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Leisure Bay has been involved in the international hot tub industry for over thirty years. To this day, the company manufactures some of the highest quality spas on the market.

Of course, the question you might have is,

Is a Leisure Bay Hot Tub the right choice for my needs?

Come dive in with us as we find out!


# of Jets


Pump System

7-8 Person


93 x 93 x 41 inches

2 to 3 HP pumps and 1 – 24 hr circulation pump



91 x 91 x 37 inches

2 to 3 HP pumps and 1 – 24 hr circulation pump

4-5 person


80 x 79 x 35 inches

2 to 3 HP pumps and 1 – 24 hr circulation pump



77 x 59 x 31 inches

1 to 3 HP pumps and 1 – 24 hr circulation pump

Leisure Bay Spa Prices

When looking for hot tubs and swim spas online, the first thing we all search for is the price. Unfortunately, as with many other hot tub brands, Leisure Bay does not list prices online. To get a price for one of their hot tub models, you must put in a price request on their website.

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Leisure Bay Hot Tub Models

While there are multiple series under the Leisure Bay Spas umbrella, the Elite Series is one of the most popular. The Elite Series is marketed to the United States and Europe, offering four different hot tubs to choose from. Continue reading below as we highlight the features of these fantastic spas:


The Niagara is a spacious 7-8 person hot tub with 50 Crossfire Jets to fulfill all of your hydrotherapy desires.

If you're in the market for a high-end luxury model that can fit your entire family along with your friends, then there is no better choice in the range of Leisure Bay spas.

Some of the top features found in the Niagara include the Skimmer system, Backlit Cascade Waterfall, Balboa Ozone cleaning system, and ColorShape Digital Lighting System.

If you're looking for a smaller spa that still can host your whole family or a smaller group of friends, then the Cordova is an excellent choice!

Here you'll find 42 Crossfire Jets and more than enough room for six adults.

In addition, the jets are strategically placed for ultimate relaxation.

You'll find many of the same features in the Cordova as you do in Niagara, including the Skimmer system, Backlit Cascade Waterfall, Balboa Ozone cleaning system, and ColorShape Digital Lighting System.

The Hattaras is another reasonably-sized hot tub, perfect for those who don't have tons of room in their backyard yet still want the ability to soak after a long day's work.

This Leisure Bay hot tub can fit anywhere from 4 people to 5 people and comes with 31 strategically placed Crossfire Jets.

The Harbor Cove spa is the smallest hot tub in the collection.

If you're in the market for a hot tub that can provide intimate relaxation, whether alone or with your partner, then this spa is a great choice!

You'll find 16 Crossfire Jets in this model, delivering high-end hydrotherapy massages in the comfortable lounge seating.

Beyond that, the design of this particular 2 person hot tub is absolutely stunning! It'll surely amaze anyone who comes over for a soak.

Benefits & Drawbacks


Luxury Features

Many basic brands on the hot tub market don't offer anything special in terms of quality and new innovations. Leisure Bay Spas is not one of those companies. Instead, you'll find several unique features and types of equipment in their hot tubs, which they've beautified and innovated for your pleasure.

The illuminated waterfalls and LED lighting systems are just a few of our favorite elements Leisure Bay has included in their tubs.


Beyond having a luxury soak, you want to make sure that your hot tub can stand the test of time. Unfortunately, when purchasing cheap, low-quality hot tubs, you often get cheap materials that can't hold up. This is especially true if you live in a place with inclement weather, such as heavy rain or snow.

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Leisure Bay Spas are manufactured with DuraLife plastic casing and TriMatrix construction for the strongest and longest-lasting hot tub on the market. So even if you live in a place where severe weather conditions are common, you'll have peace of mind knowing your spa will be in good condition for many years to come. 

Hydrotherapy Jets

All Leisure Bay Spas come with dozens of jets, providing you with the best spa experience possible. If you suffer from chronic joint pain or arthritis, you'll enjoy hopping in your spa every night to unwind.


Lack of Customization

Leisure Bay Spas does not offer much in terms of customization. You get what you get when you buy a spa from Leisure Bay. Now, of course, that's not necessarily a bad thing. However, many customers like the idea of completely customizing their spas to their personal preferences.

If you're looking for total customization, we recommend checking out one of the brands below.

Other Noteworthy Brands


While ThermoSpas has seven pre-made spa series to choose from, one of the best things about this company is that it offers the chance for consumers to design their own!

ThermoSpas has been manufacturing high-end hot tubs for almost four decades now. To this day, they use patented panels and insulating blankets to line the insides of their hot tub models, providing some of the finest energy efficiency on the market.

No matter if you're looking for a top-tier hot tub model or an affordable model, you'll be able find something that suits you with ThermoSpas.

Sundance is one of the largest hot tub manufacturers on the market.

This company has been building hot tubs since 1979 and has five different lineups for consumers to choose from, including budget-friendly designs, high-performance designs, and classic designs.

They are known for their ultra-durable shell designs, perfect for those who live in harsher climates.

In addition, Sundance provides well-rounded functionality and is one of the best in the business.

Why Choose A Leisure Bay Spa?

Trying to find the perfect spa for you can be a difficult endeavor, especially when you realize how many spas are on the market!

We hope that by reading this Leisure Bay Spas review, you're one step closer to stopping your search and purchasing the tub you've been waiting for.

Leisure Bay Spas offers a premier combination of style, design, and energy efficiency, providing everything you need for a top-of-the-line spa experience. 

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If you need to do some more shopping before making the big decision, visit Best Hot Tubs and Best Hot Tub Brands for a list of other excellent spa manufacturers.

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