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With so many hot tub models on the market today, finding one that is high-quality for a good price can be quite difficult. 

That is where Home and Garden Spas comes into play. With energy-efficiency in mind, high-quality jets, and gorgeous lighting, there are plenty of reasons to love Home and Garden.

Come with us as we dig in and explore the ins and outs of these one-of-a-kind spas.

Those who are living in smaller spaces without a ton of additional real estate to place a hot tub should look into the Home and Garden Spas 3-Person HG38.

With its small footprint, it is perfect for couples who want to spend intimate evenings together or those who want a meditative soak all to themselves.

It comes with a total of 38 stainless steel jets and digital Balboa controls to customize the massage experience.

The single energy rite pump utilizes low energy use, though provides high water pressure.

As for the look, this tiny spa exudes luxury thanks to the sterling white spa shell and the mocha-colored cabinets. 

With durable and slip-resistant construction, lucite acrylic materials, and dual-layer fiberglass construction, the tub is incredibly strong. No matter what kind of environment you live in, the tub will retain heat thanks to the thick synthetic cabinets.

The HG38, like many other Home and Garden Spas, comes with a deluxe lockable spa cover. To add to the overall ambiance, there are seven colored underwater LED lights and a built-in ambient waterfall.

Overall, this lounge spa is the perfect choice for those seeking out something a bit more portable.

Home and Garden Spas 5-Person Spa (HG51)

The Home and Garden Spas HG51 Spa comes complete enough room for five adults comfortably.

It includes standard bucket seating and one large lounge chair.

There are a total of 51 jets sprinkled about the tub to provide a full-on, professional massage experience.

Like the HG38, the HG51 comes with digital balboa controls.

There is one energy rite pump for high-performance, low-energy use, and slip-resistant acrylic construction with fiberglass reinforcement for strength.

Even with a fairly inexpensive price tag, the sterling silver spa shell and mocha cabinets give it a luxurious look that is difficult to beat. It also comes with a deluxe lockable cover so that you can keep the hot tub clean and sparkly throughout the years. Plus, it works in tandem with the high-density foam insulation to retain heat in the tub at all times.

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The HG51 is a wonderful choice for most families seeking out hot tub quality and total spa value thanks to its versatile size and feature set.

Moving up a bit in terms of spa size, we have the Home and Garden 6-Person HG71 Hot Tub.

This hot tub model includes 71 high-quality jets, which include a 14-jet massage insert and two 7-jet inserts.

Like the other tubs on this list, it comes with high-quality digital balboa controls to give you full control over the parameters of the tub.

To help keep the hot tub clean at all times, the Home and Garden Spas HG71 Spa comes with a factory-installed ozone system, which keeps the water clean and comfortable on the skin. It offers a bit more pressure thanks to the dual-energy rite pumps, though still offer low energy consumption.

Some of the other neat spa features found on this hot tub include the 7 colored underwater LED lights, the deluxe lockable cover, high-density insulation, mahogany cabinetry with a heat-retaining, synthetic design, and a built-in ambient waterfall.

If you're looking for serious hot tub quality in a design that can fit the whole family at home, the HG71 is a great choice.

Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 90-Jet Spa (HG90)

If you're looking for something a bit more interesting, we recommend checking out the Home and Garden Spas HG90 6-Person Hot Tub with a built-in MP3 auxiliary hookup.

This hot tub provides an innovative design with the latest in hot tub technology.

The 90-person hot tub combines efficiency and comfort with 90 powerful jets that work on the neck, shoulders, calves, and feet.

The controls are very user-friendly, perfect for those who want a spa that is as intuitive as possible to use.

There are five seats overall, one of which is a comfortable lounge seat for when a deep, full-body massage is in the cards.

While the spa jets, seating, lighting, and waterfall features are great, the real thing that sets this tub apart from most on the market is the fact that it comes with an MP3 auxiliary hookup. You can bump this sound system thanks to the two built-in speakers and the single subwoofer.

Of course, the hot tub also comes with the factory-installed ozone system, two LED-lit cup holders, and anti-fungicide spa tubing to keep the hot tub working flawlessly, even after many years of use.

Best Home and Garden Spas Features


Home and Garden Spas utilize energy-efficient designs with economical materials. Every Home and Garden hot tub model makes use of high-density foam insulation that sits throughout the shell of the hot tub. Home and Garden optimizes energy use even further thanks to the closed cabinetry system.

Those who live in colder climates can opt for an economical thermal wrap upgrade, which is rated for up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Plus, most of the Home and Garden hot tub models have a unique two-speed pump, which keeps energy use low when the hot tub is not in use. Compared to a hot tub with a single-speed pump, you will see considerable savings over the lifetime of one of these hot tubs.

Spa Therapy Jets

Beyond the comfortable spa seating found in Home and Garden hot tubs, every hot tub in the lineup is infused with high jet counts and high-quality jets. The company has carefully engineered each hot tub with the proper jets in the proper locations.

With powerful streams of water combined with rotary spa jets, you can get a supreme massage experience. It is super easy to move the directional water jets to target problem areas as well. Each jet can also be turned to control the intensity of the water shooting out.


Home and Garden Spas have tons of cool amenities that all hot tub lovers enjoy. Spa lighting is a huge plus when it comes to hot tubs. With built-in multi-colored LED lights and additional lighting features, such as the back-lit LED waterfall, you'll have everything you need to turn your backyard into a hot tub oasis.

Where Can I Purchase a Home and Garden Spa?

One of the great things about the Home and Garden Hot Tub brand is that you can purchase their spa models from a ton of popular stores, both online and brick-and-mortar. Some of the most popular e-commerce dealers include Amazon, Overstock, Home Depot, Target, Sears, Lowe's, Wayfair, and more.

If you're interested in looking more into the various hot tub dealer locations for Home and Garden hot tubs, you can visit their dealer network on the website here.

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Final Thoughts - Why Should I Buy a Home And Garden Spa?

There isn't anything quite as relaxing as taking a soak in a high-quality hot tub at the day's end. Of course, purchasing a quality hot tub requires a bit of research and thought. It is important that you find the one with the features you want that can fit in your particular space.

Look at the built in-filter, the jets, the LED lighting, the water capacity, and more. Consider why you want a hot tub as well. Some people want pure hydrotherapy while some want a place to hang out with friends and family.

Beyond reading reviews like this one, it is important that you consider customer reviews. You can also speak to your local hot tub dealer to get more information that is specific to your needs.

When it comes to Home and Garden, the brand is all about spa value. Each of their hot tubs makes use of beautiful LED light systems, massage-worthy therapy jets, gorgeous cabinet construction, and spray foam insulation for total heat retention. We highly recommend Home and Garden for any serious hot tub buyer that wants luxury without the large price tag. It is necessary to hire an electrician when it comes to these hot tubs, as they run off of 220v, so do keep that in mind when looking at the overall price.

When it comes to hot tub quality, home and Garden is a winner and we give them 5 stars. 

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Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author