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If you're looking for a great addition to your Indianapolis home, we highly recommend going with a hot tub. Of course, finding the best business to buy a hot tub at can be quite stressful if you don't know where to start.

Luckily, we've done a lot of the hard research for you so that you can shop with peace of mind. Come dive in with us as we explore some of the best hot tub dealers in the Indianapolis area.

You can find just about anything that you are looking for at Royalty Spa.

This business carries a wide variety of hot tubs, swim spas, saunas, float tanks, and baptistries.

The staff at this Royal Spa location is incredibly knowledgeable, helping you with any personal questions that you might have regarding spas and hot tubs.

Do not that you can use the Royal Spa trade-in program if you have an old hot tub that you want to trade for a new one.

If you're in the market for high-end custom swimming pools or hot tubs, then we highly recommend checking out the long list of products from Indianapolis Pool & Spa.

This business is one of the few that has a team of building specialists, who you can work with to build custom spas and pools for your yard.

It should also be noted that Indianapolis Pool & Spa is completely insured, bonded, and licensed per the regulations of the state.

Make sure to head on down to their fantastic showroom to learn more about the kind of customer service they offer.

Another notable high-end spa brand is Angie's Pool & Spa.

If you're looking to customize your spa experience and search through luxury hot tubs in Indianapolis, Angie's offers some of the best ways to do so.

The company carries an extensive list of swimming pool and hot tub models.

One thing we really love about Angie's is the type of care and attention that the staff provides. 

With such an individually-tailored service, you're bound to have a great experience post-purchase.

Regardless of your price range, the team at Angie's can help you find the right spa while working out the details of city codes and permits.

Expect to find a wide variety of quality services through Terry Pool Co.

From repairs to maintenance to delivery to purchasing, Terry Pool does it all.

Whether you're looking to buy a budget-friendly hot tub or a high-end pool, Terry Pool Co can help.

The great thing about Terry Pool Co is that the company offers both residential and commercial installations.

Plus, with such a long history in the business, as well as extensive knowledge surrounding Indianapolis codes and laws, you're bound to have a great experience shopping here.

Jensen's Pools & More stocks a wide range of hot tubs and swim spas.

Whether you're looking for an ultra-affordable hot tub model or a high-end swim spa model, they have units in a range of prices for just about any customer.

One unique thing about Jensen's is that one of the company's services includes swimming pool installation.

Beyond that, you can give them a general service call regarding pumps, filters, or water care as well.

Selecting the right hot tub for your backyard is much easier with a company like Jensen's behind you.

Factors To Know When Buying In Indianapolis


One of the very first things that you will need to decide on before you purchase a hot tub is the price. Prices can vary quite a bit in Indianapolis. On the low end, you can expect to find an affordable hot tub for about $3,000. Of course, this hot tub won't come with extensive features, though it will give you the basic elements for relaxation and hydrotherapy.

In the case that you want a hot tub with all of the latest bells and whistles, you can expect to spend up to $20,000 at least. However, it is worth noting that cheaper hot tubs typically cost you more to run over the course of time, as they are not as energy-efficient. A high-end, energy-efficient hot tub should only cost you around $1 per day to run.

Some more expensive features that you can expect to find on higher-end hot tubs include customized control panels, color customization, interior LED lighting, Bluetooth audio systems, new-age water care.


You want your Indianapolis hot tub or swim spa to be made of strong materials, as the water in the city can be quite sporadic. Looking at high-quality acrylic hot tubs that can hold up to blistering cold winters or hot, dry summers.

Depending on your location, you may even consider placing your hot tub under some sort of protecting awning or covering so that it stays out of the sun, snow, and rain throughout the year. In doing so, you'll be able to use your hot tub no matter the time of year.

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Indianapolis residents may not install hot tubs in their front yard according to local regulations. Hot tubs installed in the backyard must be in an enclosure, which can be anything from a pool cover to a fence. Any gates must have a self-latching design to keep pets and children safe.

You will also need to get a structural permit if you plan on installing a hot tub that is more than 15 feet wide and 30 inches deep. Hot tubs that are 15 feet wide and 18 inches deep require improvement in location permits. To learn more about the permitting regulations in Indianapolis, make sure to check out the Indiana Building Standards and Permits.


The size of hot tub that you decide to buy should be based on how many people you plan on having in it at once, as well as the space that you have available. If you plan on using your hot tub while friends and other guests are around, having a large hot tub with room for anywhere from eight to ten people might be helpful. You might also consider adding some unique entertainment features to create a great experience.

However, if your plan is to use your hot tub for intimate evenings alone with a loved one, or for pure hydrotherapy and relaxation, then a much smaller spa that fits anywhere from two to three people might be ideal.

Final Thoughts - Finding the Right Indianapolis Hot Tub

If you want to enhance your backyard space in Indianapolis, we highly recommend that you install a hot tub or swim spa. Hot tubs and swim spas are plentiful throughout the Indianapolis area, though finding the right location to purchase a high-quality unit can be difficult without the right guide.

We're here to help you obtain a quality yet affordable spa so that you can have a great experience at home. If you're interested in checking out some spas in the area, make sure to start with these brands above and pay a visit to a local showroom to get more information on prices, delivery, installation cost, and more. 

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