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One way that a lot of Reno locals relax is with their own hot tubs. Of course, finding the right hot tub dealer that can provide you with the model of your dreams can be quite difficult if you've never purchased a hot tub before. Plus, finding the right dealer often requires hours of research, which you might simply not have time for.

Luckily, we've done a lot of the difficult research for you.

If you want to learn more about where to find the best hot tub dealers in Reno, NV, then continue reading.

If you're looking to browse a wide selection of high-quality hot tubs and swim spas, make sure to head on down to Hot Tub Superstore.

This family-owned store offers some of the best prices in the Reno, NV area.

Dan, the owner, has been in the business for a very long time and has great relationships with the manufacturers.

You can find a local price that is far different from a price you would find online.

While the store only appeared in the Reno, NV area back in 2015, the team there has years of experience in the business and is very knowledgeable when it comes to helping customers find the right perfect hot tub or swim spa for their needs.

The Spa and Sauna has quite a history in the Reno, NV area, as it had been around since 1990.

The store offers both in-store and virtual shopping, though we highly recommend visiting their showroom to take a close look at all of the models that they have to offer.

The store offers a wide lineup of Caldera spas and portable spas, perfect for a wide range of budgets and needs.

The showroom also offers the largest display and selection of infrared saunas on the north side of Nevada.

Beyond spas and pools, you will also find a variety of outdoor equipment and accessories, such as bars, stools, pool tables, and much more.

Hot Spring Spas is one of the most popular spa manufacturers around today, which is why so many customers enjoy having close access to the company's many high-end models at this location.

Reno Hot Spring Spas was established back in 1990 and has been supplying the area with Hot Spring Spa models ever since.

They even offer virtual backyard consultations and virtual showroom tours for those who don't want to go and visit their showroom in person. You can even go on their website and check out actual prices for a new hot tub instead of having to deal with your typical hot tub sales tactics.

The in-house service department is equipped to repair all Hot Spring Spas, though they can also repair and revive Limelight Spas, Hot Spot Spas, Freeflow Spas, and Tiger River Spas. Reno Hot Spring Spas is a great choice for just about anyone looking for a versatile and experienced local dealer in Reno or near South Lake Tahoe.

Whether you're in Reno, Sparks, or Lake Tahoe, we highly recommend checking out Creative Hot Tub Designs.

You'll find some of the most luxurious hot tub designs here, as well as several hot tub accessories.

This local dealer is completely family-owned and operated and has been in the industry since 1979. Finding the right hot tub is easier than ever with this experienced team.

A look at the reviews shows that they provide excellent customer service as well.

From hot tubs to swim spas and beyond, Creative Hot Tub Designs is a great store location for just about any spa product or water care needs.

Factors To Know When Buying In Reno


One of the first things that you will likely have to consider when purchasing a hot tub in Reno is the price. Do note that there are tons of models and dealers out there, perfect for just about any budget. At the low end, you can expect to spend around $3,000 for a hot tub. Of course, you won't get access to a lot of the high-end features, including LED lighting, Bluetooth audio, or ozone cleaning systems, though you will get access to basic hydrotherapy and comfortable seating.

On the high end, you can expect to spend around $18,000 for a hot tub in Reno. You'll only find quality hot tubs in this price range, most of which are packed with the latest and greatest in spa technology.

Remember, you will also have to account for the cost of delivery, installation, and any additional accessories and supplies that you will need to get your hot tub up and running.

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While most low-end hot tubs and swim spas are made with rotomolded plastic, you may want to consider upgrading to a more durable material, such as acrylic. Not only is acrylic much stronger than rotomolded plastic, but it is also much more energy-efficient. During the hot summers, you won't have to worry about harsh UV rays damaging your shell material, as acrylic is UV-resistant.

You may even want to consider installing your hot tub on the underside of an overhead shelter. In doing so, you'll be able to protect it from the harsh heat of the summer.


There aren't many local factors to consider when searching for the right spa or swim spa except for permitting.

The great thing about buying hot tubs in Reno is that the city goes by the national code, meaning you probably won't have to worry about getting a permit unless you are doing some type of serious construction. According to the standard building code, an above-ground pool that is installed in a single-family residence does not require a permit as long as the water capacity is not greater than 5,000 gallons.

Most hot tubs are well under the 5,000-gallon mark. Of course, if you decide to install an in-ground hot tub or pool, the need to get a permit might present itself. You can find out more information about permits and building codes on the Reno city website.

It is very important, however, that you leave enough room to build a fence on all open sides of your hot tub where there is access. This fence must be at least 48" high and come with a self-latching mechanism that prevents children and pets from entering unattended.

Final Thoughts - Looking For Hot Tubs In Northern Nevada

Hot tubs and swim spas provide incredible health benefits. Whether you're in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Spanish Springs, Incline Village, Lake Tahoe areas, or other surrounding areas, we highly recommend checking out these store locations above to get started on your spa buying journey.

Make sure to check customer reviews to learn more about the services each store offers, such as delivery and installation costs. You're one step closer to pure relaxation and bliss. Happy hot tubbing! 

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