Largest Swim Spa

Sometimes, bigger is better.

If you've been scouring the market for the biggest swim spa, then we've got you covered. We've looked high and low for the largest swim spas available, and though many exist, there is one to rule them all.

Today, we're going to dive in and talk a bit about the Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa from Integrity Spas.

The Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa - 25-Foot Swim Spa

The Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa is one of the biggest swim spas in the industry today in terms of length.

This 17-person swim spa sits at over 25' long and 5' tall, making it perfect for larger spaces.

Users can enjoy the four cutting-edge Turbo Swim Jets, all of which are powered using a 6 horsepower pump.

The jets push 237 gallons of water into a powerful current each minute.

Of course, as with most swim spa models on the market, you can easily adjust the jets on the Jamaican Extreme if you're looking for a gentler stream. 

For times that you'd like to perform some resistance exercises, jog in place, or hang out, having these pump controls for the swimming lane is incredibly helpful. For a swimmer looking to get a good stroke workout in, it is very easy to adjust the current to provide a serious swimming challenge.

Once you have gone through your exercise within the swim spa portion, you can move your way down to the hot tub portion of the unit from the swim area, which sits on the opposite end. Here, you will enjoy all of the standard features of a hot tub, including hydrotherapy massage seating. The jets are perfectly placed to rejuvenate sore muscles and joints.

As for aesthetics, there are plenty of looks you can go for. For the cabinet, you can choose between three colors, including Coastal Grey, Mahogany, and Redwood. Pair that with the built-in LED lighting and you can create a semblance of rustic and modern styles.

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Of course, as one of the biggest models on the market today with some of the top fitness and relaxation features, this swim spa does not come cheap. As of right now, Integrity Spas is selling the Jamaican Extreme for around $28,000. You can choose to add a Wi-Fi module to the swim spa for an extra $300 as well, which allows you to control different features from outside the swim spa, including the circulation pump, temperature controls, and more.

Overall, if you're in looking for a massive swim spa that is just as big as your average swimming pool and has room for the entire family to enjoy, then the Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa might just be the perfect choice.

What Sizes Do Regular Swim Spas Come In?

On the small end, you can find swim spa models for around 10-11 feet.

You get tons of capacity in a much smaller space than the largest swim spas available on the market can provide.

Swim spas in the smaller range typically have next to 50 jets and come with room for the entire family to enjoy.

Moving a step up, you can find medium swim spas that run anywhere from 12-16 feet.

The best swim spa manufacturers often refer to these models as "trainers" or "fitness models". 

More often than not, they come with hydrotherapy jets, a large swimming lane, and room for extra equipment, such as treadmills or rowing machines.

A step up from that comes large swim spas, which typically run anywhere from 17-18 feet. Typically, there are multiple water flow options in these models, which help create the feeling of a real swimming pool. The beauty of having a swim spa with all of this extra space is that you can easily throw parties with tons of people and still have space to swim around.

Lastly, you have extra-large swim spas, which run anywhere from 19-21 feet. Beyond the Jamaican Extreme, these are some of the largest swim spas available on the market. many swim spa manufacturers refer to these as "Olympic" swim spas. More often than not, they utilize dual temperature controls. With dual temperature controls, you can keep the swimming area nice and cool for exercise and heat the hot tub area up independently to a piping 104 degrees for ultimate relaxation.

Best Swim Spa Manufacturers

Most of the companies that manufacture swim spas also manufacture hot tubs or pools. Here are a few of our favorite manufacturers in the spa industry:

Final Thoughts - Should You Buy A Large Swim Spa?

Swim spas are seeming taking over the pool and spa industry.

Not only are they wonderful for exercise, but they are also great for people who are looking for comfort and relaxation.

They have all of the best features of hot tubs and swimming pools. However, they are more versatile than hot tubs and don't take up as much space as pools.

Trying to find the right size swim spa can be difficult. You need to decide how many people will be using it, what kind of workout routines you want to get into, the length of your space, and whether you want a separate hot tub portion or not.

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All of these factors play into the size of a swim spa. Plus, if you want to add additional features in your backyard, such as safety steps, a towel bin, or fencing, you will need to account for those things as well.

Answering the few quick questions below will allow us to match you with the best swim spa quotes in your area. Start today! We save shoppers tons of time on pricing research by bringing the lowest quotes directly to consumers.

Tyler Connaghan

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