top brands in the hot tub industry with quality products, easy maintenance, and top-notch customer reviews. Plus, all of the Clearwater hot tub products come at an insanely low price, so affordability should be no problem at all!

To find the lowest prices, fill out the questionnaire below to receive a bundle of pricing quotes based on your ideal hot tub setup!

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author