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For more than 80 years, the La-Z-Boy company has been at the forefront of quality and comfort. But what many people don't know is that La-Z-Boy brought its comfortable underwater seating to its hot tub collection.

If you're wondering whether La-Z-Boy spas have all the right features for your needs, then come with us as we explore the various collections!


Shell Dimensions

Top Feature


93″ L x 93″ W x 37″D

AquaFlex Massage Technology


86″ L x 86″ W x 37″ D

AquaFlex Massage Technology


89″ L x 89″ W x 37″ D

Acupressure Neck Massage

Acupressure Neck Massage


88″ L x 80″ W x 37″ D

Reflexology Foot Massage


88″ L x 72″ W x 36″ D

Lazy Lounge


84″ L x 84″ W x 34″ D

Lazy Lounge

La-Z-Boy Hot Tub Prices

La-Z-Boy spas are some of the most high-quality, attractively-priced hot tubs on the market. While the company does not put any prices online, a slight bit of digging can show you that these are entry-level and mid-tier hot tubs, which is reflected by the pricing.

On the low-end, you can expect to spend around $5,995 for a La-Z-Boy hot tub, while on the high-end, you can expect to spend up to $14,995.

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La-Z-Boy Hot Tub Models

Premier Collection

The Dream

The Dream hot tub model is part of the Premier Collection, delivering exclusive AquaFlex Massage Technology that you won't find anywhere else.

So if you're in the market for some high-quality hydrotherapy, then this is one of the best hot tubs around.

This unique technology uses a bubbling customized massage pattern to work magic across your entire body.

There are five seats in The Dream, perfect for smaller families! You'll also find two Reclina seats, zoned manifold air controls, and AquaFlex pumps, making this popular model one of the most well-equipped models on the market today.

The Premier Collection's Fantasy hot tub is an exclusive Reclina-seat tub that is great for melting the stress of the day away.

With a six-person design, this spa is meant to be shared with family and friends.

You get many of the same design characteristics as you do with the above model, all with more room to enjoy yourself.

Signature Collection


The fully-featured Revive hot tub model is part of the Signature Series, delivering all of the legendary quality and comfort that the company is known for.

Some of the iconic features you'll find on the Revive model include Aromatherapy, the Illuminated Waterfall, Reflexology foot massage, Comfort corner, and the Acupressure Neck Massage.

The best thing about the Revive model is that it has room for six and a lounger for added comfort!

With six seats and plenty of room on the inside, this all-inclusive hot tub is one of the best options for families!

There are so many high-end features packed into this comfortable spa that we can only wonder how they sell it at such a fair price.

You'll find all of the top design characteristics in this spa, including a comfortable lounger that's perfect for soaking the troubles of the days away.

In addition, the 51 jets work nicely to help you relax by providing you with a soothing bubble massage.

The Signature Collection's Rejoice tub is a four-person spa that is excellent for couples and empty nesters.

Plus, if you have limited space in your home or backyard, you'll be able to fit this in nicely without feeling cramped.

Even with its portable size, you still get access to the lounger, which provides a full body massage to bring you to a new level of relaxation.

You'll also find 44 water jets and the comfort fit shell for added comfort and durability.

Classic Collection


If you don't want to spend tons of money, then we recommend going with one of La-Z-Boy's entry-level tubs, such as the Rejoice tub (not to be confused with the Rejoice tub from the Signature Collection.

With enough seating for five and a generous footwell for added comfort, it's one of the most amazing compact models on the market!

Looking to relieve a bit of stress after a long day at work?

The Comfort Corner and Lazy Lounger offer a slight bit of escape in this personal private spa. 

One great thing about the Rejoice model is that you can plug it straight into a 120V household electrical outlet to start soaking right away. So there's no need to hire an electrician to rewire your outdoor outlets.

If you're looking for an energy-efficient spa that can deliver reliable hot water, look no further than the Rejoice model.

Benefits & Drawbacks


Excellent Variety of Features

While La-Z-Boy hot tubs are not luxury spas by any means, they are all fully-featured units, perfect for those who want to enjoy the finer things without paying for them. Some of the top features of these spas include the Relaxology foot massage, Acupressure neck massager, comfort fit shell, dual-speed massage jet pumps, and exclusive Reclina seats.

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La-Z-Boy spas make use of energy-efficient materials. While some poorly-made spas can cost you an arm and a leg each month when it comes to energy costs, these spas can be easily enjoyed while only having to fork over a few cents each day to maintain operation.



While La-Z-Boy is known for making high-quality chairs for outside the water, many people note that the seats in these hot tub models aren't all they're hyped up to be. But, of course, comfortable seating is very subjective, which is why we always recommend trying out a hot tub model before you make your final purchase.

Other Noteworthy Brands


Hydropool manufacturers La-Z-Boy's spas, making it a great choice if you don't find exactly what you're looking for here.

In addition, Hydropool emphasizes energy efficiency, with 25% more efficiency than other hot tubs on the market.

Sundance is a massive hot tub manufacturer that has been around since 1979.

They produce five lineups of spas, including classic designs, high-performance designs, and budget-friendly designs.

Sundance is known for its durable shells, perfect for those who live in harsh climates.

If you're in the market for a hot tub with well-rounded functionality, look no further than Sundance.

Why Choose A La-Z-Boy Spa?

La-Z-Boy is a trusted brand name manufacturer that delivers what it promises. Consumers get the entire package with these hot tubs, including hydrotherapy jets for total relaxation and beautiful designs for elevating your backyard aesthetic.

Plus, with entry-level and mid-range prices, it's hard to beat! We highly recommend testing out their hot tub models to get a feel for them. It's time for a refreshing change in your life.

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