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Dream Makers Spas is one of the top rotomolded spa manufacturers in the world today.

They introduced the rotomolded spa design back in 1997 and have been on the forefront ever since. With a team of industry specialists and engineering experts on deck, Dream Makers Spas manufacturers all of its spas in Lake Mary, Florida.

Of course, the real question is,

Are Dream Maker Spas right for you?

Come with us as we explore the ins and outs of Dream Maker spas hot tubs in this review!

Our top picks for dream maker spas
Crossover Collection
  • Best for luxury buyers
  • Four different spa models
  • Full-body loungers
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Cabana Collection
  • Best for value
  • Four different spa models
  • Entertainment tables
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Stonehenge Collection
  • Best for budget buyers
  • Five different spa models
  • Sleek, minimal designs
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Dream Maker Spas Pricing

Dream Maker spas are a great choice for anyone who is looking for something a bit more affordable. The spas that the brand manufactures come with a serious number of features for extremely low prices.

When purchasing one of the smaller, lower-end spas with fewer features, you can expect to spend around $3,600. When you start moving up into the higher range of Dream Maker Spas, along with the suite models, you’re looking at paying around $6,000.

Of course, prices will vary by dealer and location, which is very important to keep in mind. If you want more accurate pricing information, complete the questionnaire below to receive multiple spa pricing quotes from hot tub dealers in your area!

Dream Maker Spas Collections

For starters, it is essential to note that Dream Maker Spas has three different collections in their spa lineup, including the Crossover Collection, the Cabana Collection, and the Stonehenge Collection.

The Crossover Collection contains the higher end tubs for those seeking out a more luxury experience, the Cabana Collection contains hot tubs packed with features and coolers, and the Stonehenge Collection provides a simpler, more affordable hot tubs with minimalistic designs. 

Each of these spa collections has both regular models and suite models. The suite models come with the addition of integrated suite steps with resistant step threads, a storage area for towels and other outdoor items, and two side planters with added natural color. 

The Suite versions also include quality spa covers to keep your hot tub clean when it is not in use.

#1 Crossover Collection

The Crossover Collection is the top in the lineup of Dream Maker spas.

There are four different spa models to choose from, each of which comes with a Suite Model counterpart.

The top in the Crossover Collection is the Crossover 740L Suite.

This six-person hot tub comes with 40 stainless steel jets for targeting the biggest pain areas, a full-body lounger for ultimate relaxation, back-lit LED lighting for setting the mood, and eight exterior cabinet lights to bring your backyard to life. 

On the lower end of the Crossover Collection is the Crossover 730S Suite. 

Though it isn’t as feature-rich as the 740L, it does feature room for up to seven people. There are 30 stainless steel jets to take advantage of, as well as backlit-LED lighting and eight exterior cabinet lights. 

Each of the tubs in the Crossover Collection provides optional features as well, including a factory-installed ozone system for better hot tub maintenance, a factory-installed Bluetooth system to enjoy your tunes while soaking, and a factory-installed LED Ambiance Lighting Package to add some extra spice to your outdoor setting. 

Overall, if you’re looking for pure luxury, the Crossover Collection is the best in the Dream Maker lineup!

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The Cabana Collection sits in the middle of the road for Dream Maker Spas, though each one of these models is packed to the brim with high-quality features that would make any spa lover giddy. 

The top tub in the Cabana Collection is the Cabana 3500L Suite. The Cabana 3500L Suite comes with perfectly formed seats and lounge seating, an entertainment table (perfect for making your favorite cocktails), contoured headrests, and a built-in cooler compartment. 

It’s the perfect party tub. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! The Cabana 3500L Suite comes with enough room for four adults and has 35 adjustable jets that hit all the right places for a wonderful hydrotherapy experience.

The lower-end tub in the Cabana Collection is the Cabana 2500S Suite. It comes with many of the same features as the Cabana 3500L Suite, though does not have a lounge seat to complement the standard contoured seats. With that said, you can still enjoy the entertainment table, built-in cooler compartment, and much more.

Overall, the Cabana Collection is a great choice for those who are looking for a model that is a bit more feature-rich, though don’t want to pay as much.

The Stonehenge Collection is the least expensive of the three collections and is great for those who are looking for comfort and quality.

The tubs are a unique black color for a sleek, modern look. You’ll find five tubs in the Stonehenge Collection, each with unique qualities.

The largest of the five is the Big EZ Suite. This seven-person spa, an excellent choice for families, comes with contoured water stream channels and 23 stainless steel jets that hit all of the right pressure points.

The water fountain is completely adjustable and creates a relaxing ambiance during your soak time. 

The brick colors are customizable with seven different colors to choose from, providing a one-of-a-kind look.

The smallest of the five hot tubs is the Fantasy Suite. With room for two on the inside, it is the perfect choice for couples. It comes with 14 high-powered massage jets and patented back comfort water stream channels. Just like the Big EZ Suite, you can choose between seven colors of brick and enjoy adjustable water fountains. 

The Stonehenge Collection is the prime choice for families in the larger end, though also great for couples or more intimate settings on the smaller end.

Do Dream Maker Spas Come With A Warranty?

When you get a spa, the last thing that you want to worry about is having something break down and then having to pay for it, especially when it isn't your fault!

Pretty much every manufacturer in the spa industry has warranty coverage, though it's important to understand the details of the warranty before you make your purchase.

Every Dream Maker Spa comes with a five-year warranty for the spa shell, a one-year equipment warranty, and a one-year labor warranty for inside and outside your spa.

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Final Verdict - Should I Get A Dream Maker Spa?

If you’re looking for value, affordability, durability, and simplicity, getting a Dream Maker spa is the way to go. Spas can be incredibly expensive, making them fairly far out of reach for most people. Dream Maker Spas give entry-level buyers a chance to enjoy pure relaxation and luxurious features without burning a hole in the wallet.

The majority of online customer reviews point to the fact that this brand is one of the top brands in the spa industry, especially for those who are seeking out high-value tubs for half the price of standard tubs out there.

All you have to do is choose the model that best suits you and it will be delivered to your home! We hope that our Dream Maker hot tub review was helpful in narrowing down your spa buying decision. Good luck!

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