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You may have seen Hudson Bay Spas models mentioned in hot tub forums around the Internet, though are these models the right choice for you?

Hudson Bay is known for providing consumers with high-performance, plug and play spas that utilize the power of 220v spas with the energy consumption and convenience of a portable tub. 

If you’re looking for a spa on the inexpensive side of the market, stick around as we review 4 of the top spa models from this company. 

Which of these 4 will have all the features that you're looking for?

Our top picks for hudson bay spas
  • Unique triangular shape
  • 2-3 person capacity
  • Best Feature: Durable slip-resistant lucite acrylic
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  • Best for the value
  • 4-5 person capacity
  • Best Feature: Digital balboa controls
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  • Unique round shape
  • 5-person capacity
  • Best Feature: Sleep mode
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  • Biggest model in the lineup
  • 5-6 person capacity
  • Best Feature: Energy Rite Pump
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Hudson Bay Spas Pricing

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself,

“Okay, how much can I expect to spend on one of these Hudson spas?”

Well, the beauty of Hudson Bay spas is that they are incredibly affordable.

Of course, it does depend on where you buy your Hudson Bay hot tub from, as prices do vary by dealer.

With that said, their prices start at $2,500, and you shouldn’t expect to spend any more than $6,500. 

Even the 6 person hot tub models sit within a fairly modest price range. You can click the button below to check out the latest prices!

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Top Hudson Bay Spa Models

#1 Hudson Bay Spas HB14C

Top Features:

  • Digital Balboa Controls
  • Durable Slip resistant lucite acrylic
  • Multi layer fiberglass reinforcement
  • Underwater LED light system
  • Built-in waterfall
  • Plugs into standard 110v outlet

The Hudson Bay Spas HB14C spa is unique thanks to its triangular shape. It comes with high-quality stainless steel jets and can fit anywhere from two to three people, perfect for those who are looking for a more intimate tub experience.

It is important to note that while the hot tub fits three people, one of the seats is a bit elevated for those who don’t want to completely indulge in the heat.

Hudson Bay spas come with synthetic cabinetry that is maintenance-free, making them incredibly convenient tubs to deal with. Plus, the pressure-treated base frame ensures durability. You’ll love the fact that the Hudson Bay Spas HB14C spa requires almost no assembly.

All you truly have to do is remove one of the panels to retrieve the power cord.

To keep the tub warm, Hudson Bay Spas has included spray foam insulation. No matter what kind of environment you live in, you won’t have to worry about your Hudson Bay tub taking forever to heat up. Of course, it does come with an insulated cover as well, which should definitely be put to use in the colder months. 

Overall, the Hudson Bay HB14C is the perfect choice for smaller homes or condos, especially for those who don’t plan on using their hot tub to entertain.

#2 Hudson Bay Spas HB15

Top Features:

  • Digital Balboa Controls
  • Plugs into standard 110v outlet
  • Energy-efficient consumption
  • White shell with mocha cabinets
  • Durable slip resistant lucite acrylic
  • Multi layer fiberglass reinforcement
  • Underwater LED light system
  • Anti-fungicide tubing
  • Waterfall

The Hudson Bay Spas HB15 spa comes with 14 jets in total. When broken down, that is three personal jets for each of the four people that can fit in the tub. The jets are made out of high-quality stainless steel to keep them in good condition for many years, allowing you to soak in and enjoy the underwater massage experience alone or with friends and family.

The cabinets on this model are made from synthetic mahogany and are made to provide a natural look to any backyard. The Hudson Bay Spas HB15 spa uses a 1000/1500 watt heater that takes about eight hours to get up to 100 degrees. There are three heat settings to take advantage of as well.

The thing that sets the Hudson Bay Spas HB15 spa apart from the other tubs is the LED light system, which is controlled by remote. Due to the weight of the tub, which sits around 550 pounds, we recommend placing it atop wooden pallets instead of soft terrain, such as grass. 

It comes with everything you need to get started, including the pump, hosing, shell, filter, etc., though you will need to buy your own chemicals. Similar to the Hudson Bay Spas HB14C spa, the Hudson Bay Spas HB15 spa model is very easy to install, as it comes pre-built. 

Overall, it is an excellent mid-range choice for those who want to possibly entertain others, though still want to keep things fairly compact.

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Top Features:

  • Runs With Digital Balboa Controls
  • Plugs into standard 110v outlet
  • One energy Rite pump
  • White shell with mocha cabinets
  • Deluxe lockable safety cover
  • Seven-color underwater LED light
  • Built-in waterfall

Taking it a step up, this round Hudson Bay Spas tub is made to fit up to five people comfortably. There are 14 stainless steel jets that sit inside the Hudson Bay Spas HB21O spa, all of which sit in the perfect spots for a therapeutic massage.

The tub has a maximum water temperature of 104 degrees to keep you and your family safe and comes with a heater that has multiple settings. You can use Economy mode, which heats the water only when the filter cycle is on.

The Hudson Bay Hudson Bay Spas HB21O spa, just like the other models on this list, come with “Sleep Mode”, which keeps energy costs down while the tub is not in use.

The Hudson Bay Spas HB21O spa comes with digital controls placed on an easy-to-use LCD display, as well as a filter and pump and anything else you might need to run it, except for the chemicals. 

The cover is a gorgeous, dark brown that retains its color nicely, even when left in the sun for a bit too long. On a good day, you can expect the water to take about eight hours to reach 100 degrees. Add the foam insulation and lockable cover on top of that and you have a tub that can retain heat nicely as well.

Overall, the Hudson Bay Spas HB21O spa is a very unique hot tub that is perfect for unique spaces, as well as for those who want to entertain.

Top Features:

  • Plus into 110v standard outlet
  • Energy Rite pump for low energy consumption
  • Durable slip resistant lucite acrylic
  • White shell with mocha cabinets
  • Built-in waterfall
  • Seven-color LED light feature

One of the bigger models in the Hudson Bay Spas lineup is the Hudson Bay Spas HB29 spa, which is made to fit up to six people. You can expect this tub to take a bit longer to heat up compared to the others due to its size, though once it is fully heated, you can get the party started!

Even though it sits at 645 pounds, the installation is fairly easy as long as you have a few extra hands on deck. This model also has 19 jets compared to the others that have only 14.

The jets are very powerful too, perfect for those who want to take in the full hydrotherapy experience. You and your friends will be able to hang out while working out the knots from day to day stress.

The Hudson Bay Spas HB29 spa comes with a high-quality digital control system, mocha cabinets, a seven-color underwater LED lighting system, a built-in waterfall, and much more. If you have a large family or you are looking to use your hot tub to entertain, we highly recommend checking out the HB29. 


Where Are Hudson Bay Hot Tubs Made?

One important thing to note is that Hudson Bay Spas hot tubs are made in the good old U.S. of A.

You know that you’re getting a high-quality product when it is made on American soil.

In particular, the company is headquartered in Tennessee. 

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Why Buy a 110V Hot Tub?

Hudson Bay Spas are 110V models, which is a lot of what separates them from other tubs on the markets.

110V hot tubs are excellent in that they are self-contained. You can simply plug them into any standard outlet in or outside of your home and get them going. You don’t need to call an electrician or set up any additional wiring. This will save you a fair amount of time and money.

Final Verdict - Are Hudson Bay Spas Any Good?

When it comes to convenience and ease-of-use, Hudson Bay spas are at the top of the game. Yes, Hudson Bay spas may not be as feature-packed as some other spas out there, though they are easy to install, require little to no maintenance, and last for years without any problems. 

From underwater LED lighting to slip resistant lucite acrylic cabinets and beyond, there are many things to love about Hudson Bay Spas hot tub models.

You buy a hot tub to bring relaxation into your life, not to add more stress to it. With a Hudson Bay hot tub, you get simplicity and sanctuary. What more can you ask for?

If you're ready to purchase your own spa, or if you would like to price shop for the absolute lowest quotes, fill out the free questionnaire below! We provide quotes from dealers in your area based on what you're looking for in a spa! Start today!

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