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When people think of hot tub brands that come from big box brands, they tend to think "low quality." 

However, Everlast Spas have a rich history and manufacture some of the highest-quality, budget-friendly hot tubs on the market today. 

Wondering whether or not Everlast is the right choice for your spa needs?

You've come to the right place. We'll explore 4 of their top models and explain all of their best features.

Which one will you choose?

Our top picks for everlast spas
  • 50 jets
  • 6-person capacity
  • Best feature: DURA-LAST cabinetry
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South Hampton
  • 28 jets
  • 4-person capacity
  • Best feature: 120v plug and play operation
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  • 70 jets
  • 6-person capacity
  • Best feature: Noise reduction
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  • 22 jets
  • 6-person capacity
  • Best feature: Energy-Lok Panels
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Who Is Everlast Spas?

One thing to note about Everlast Spas is that the company is a subsidiary of the Strong Spas brand, which is a very popular hot tub company that comes out of Northumberland, PA.

Strong Spas are pretty much exclusively sold in the big box environment and you will often find these models in stores like Sam's Club.

Who Is Everlast Spas

The Everlast website is quite interesting, as it seems sorely out of date or at least has minimal information that doesn't make it very easy for customers to get in-depth info on the hot tubs that they have available. We believe this is likely because Everlast is exclusively sold through Sam's Club, meaning customers can get their information from there instead.

It is not uncommon for exclusive lines or private label lines to be present in the spa industry. Most of the big hot tub manufacturers out there don't want to cannibalize their top-of-the-line brands, many of which sell through independent dealers.

Essentially, bigger brands protect themselves by providing a series of channels for consumers to look at, which can make those who often get buyer's remorse feel a bit more comfortable with their purchase. With Everlast, you don't get those same channels of liability, which leaves it up to consumer reviews or review sites like ours to tell you the truth.

Various Everlast Models


The Stonebridge spas come with top-of-the-line stylings, perfect for those who want to optimize their backyard setting. There is more than enough room for up to six people in the Stonebridge model and tons of high-quality hydrotherapy jets for a wondrous hydrotherapy experinece.

The hydrotherapy from the Stonebridge model is the true selling point, as it can help to reduce muscle aches and melt away the stresses of everyday life.

The two-speed high-output system is wildly powerful and the DURA-LAST cabinet system is made to last so that consumers never have to worry about cosmetic damage, even in harsh weather environments.

Beyond that, you get easy access to the internal components for easy maintenance, noise-reduced operation, and a dual-walled cabinet with closed-cell foam for ultimate insulation.

South Hampton

The South Hampton 28-jet spa model is an excellent choice as well.

It comes with enough oom for up to five adults and focuses mainly on energy-efficiency.

Within the South Hampton model lies 28 powerful and customizable jets, which allow users to create their own spa experience.

One of the best features of this particular spa model is the LED lighting, which you can turn on during the evening to create ambiance like no other.

The hot tub runs using 120/240V plug n play operation so that you never have to worry about adding any special wiring to your home or hiring an electrician to come out and make changes.

The Camabridge hot tub is both stylish and energy-efficient.

It comes with more than enough room to fit up to six adults comfortably and has plenty of mood-enhancing features built-in. 

You'll get to enjoy the power of the two-speed pump operation, which helps to melt away any built-up tension in muscles and joints, as well as the DURA-LAST cabinetry, which combines recyclability and durability.

You'll be happy to know that the Cambridge model comes complete with a lifetime warranty as well, giving you peace of mind over the lifetime of your hot tub.

Similar to the other hot tubs in the lineup, you also get to enjoy noise reduction for quiet operation, easy access to the various hot tub components, and an energy-efficient design, which makes use of a dual-wall cabinet that is filled with closed-cell foam.

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Not only does the closed-cell foam and dual-wall design help keep heat from escaping, even the coldest of environments, but it is also made using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, which is a huge benefit for us here at Yard Sharing, as many companies in the hot tub industry are notoriously non-eco-friendly.

Those looking to spend the least amount of money possible might consider looking at the Rockwell hot tub model.

The Rockwell offers seating for up to six adults at once, though also includes a relaxing lounger, perfect for those who want to soak in and get the best massage experience possible.

The cabinet system on the Rockwell, similar to the other spas on this list, is virtually indestructible. You'll get to enjoy peace of mind for many years while enjoying a powerful hydrotherapy experience from the 22 fixed black poly jets.

The cabinet on this particular model makes use of unique Energy-Lok panels, which provide easy access for when necessary maintenance comes around and energy-efficiency so that you don't end up spending an arm and leg on energy bills, especially during the colder months of the year.

Setting up the Rockwell is an absolute breeze thanks to the 120V design. However, if you want to increase your energy-efficiency, we recommend going with the standard 240V design and figuring out the electrical components beforehand.

One thing to note is that you can equip the Rockwell hot tub with an all-season heater. If you live in places that have extremely cold weather during the winter, having this type of heater in place can help.

Final Verdict - Should I Buy A Hot Tub From Everlast?

Everlast sells some of the best inexpensive spas on the market when compared to other models that come from Big Box stores.

Fans of Sam's Club have even more reason to rejoice these hot tub models thanks to the extremely low prices.

Buying a hot tub can be a serious investment. People often invest thousands of dollars into their hot tubs, which doesn't include the process of delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance. 

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The last thing you want is to finally plug yours in only to find out that it's not all it was chalked up to be. We hope that our review has helped narrow down your next buying decision.

To see all brands, go to our best hot tub brands page. 

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