Hot Tubs Under $1,000

If you're looking for a budget-friendly hot tub, there are plenty of hot tubs under $1,000 out there, all of which are made of inflatable materials.

The great thing about inflatable hot tubs is that they are easy to transport, easy to use, and just as accommodating as their hard shell cousins.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market and compare their various functions and features.

Best Hot Tubs Under $1,000

Intex 77" PureSpa 6-person Hot Tub

Intex is a company that is very well known for making high-quality inflatable products, ranging from inflatable air mattresses to kayaks to swimming pools and beyond.

The Intex 77" PureSpa is one of the best-selling inflatable hot tubs in the company's lineup with more than enough room for six people and a quick-inflating design. 

It comes with a softening system that helps treat hard water, keeping your hot tub experience as clean and smooth as possible.

The hot tub also comes with two filter cartridges to keep your water clean at all times. The included ground cloth is perfect for placing underneath the hot tub to help with heat retention at the hot tub's base. You can fill the hot tub up to 290 gallons, which seems like a lot, though it also heats up to maximum heating in as little as 24 hours, which is impressive for an inflatable hot tub model.

You can soak in with a top-notch bubble massage thanks to the included 140 bubble jets. The 1.1 HP air blower provides a far more powerful massage than one would initially expect. It should also be noted that the Intex 77" PureSpa hot tub is ultra-durable thanks to its high-strength polyester design. You'll never have to worry about your hot tub breaking or warping under pressure. The hot tub can be used outdoors, no matter what kind of climate you live in.

Lastly, this particular portable hot tub comes with an intuitive control panel, which you can use to activate various functions of the hot tub, including the temperature and the bubble jets. Overall, the Intex 77" PureSpa hot tub hits all the right marks with its high-quality features and functionality, making it one of the best hot tubs on the market below $1,000.

4-Person Coleman Square SaluSpa

The Coleman Square Saluspa inflatable hot tub is perfect for those seeking out a unique design. Thanks to the square design, it is much easier to fit into a standard backyard environment.

You have more than enough room for four people in this inflatable hot tub too.

Thanks to the lightweight design, you can easily empty it and move it anywhere you please.

Set up is a breeze with the Coleman Square SaluSpa 4-person hot tub. 

Simply inflate it and use your garden hose to fill it to the brim with water. The heating process for this hot tub is surprisingly quick. You'll be able to get in and enjoy your soak in as little as 24 hours. For an incredible hydrotherapy experience, you can enjoy the 114 jets found in this inflatable hot tub.

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Onboard the Coleman Square SaluSpa 4-person hot tub, you will find a digital control panel, which allows you to adjust the temperature to your liking. As for the accessories that come with this hot tub, you get a dual pack of filter cartridges, a chemical floater, and a durable hot tub cover to help with heat retention and safety. It even has an integrated power system, which can help you to cut back on energy costs, not something you see in many inflatable hot tubs out there. The on/off timer allows you to choose when you want the water to begin heating up.

When it comes to comfort and ease, the Coleman Square SaluSpa is a wonderful choice with a unique square shape that is difficult to find elsewhere.

For those who enjoy the Coleman brand, though want to stick with a more traditional-style hot tub shape, we recommend going with the Coleman Round SaluSpa 4-person hot tub.

You'll get to enjoy room for up to four adults at once, as well as 60 integrated air jets, which work to provide a relaxing hydrotherapy experience.

The hot tub is very easy to inflate thanks to the air pump that Coleman provides.

Thanks to the rapid heating system, you can heat your hot tub within 24 hours and get to use it as soon as possible. As you might expect, Coleman, being the reputable outdoor equipment company that it is, prioritized construction with this SaluSpa. The 3-ply PVC construction is incredibly durable. Paired with the sturdy I-beam design, you get complete stability on the sides of the hot tub, allowing you to sit and soak your feet if you choose.

Even with its sturdy design, the hot tub is very lightweight. Using the integrated handles on the side, you can easily move your hot tub anywhere in the backyard that you choose.

The digital control panel gives you access to the jets and the temperature controls so that you can enjoy a soak that will keep your body completely relaxed at all times. Besides the hot tub, Coleman also provided some high-quality accessories to enhance your experience, including the inflatable hot tub cover, two filter cartridges for keeping your water clean, and a chemical floater.

The hot tub floor has built-in cushioning so that you can sit and feel comfortable, perfect for a deep soak. One of the main selling points of this tub is the fact that it comes with a drain valve, which makes the emptying process easier than ever.

What To Look For In An Inflatable Spa Under $1,000


Seating capacity and water capacity don't always go hand-in-hand. A portable spa may have a higher water capacity without enough room for the whole family to enjoy based on its design. You need too decide whether you are looking for a larger hot tub that the whole family can enjoy, or a smaller hot tub, such as the Coleman SaluSpa, that is not built for a large family, but rather a smaller group or couple.


There are many features to consider when it comes to buying a hot tub.

If you have any interest in hydrotherapy, you may want to consider the quality of the built-in air jets or bubble massage features.

A spa with air jets should be able to provide hydrotherapy that the whole family can enjoy, perfect for healing sore muscles and joints.

You may also want to look for a spa with a rapid heating system that can get the water temperature to the optimal point quickly and keep the water warm for long periods.

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Lastly, you should look for a spa with a solid water treatment system. From filters to chemical floaters, there are plenty of elements that go into a typical water treatment system, which will help keep your portable hot tub clean.

Final Thoughts - Finding the Best Inflatable Spa for Under $1,000

Shopping for cheap hot tubs can be quite difficult, especially if you are on a serious budget. The last thing you want is to regret your purchase. The good thing is, there are plenty of high-quality inflatable spa models and portable spa models out there for under $1,000, which you can enjoy. 

Regarding costs, you may want to check out our hot tub prices article, which covers various price ranges, or our how much does it cost to run a hot tub page. 

Tyler Connaghan

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