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Dimension One Spas started back in 1977 and is still considered a top brand today.

It's still crucial to do your research before purchasing because preferences differ from one buyer to the next. Will Dimension One have the price point, technology, support, and features you're after?

Come along with us as we uncover the main benefits of Dimension One Spas, helping you to decide whether or not this company is right for you.

Our top picks for dimension one spas
Lotus Bay
  • 6-person capacity
  • 67 jets
  • Patented flex therapy pillow
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Sarena Bay
  • 6-person capacity
  • 82 jets
  • Dynamic massage sequencer
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  • 6-person capacity
  • 40 jets
  • High-performance hydrotherapy seating
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Dimension One Spa Prices

Finding a quality spa for an excellent price is difficult, especially landing one that is aesthetically pleasing. Dimension One spas are built to last and have the looks that can fit any home. When looking for hot tub floor models these will always live up to the highest expectations.

Pricing for Dimension One spas range based on size and how many jets the hot tub has, as well as how many pumps are installed. In terms of accessing how much these spas cost, simply click the button below, enter your hot tub preferences, and receive tailored quotes to your inbox!

Dimension One Models

We have hand picked three different models, each of these are considered to be some of the most popular that Dimension One Spas has available. All of which do vary in cost from about $10,995 to $17,000 and have features that are unique to each model.

#1 Lotus Bay

The first model we are going to touch on is the Lotus Bay.

This tub is a part of the Bay Collection.

Because of its size and features it has the most bang for your buck.

Equipped with 67 jets and three pumps this model allows for more muscle relaxation than a typical two pump system.

This hot tub includes a patented Flex Therapy Pillow and Ultra Lounge to provide the most out of your at home spa experience.

This hot tub can comfortably seat five to six people at a time making it excellent for small get togethers or for families. 

Another excellent addition to each tub is the beautiful Terracina siding, this gives the spa a more natural, unique appearance.The Terracina siding is D1 specific, meaning you won't be able to find this with other competing spas.

While being quite cutting edge in looks and providing supreme comfort, this Dimension One hot tub is extremely energy efficient. The Lotus costs $14.81 a month at 7 cents a kilowatt per hour. The way Dimension does this is simple, they see the importance of proper wall insulation, a proper cover and pump system. With D1's standard 100% foam insulation the tub loses less heat the other guy's, which leaves you with consistently hot water and less damage to the wallet.

#2 Sarena Bay

For a hot water retreat in your backyard the Sarena Bay is the way to go.

This tub is not your typical square tub, it is actually the first ever curvilinear spa.

Dimension One Spas out did themselves with every feature on this hot tub, from the lighting FX and fountain to the "his and her" style Ultra Lounge and Dynamic Massage Sequencer.

This Dimension One tub, much like many others, has Flex Therapy Pillows for maximum comfort when with friends or family, even just unwinding on your own after a long day. 

The size of this tub is excellent if you are the type to have lots of friends over and having time in the water is something you all like to do. I know when my friends are over I love to take a dip in the hot tub after enjoying an awesome barbeque dinner!

When looking at the technical features of this revolutionary hot tub, Dimension One took the time to ensure the same comfort and relief that a smaller model would bring. This bad boy is equipped with 82 jets and two pumps. While not as energy efficient as something like the Lotus Bay, it is very efficient for its size.

They souped up this tub with their UltraPure Plus technology, this water management system isn't a typical ozone generator. UltraPure Plus is a way for your hot tub to filter out any impurities by mixing ozone with water three times to ensure it is not just clean but crystal clear.

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The Nautilus is proof that Dimension One Spas can make a hot tub that is considered to be one of their more standard models and it is still top of the line.

The Nautilus is shallower than the aforementioned models and is not a part of the Bay Collection.

This hot tub belongs to Dimension One's Reflections Collection.

Of these hot tubs the Nautilus is the most energy efficient. This is because it has two pumps, 40 jets and is not as deep as the Lotus or Sarena Bay. 

If you are looking for a small six person tub that is even lighter on the wallet, the Nautilus is the way to go.

This Dimension One spa comes with two Flex Therapy pillows and high performance seating. Of these three spas this has awesome reviews on the therapeutic benefits that have come to users. Because of its size and the precision engineering that goes in to each pump Dimension One has created a hot tub with the capability of providing immense muscle relief for a low cost.

History & Innovation

Dimension One Spas was established in La Mesa, California in 1977. They rapidly rose to the top of the spa industry, being the first to manufacture a fully insulated spa for above-ground and in-ground usage (1981). Later Dimension One went on to pioneering the Ultra Lounge in 1987, which quickly became the main reference point for hydrotherapy worldwide.

Throughout the years they have continued to push the boundaries of the hot tub and spa market. In more recent years they have accomplished much more.

The most recent addition to Dimension One spas are called D1 Hubs, the hubs were introduced in 2015. These Dimension One Spas hubs provide an easy to use control panel allowing you to access any of your hot tub's functions in seconds.

With all of these amazing strides made by Dimension One, it is easy to see that they produce reliable hot tubs that obviously satisfy.


We all know the stress of buying a new product and not knowing whether we will be able to afford fixing it on the fly.

With Dimension One Spas there is no reason to worry, they provide a variety of warranties on their products for a range of issues that could come about throughout the life of your hot tub.

They have a lifetime warranty on the UltraLife Shell. Along with that they have another for Envirotect Cabinets to repair any cracking, delaminating or blistering. 

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Other warranties are included for plumbing and equipment as well as for Dimension One Spas that are equipped with Terracina in case of any structural defects or damage.

So, Are Dimension One Spas Worth It?

We would be lying if we told you Dimension One Spas aren't worth your consideration or money, they truly are everything anyone could want in a hot tub. From their humble beginnings in 1977 in La Mesa to now, they are still exceeding the market standard model by model. Finding a hot tub should never be a chore, it should be exciting and Dimension One's precision engineering provides that excitement.

The Lotus, The Sarena and Nautilus are only three of tens of models. Each one is unique in many ways but still maintains the D1 standard. If you are out looking to make the most of a hydrotherapy experience or are just wanting somewhere to enjoy an evening with friends and family, Dimension One Spas is definitely the place to purchase from.

It's our hope that these reviews helped you along in making a decision on your next hot tub. Give Dimension One a peek and get those jets rolling!O

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Tyler Connaghan

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