Large Hot Tubs

Go big or go home.

Some people live and die by that motto. If you can't have the biggest and best, then why have anything at all?

Today we're going to dive in and check out the 5 best large hot tubs on the market, ranging from 6-7-person hot tub models, all the way up to the big mamas and papas in the 12-person range.

If you're ready to find out more about some of the biggest and baddest hot tub models on the market today, then continue reading!

The 5 Best Models

Jacuzzi is someone of a household name when it comes to hot tubs. The J-485 is a large and in charge model that can fit up to 7 people depending on the seating arrangement.

With high-back seating and neck-to-toe muscle relief, it is the perfect choice for those who want the full hydrotherapy experience.

The J-485 comes with corner accent lighting, stunning ProFinish cabinetry, and an extra-wide waterfall with LED mood lighting , which provides the relaxing sensation of water cascading down the neck.

Out of all the 7 person hot tubs, one unique element found on this model is the low-profile foot dome, which works to ease cramps in the feet using a variety of PowerPro jets. This large hot tub is an excellent choice for families who want an open seating design and high-quality features.

For something a little smaller, see our 5 person hot tub and 6 person hot tub page. 

Master Spas TS 8.25 8-Person Spa

While Master Spas might be known for its long line of Michael Phelps-endorsed swim spas, the brand also crafts some of the best large hot tubs on the market today.

The Master Spas TS 8.25 hot tub is the roomier older brother of the award-winning TS 8.2 hot tub.

It replaces the lounge seat with additional, bucket-style seating.

The hot tub comes with colorful LED lights, quality foam insulation, MasterBlaster food therapy, and an optional sound system for those who want to break out the jams during a soak.

This large 8 person hot tub model makes use of EcoPur filtration, which uses a mineral-based design to make water care as easy as possible. The jets use Master Spas bio-magnetic therapy technology to target problem areas and reduce inflammation. Pair that with the cluster of jets in the footwell and this particular spa takes the cake in terms of hydrotherapy.

Stepping it up even further to a 9 person hot tub is when things really start to get BIG! 

Our favorite is this massive hot tub model from Hydropool known as the Titan.

This unique, self-cleaning hot tub holds a Muskoka-style chair, a never-float lounger, and eight additional seats for guests and family.

At the foot of the hot tub is a volcano-style jet system, which targets problem areas on the feet and legs.

For ease of entrance and exiting, Hydropool built non-slip steps directly into the interior.

While these features are great, the flagship feature of the Titan 9-Person Spa is the self-cleaning system, which removes debris from the surface and bottom of the hot tub every 15 minutes.

This hot tub system boasts 70 stainless steel jets, which are completely adjustable and allow for a high-volume, hydrotherapy exzperience. Those seeking out a large hot tub that can still provide uniquely deep massages should look deeper into the Hydropool Titan.

Bullfrog Spas M9 10-Person Spa

Bullfrog Spas is unique, as the brand has crafted one of the most innovative jet systems on the market today.

The built-in JetPak system allows users to customize their own massage experience by integrating unique JetPak seating options into the tub.

This 10 person hot tub gives consumers all of that while throwing in additional comfort, intuitive water care, and unbelievable seating capacity. 

Beyond all of that, the aesthetics of the M Series are absolutely stunning, perfect for just about any modern or contemporary backyard environment.

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There are plenty of great accessories to look into with the M9 hot tub as well, including integrated in-spa surround sound, M Series Steps, a CloudControl2 Wi-Fi Module, and the SwimDek package, which puts low-profile cushioning in and around the spa for additional comfort.

There is no doubt that Bullfrog is one of the most innovative hot tub companies out there and this 10-Person spa is a testament to that sentiment.

Sun Spas Saint Moritz 12-Person Spa

While most 12 Person hot tubs are technically moving into the territory of swim spas, the Sun Spas Saint Moritz 12-Person hot tub stays true to its nature.

Unlike large swim spas, which provides high-powered current jets, the Saint Moritz 12-Person spa retains a traditional jet system with 132 high-quality stainless steel jets.

Even though it is labeled as a 12-person hot tub, this particular model can fit up to 14 people, making it one of the largest hot tubs on the market today.

With a one HP pump and 10 HP of power, it is one of the strongest large hot tubs on the list, sure to exceed any expectations any hot tub aficionado would have. Beyond the fact that the hot tub has such a top-of-the-line jet system, it is wildly inexpensive for what consumers receive, perfect for those on a budget. Some of the extra features include LED lighting, an ozone filtration system, and Balbo digital controls.

Searching for the Best Large Hot Tub

The market for hot tubs can seem quite overwhelming at first, as there are so many products to choose from and so many spa manufacturers to compare.

Of course, there are some bold buyers out there who are ready to go big or go home with one of these extra-large hot tubs.

Yes, size matters, though it is also important to seek out the best models that can provide the best spa experience for the big investment. 

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Those looking to take their hot tub needs a step further might consider purchasing a swim spa instead, as swim spas typically fit eight or more people while giving users a combination of relaxation and fitness for those who want to integrate exercise into their soaking routine.

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author