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Wondering if Coast Spas is the right spa manufacturer to fulfill your needs?

When it comes to buying a high-quality spa or hot tub, you want to make sure that you are purchasing from a company that takes pride in their craftsmanship.

Coast Spas uses some of the most innovative features and high-quality materials around to craft high-end, luxury hot tubs and swim spas for those seeking out the best in terms of hydrotherapy and entertainment.

After reading our Coast Spas reviews, you'll know whether or not Coast Spas is the brand for you.

Our top picks for coast spas
Coast Spas Traditional
  • Seven hot tubs in the lineup
  • Pressure-treated frame
  • Programmable filtration
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Coast Spas Curved
  • Seven hot tubs in the lineup
  • 24” adjustable waterfalls
  • Multi-level ergonomic seating
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Coast Spas Infinity Collection
  • Four hot tubs in the lineup
  • Patented Infinity Edge
  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Shell
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Coast Spas Swim Spas
  • Six swim spas in the lineup
  • Plenty of fitness features
  • Powerful swimming jets
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Coast Spa Pricing

The Coast Spas company does not sell its hot tubs directly through its website, meaning they do not have any hard prices for their hot tubs. Instead, Coast Spas has dealers in locations around the world where they sell their hot tubs from. 

This means that the price you pay for your hot tub will vary quite a bit based on your location and your dealer's prices.

Rather than wasting your time calling dealers in your area, fill out the questionnaire below and to get multiple free quotes from dealers near you!

Coast Spas Product Collection

#1 Coast Spas Traditional

The Traditional Coast Spas models are the best for those seeking out a classic hot tub model with a budget-friendly price.

There are seven hot tubs in the Traditional line, ranging from the tiny, circular Seabreeze model to the massive Apex L model. 

The Traditional Collection includes some of the top Coast Spas features, including a Pressure-Treated Frame, programmable filtration, stainless steel Trillium Jets, and an Owens Corning Fiberglass shell.

Even with their budget-friendly prices, the Traditional Coast Spas models are built for use in just about any environment and they are made to last!

For those seeking out a regular hot tub model with just enough of the bells and whistles for a modern spa experience, we recommend going with the Traditional line.

#2 Coast Spas Curved

The Curve Collection from Coast Spas is great for those who are looking for an extra edge over your standard hot tub.

There are seven models to choose from in the Curved Collection, ranging from the small, four-person Omega B Curve to the large six-seven person Mirage Curve.

Each of the Coast Spas Curved Collection models come with 24” adjustable waterfalls, as well as the same features of the Traditional Hot tubs, including quick-access gate valves, plush headrests, stainless steel Trillium Jets, a high back design, and more.

With multi-level, ergonomic seating and a variety of features made for a hydrotherapeutic experience, the Curved Collection is built for pure relaxation!

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The Coast Spas Infinity Collection is the perfect choice for anyone looking for pure luxury.

There are four hot tub models to choose from in the Infinity Collection, including the Horizon, the Cascade, the Phantom, and the large and in charge Purkifit, which can fit up to eight people in total!

These hot tubs come with the highest quality features in the Coast Spas lineup, including the patented Infinity Edge, 24” adjustable waterfalls, streaming water ropes, a raised curve back with a privacy wall, an Owens Corning Fiberglass Shell, a protective ground-shield barrier, and a pressure treated frame.

If you are looking to add a little bit of fitness to your regular spa routine, we highly recommend checking out one of the swim spa models from Coast Spas.

Every swim spa comes complete with powerful swim spas jets, a full swim and exercise area, row bars, exercise bands, a swim spa tether connection point, and much more.

Besides all of the excellent features that are unique to the Coast Spas swim spa models, each swim spa comes with the same features as the other hot tub models in the lineup.

There are six different swim spas to choose from, ranging from the small, 1300 Bench Swim Spa all the way up to the massive 2100 VE Swim Spa.

Best Coast Spas Features

Coast Spas Infinity Edge

One of the best things about Coast Spas is the fact that they come with Infinity Edges.

These patented vanishing edges create a gorgeous, natural waterfall setting with zero water displacement. These spas use one of the largest skimmers in the world and a no filter water flow grate design. 

There’s nothing that says spa luxury quite like a spa waterfall, and to be honest, we haven’t found a spa or hot tub that has a waterfall as good looking as these ones.

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Beyond the Infinity Edge spa waterfall, Best Coast Spas come with large and continuous blades of water that act as the internal hot tub waterfall. These run two feet across the hot tub and are fully lit using bright, multi-colored LED lights.

Touchscreen Control and LCD TV

Best Coast Spas come with easy-to-use touchscreen controls with a multilingual LCD interface. The interface is loaded with intuitive animations. Plus, the outside ring is made to light up the same color as the lights in your spa to give your tech a uniform look. 

Speaking of tech, Coast Spas has its Media Spas line, which provides users with a push-button retractable TV, perfect for watching your favorite DVD, TV show, or the next big game, all from the comfort of your hot tub! This retractable TV is the one hot tub product that truly separates the Coast Spas company from many other luxury hot tub brands on the market.

Handsfree Phone Calls

Coast Spas is known for its unique and innovative features that cannot be found with many other tub companies. The Bluetooth CD player comes with an integrated microphone that allows you to make hands-free calls from your hot tub! The voice on the other end of your call will come out crystal clear through the sound system in your spa. 

You can also use the integrated wireless features to monitor and control your hot tub from wherever you are! You can easily toggle the lights, activate the jets, set filter cycles, or change the clock, all from the click of a button on your phone. Every Coast Spas model comes with an integrated app that allows you to use your phone, tablet, or smart device as a remote control. 

Pressurized Hot Tub Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System

Coast Spas comes with an exclusive Commercial-Grade Pressurized Hot Tub Filtration System and a high-quality filter canister. In fact, it is a law in North America that any public pool or hot tub is built with a closed, pressurized filtration system. These types of filtration systems are far superior to skim filtration systems and they also work to remove dirt filter canisters from where people are sitting.

Adjustable Coast Spa Massage Jets

Coast Spas hot tubs make use of luxury Trillium Jets. These utilize all of the same internal components as the old-school stainless steel jets, though they use a designer aesthetic. Trillium Jets are made to give off a luxury look and the smooth lines look nice atop the spa acrylic. Beyond that, the stainless steel housing will keep these jets in good condition for many years down the line. You’ll never have to worry about wear and tear!

High-End Coast Spa Cabinets

Coast Spas comes with high-end Luxury Slate Spa Cabinets that are custom-molded and handcrafted to fit your spa! They reflect organic elements thanks to their textural makeup and colors, perfect for integrating with a natural backyard setting. Not only are these cabinets made to add beauty to any setting that they are in, but they are also made to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions with a durable, maintenance-free design.

Final Verdict - Should I Buy A Spa or Hot Tub From Coast Spas?

Finding the perfect spa or hot tub for your needs can quite a difficult task. That is why we wanted to share a little bit about the Coast Spas company to make your hot tub shopping experience a little bit easier.

When it comes to high-quality, luxury spas, hot tubs, and swim spas, Coast Spas has some of the best hot tub and spa models around. They are one of the best hot tub manufacturers when it comes to cleanliness thanks to their hydro cyclonic filtration system. Pair that with the unique Infinity Edge water displacement and high back design.

All in all, Coast Spas is one of the best hot tub and spa manufacturers on the market today and they are a company that you can trust for your hot tub product needs!

When you're ready to get price quotes for your next hot tub, fill out our free questionnaire below. Our time-saving resource will provide you with multiple free quotes based on all the things you want in a spa!

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author