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While some hot tub brands raise concerns about pricing, energy usage, and maintenance, modern hot tubs like Eco Spas have made massive improvements over their outdated predecessors. 

Hot tub company Eco Spa has been busy perfecting their models to fit every budget, space, and individual.

Keep on reading for our Eco Spa hot tub review and find out which of their models will (swim) suit you best!

Eco Spa Prices

While hot tubs are generally notorious for being never ending money pits, Eco Spa's models are designed to break the rules. Featuring five models, each with different dimensions and specs, there is sure to be one suited to your needs and in your price range. 

Even better, each of these hard cover hot tubs comes with a lifetime warranty against structural and hard cover damage, ensuring it's the last spa you'll ever have to buy.

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Eco Spa Models

Eco Spa E1

The folks at Eco Spa have come up with an ingenious naming system.

They started with E1, and went all the way up to E5. And that's it! Nothing more to it.

As you may expect, the E2 seats two adults, the E3 three, and the E4 four.

However, both the E1 and E5 break the trend, with both models seating two.

The E1 is the most basic hot tub they offer, with only 12 massage jets. 

Each of the other models range from 21-23 jets, regardless of capacity. As you'd expect, the two person models have the smallest footprint, but each of these hot tubs with hard cover should be perfectly suited to fit in a variety of yard shapes, sizes, and designs.

Other metrics differing between models is the footprint, gallon capacity, and dry weight. As you can imagine, models which hold more people also hold more water and weigh more.

Model Specifics:





E1: Four Persons

72" x 60" x 30"



360 lbs.

E2: Two Persons

76" x 46" x 33"



350 lbs.

E3: Three Persons

77" x 60" x 33"



470 lbs.

E4: Four Persons

77" x 60" x 33"



475 lbs.

E5: Two Persons

77" x 60" x 33"



475 lbs.

Below you'll find some killer features that all Eco spas share.

Eco Spa Features

Eco Spa E4

No matter which model you choose, you'll get the same great features ensuring your spa experience is the best it can be.

Each Eco Spa features their signature hard spa covers, which is a big deal, as Eco Spa deems itself "the original hard cover spa."

These covers are built to last, able to hold upwards of three hundred pounds, and backed by their killer lifetime warranty.

Additionally, they are mold resistant, completely insulated, and are easily attached with retractable arms, making prepping and shutting down your Eco spas a breeze.

As if you weren't already sold, each of the Eco spa models is designed to be as easy to use as possible, simply order it, fill it up, and plug it in to any standard outlet. It doesn't get much easier than that when it comes to hot tubs. No plumbing, wire routing, or other intensive construction required to start relaxing!

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Every one of the Eco Spa spas comes standard with environmentally friendly Eco Batt insulation, featuring up to five times more insulation than other brands. It's certified environmentally friendly, and one of the only models on the market to receive such recognition. To put icing on the cake, their natural sanitation system drastically cuts back on the hard chemicals necessary to properly maintain the hygiene of other spas, which is great for both your health and the health of your property!

Of course, each Eco spas hot tub is totally customizable, allowing you the freedom to add in extra bells and whistles such as drink trays, ice tray steps, led lighting fixtures, and more. In addition, the Eco Spa web page offers easy access to retailers selling both the spas themselves and accessories.

On top of their environmentally friendly, sturdy hot tubs, Eco spas are some of the best reviewed hot tubs out there. Eco Spa reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with some users reporting using their tub almost every day. In addition, owners of these awesome hot tubs report being pleased with how easy they are to use, how cheap they are to maintain, and how long they seem to hold up to repeated wear and tear.

But Which Should I Get?!

At the end of the day, the right Eco Spa hot tub for you may not be the same as it is for your neighbor.

How many kids do you have? Do you live alone? Small backyard? All of these are factors to consider when choosing between models.

Luckily, no matter which model you end up choosing for your backyard, it's impossible to go wrong with the best hard cover hot tub out there.

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Thanks to their lifetime warranty, excellent craftsmanship, and environmentally friendly spa experience, Eco Spas have cemented themselves as the best hard cover hot tub money can buy. Don't hesitate to get yours today, and bring that elusive, exclusive, and oh so rejuvenating spa experience right into your home.

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Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author