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Costco carries some of the most reliable and affordable swim spas.

However, with so many options to choose from, how do you select the model with the right features for you?

We've thoroughly researched Costco's top 4 swim spa brands to help you determine which one will suit your needs.  

We'll also help you determine whether buying a swim spa from Costco is the right choice.

Let's dive in!

Our top picks for costco swim spa
SwimEx Swim Spas
  • Six unique models to choose from
  • Wide range of included exercise equipment
  • Non-skid floor option
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PDC Spas
  • 14 swim spas to choose from
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Supreme filtration technology
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Master Spas Michael Phelps
  • Airless jet system
  • Supreme filtration technology
  • 25 interval training and endurance training modes
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Arctic Swim Spas
  • Seven models to choose from
  • Most energy-efficient swim spa
  • Smartphone integration
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Does Costco Sell Swim Spas?

While Costco might be a prominent hot tub provider with brands like Vita Spas and Nordic, they, unfortunately, do not sell swim spas at the time. We imagine the reason is those swim spas are fairly large and the logistics of selling them in the warehouse are a bit messy, we're not here to discuss the who's and why's.

Instead, we understand that you're likely looking for a new swim spa as an addition to your home and alternative to a traditional swimming pool. To help you out, we want to take you through some of the top swim spas on the market so you know what to look for during your purchase process. 

Costco Swim Spa Prices

There are hundreds if not thousands of swim spa dealers around the country. The price range can be quite wide for these modern swimming spas, usually ranging between $8,000 and $30,000, though it depends on the features that you decide to add-on.

Of course, swim spas aren't nearly as inexpensive as their hot tub counterparts, though with greater functionality and versatility, it is easy to see why. Plus, compared to your traditional pool, a swim spa can save you thousands.

To find out more about swim spa prices and a price quote you might expect to get from your local dealer, make sure to click the link below. 

Roadshow Costco Swim Spas

It is important to note that Costco does make swim spas and hot tubs available through routine roadshows instead of through the company website or warehouse. Costco roadshows are essentially events where vendors gather to display and sell unique or specialized products.

Some of the best and most popular Costco roadshows are those with hot tubs and swim spas. These roadshows typically last anywhere from 10-14 days, allowing Costco members to take advantage of serious deals on a wide selection of products. Plus, every roadshow is stacked with swim spa and hot tub vendors who can provide you with clear and detailed information regarding every product.

To score yourself a deal on a brand new swim spa or hot tub while receiving the benefit of Costco's incredible return policy, we highly recommend attending a Costco roadshow in your area. 

The 4 Best Swim Spa Brands

#1 SwimEx Swim Spas

The SwimEx swim spa lineup is home to six models, each of which comes with unique characteristics and capacity specs, as well as a wide range of exercise opportunities.

The 400 OS spa is the smallest model in the lineup with just enough room for five people. It utilizes a paddlewheel to create currents and holds up to 2,500 gallons of water.

For those looking to take advantage of aquatic equipment exercise, the non-skid floor is incredibly helpful.

Those looking for a larger model might want to consider the SwimEx 1000S. With 7,700 gallons of water and room for up to seven people, there is more than enough space for both swimming and relaxation.

The 1000S comes with a unique running pad treadmill attachment that allows you to run while in the water. If you're in the market for a diverse and feature-rich swim spa, we highly recommend looking deeper into the SwimEx brand.

#2 PDC Spas

Prospective owners looking for a wide range of customization options might want to consider looking into the PDC brand.

There are plenty of cool features to love when it comes to this one-of-a-kind spa company, including high-quality jets, LED lights, and supreme filtration system technology. 

Plus, the dimensions of each tub helps users find the right product for their space requirements.

There are two swim spa types to choose from, including the dual prop propulsion system and the three-jet system. The beauty of PDC is that each of the models has unique features, providing consumers with a versatile selection. From the minimalistic characteristics of the Vitality tub to the elegance and beauty, which radiates from the water spouts on the Synergy and TruSwim sp models, there is a lot to love.

There are 14 PDC spas to choose from in all, giving PDC the largest swim spas lineup in the current market. Beyond the stock spa choices that they provide, users can also personalize their tubs with audio features, LED lighting, and much more. 

Master Spas is THE swim spa company for athletes.

The brand is known is known for its Michael Phelps Swim Spa series, which, with the help of Olympic athlete Michael Phelps.

Phelps is arguably one of the world's greatest swimmers, became popular throughout the market because of its cutting-edge airless jet system.

The airless jet system provides the smoothest and widest swimming current possible. To help users train and create personalized workouts, Master Spas has included the AquaSpeed VSP touchscreen. Users can choose between wide variety of interval training and endurance training modes with over 25 workout speeds.

The fun doesn't stop there, of course, as every model in the lineup comes with an Xtreme Therapy Cover for post-exercise rehabilitation. 

#4 Arctic Swim Spas

Arctic is one of those brands that has covered all of the bases when it comes to swim spa models.

There are seven swim spa models to choose from, including the Hudson, Wolverine, Athabascan, Ocean, Wolverine, Okanagan, and Kingfisher.

When it comes to strength and durability, Arctic is one of the top manufacturers around.

Arctic tubs are incredibly energy-efficient, many of which only cost around two dollars per day to run, providing users with supreme energy savings throughout the year. 

Arctic tubs make use of a pure fiberglass shell and a unique, high-quality all-weather insulation system. These elements work in tandem to keep the tub nice and warm no matter what the weather is like outside.

It is worth mentioning that all Arctic hot tubs and swim spas come with smartphone integration, allowing users to adjust all of the necessary parameters from wherever they are in the house. Plus, with the addition of a top-notch speaker system and fancy hardcover, you can create a completely custom spa experience.

Bottom Line - Should You Buy A Costco Swim Spa?

If you don't have access to a pool, though you're looking to take advantage of the numerous benefits that go hand-in-hand with swimming, we highly recommend getting your hands on a swim spa from Costco. The beauty of owning a swim spa is that you get to reap the benefits of both pools and hot tubs in one exercise-focused product.

All the while, swim spa users can enjoy savings from what they would have spent building a pool. There are many reasons to buy a swim spa. Make sure to check out the pricing and availability information below or get in contact with your local dealer regarding any questions! 

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author