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The beauty of owning a hot tub in Kansas City is that you can use it throughout the year. With warm weather in summer and cold weather in the winter, there are plenty of ways to enjoy hot tubs. Of course, finding the right place to buy a hot tub in Kansas City can be quite difficult considering there are so many dealers out there.

Luckily, we've done a lot of the hard research for you. If you're looking for the best Kansas City hot tubs available on the market, we're here to help.

Come dive in with us as we explore some of the best hot tub businesses in Kansas City, as well as a few things you might want to consider before making your final purchase.

Aqua Blue Designs is one of the most diverse spa and pool companies in the Kansas City, MO area.

You'll find a wide range of high-quality brands, including Leisure Pools, Viking Pools, and AquaCal pools.

The company even carries a variety of Royal Spas, which are completely custom. Whatever features or add ons you are looking to take advantage of, you'll find it at Aqua Blue Designs.

The selection at Swim Things is one thing that draws so many customers into the store.

You'll find a huge selection of Bullfrog Spas, which is one of our favorite spa brands on the market today.

Bullfrog has a unique, customizable JetPak system, which allows you to build your own hydrotherapy experience.

There is not another manufacturer on the market that has something quite like this.

You'll also find a wide range of accessories available at Swim Things, all of which are made to complement spas.

You can order your unit completely custom too, though it is worth noting that these orders typically take anywhere from two to three weeks to complete.

If you're looking for complete custom assistance from start to finish, we highly recommend going to Above And Beyond.

This company supplies locals with a wide variety of hot tubs, including standard hydrotherapy hot tubs to swim spas fit for Olympic athletes.

The showroom at Above & Beyond is one of the best in the area too, with gorgeous displays that help you to get the most information about a particular model before you buy.

You'll find a full line of brands and models with various benefits to look through, which within you're guaranteed to find the right fit.

If you look at Above & Beyond reviews, you can see that many customers report incredible customer service. Above & Beyond can work directly with you to find out what it is you need in a hot tub. Make sure to ask about delivery and installation services when you visit.

#4 Peppers Pool and Spa

Peppers Pool and Spa offers its customers weekly specials and has plenty of fun and stylish units to pick from.

This company also provides people with financing on the entire purchase, perfect for those who cannot afford to buy the perfect hot tub upfront.

If you find the unit that you are looking for at a lower price elsewhere, they will pay the difference.

If you're looking for used spas or swim spas, you can find them at Peppers for a much lower price. You may also sell or trade-in one of your older units to get credit for a new one.

Factors To Know When Buying In Kansas City


One of the very first things that you will probably need to consider when looking for hot tubs in Kansas City is the pricing. At the low end, you can find hot tubs for around $2,7000. These models will likely be inflatable or portable models, and will probably not come with all of the high-end features that you would expect from top-notch spas, such as LED lighting, ozone cleaning systems, or Bluetooth audio. However, you will still have access to basic hydrotherapy features and comfortable seating.

On the high end, you can expect to spend up to $15,000 or more for a regular spa. In this price range, you will have access to all of the latest and greatest in spa technology.

Remember, the initial purchase of a spa is not the only cost you will incur. You need to consider delivery costs, installation costs, landscaping costs, and the cost of any necessary accessories and chemicals.

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While the weather is pretty mild throughout the year in Kansas City, you should consider getting some protection for your hot tub. During the fall, leaves and debris are plentiful. If you don't make sure to cover your hot tub up, these leaves and debris will probably make their way into the water, leaving you with a dirty hot tub, clogged filters, and potential problems in the future.

Not only should you make sure to get a hot tub cover, but you should even consider getting some sort of overhead covering for your hot tub. It will protect the materials and components of your spa as well.


If you are a resident of Kansas City or any surrounding area, you will need to get a permit to install a spa or swim spa. To learn more about the permitting process, make sure to head on over to the city website. Some of the included surrounding areas are Olate, Leawood, Shawnee, and Overland Park.

Make sure that you talk to your spa dealer to get more information about any local rules or regulations that could potentially affect your ability to install your spa.


Finding the right size for your new unit is incredibly important. While some people buy spas to enjoy relaxation or relief for sore muscles, many people buy them so that they can have a unique way to spend time with friends and family. You need to ask yourself before purchasing,

How many people do I plan on having inside my tub at one time?

From Marquis Spas to Master Spas to American Whirlpool to Jacuzzi, there are so many brands with so many different sizes to choose from.

Final Thoughts - Finding Hot Tubs In Kansas City

Kansas City's spa game is on point. With so many businesses in the area, you'll have an easy time finding spas, swim spas, in-ground pools, and other outdoor accessories. Finding the right dealer and brand brings you one step closer to relaxation. Whether you're looking to melt the stress away with hydrotherapy jets or have more fun with the family, there are so many benefits of owning a quality tub.

One business might specialize in something particular compared to another, so it's important to call ahead of time to find out more about the type of service they offer, the hours their showroom is open, and whether or not they offer financing. We hope that this little guide to Kansas City hot tubs was helpful in narrowing down your search. Good luck and happy hot tubing!

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