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Since 1980, Marquis Spas has delivered some of the highest-quality spas on the market, earning awards and accolades along the way.

However, with so many competitors on the market, is Marquis the perfect choice for you?

That's the question we're here to answer!

Come dive in with us as we explore what the Marquis Spas lineup is all about.

Our top picks for marquis spas
Celebrity Series
  • 7-person capacity
  • Four different tubs to pick from
  • High-flow therapy features
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Signature Series
  • 5-person capacity
  • Three different hot tubs to pick from
  • Aromatherapy system
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Vector 21 Series
  • 7-person capacity
  • Three different hot tubs to pick from
  • Ultimate personalization
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Marquis Elite Series
  • 7-person capacity
  • Five different tubs to pick from
  • Budget-friendly Marquis line
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Marquis Spas Pricing

Marquis has a vast variety as a hot tub brand with over 25 models categorized into 4 product lines. These 4 product lines are Vector 21, Marquis Elite, Celebrity, and Signature Series hot tubs.

Like most hot tub brands, Marquis spas do not have their pricing information on their website. But Marquis does categorize their spas into 4 different categories for pricing. The pricing categories are budget level, entry-level, mid-level, and premium level spas.

The prices range between the budget level to the premium level range from $5,000 to $18,000. With the 4 different Marquis model categories, they sort themselves in terms of their level and so this gives you an idea of which hot tubes are more expensive than others.

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Marquis Reviews

#1 Celebrity Series

Marquis Celebrity Series are designed to stand out from the crowd as a hot tub best.

Celebrity spas seat up to 7 people and include up to 50 jets.

This tub is elegant, practical and offers a therapeutic design to allow for you to relax with ease after a long day.  

The Celebrity Series offers the high-flow therapy feature which uses a large amount of water instead of high pressure to make your spa massage feel super relaxing without the stinging feeling.

Marquis Celebrity line has 4 different tubs in the series with various shell colors available. Vegas Elite model has Bluetooth audio connectivity, LED lighting, and 5 different shell colors.

Signature Series hot tubs are the best around if you're looking for a luxury spa.

This is the best of the best hot tubs and includes up to 80 jets more than any other hot tub models by Marquis.

Each Signature Series tub includes features of reflexology foot patterns and cabinet panels.

The Signature Series hot tubs can fit up to 5 people with each model offering a Wi-Fi transceiver, Constellation LED lighting, and an aromatherapy system.

If you opt for the Signature Series Ultimate Package this will include some nice features such as upgrades to the cover lift, cloud storage for a year, and two bath towels.

This hot tub model can be upgraded to Whitewater 4 jets that use 115 gallons of water per minute.

Additional features include the upgrade to the ConstantClean system. The ConstantClean system uses a 5-step filtration process and an ozone injection to keep water clean.

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Vector 21 Series hot tub gives you the ultimate customized tub with the option to personalize the controls more than the other models by Marquis.

Vector 21 by Marquis can fit up to 7 people with each model offering up to 44 jets. The tub includes JetPods that focus on your pain points and a V3 value system designed to direct 100% of the pump water flow to specific seats. This tub allows for a maximum water temperature of 104 degrees.

Marquis spas Vetor 21 Series has the option to upgrade your tube with MicroSilk. MicroSilk is a skin treatment that utilizes small bubbles whilst you bathe. The Marquis MicroSilk therapy helps to keep skin hydrated, promote cell growth and reduce wrinkles.

The Marquis Elite hot tub series is the most budget-friendly from the product range available.

This tub can fit up to 7 people and each of the 5 spas in the series has between 20 to 50 jets.

Marquis Elite uses a water management system that allows for the water to keep perfectly balanced whilst bathing and utilizes the ConstantClean system allowing it to filter more water than other brands.

The Marquis Elite Series filtration system is truly awesome!

This hot tub offers a hydrotherapy experience at a more affordable price and is a popular hot tub for people looking for a budget-friendly tub.

Marquis Consumer Reviews

Marquis is constantly ranked as one of the best hot tub brands in the industry and has numerous consumer awards to back this up. Visit our page to see consumer reports for more hot tub brands. We have selected some of the best consumer reviews below that we would like to share:

Marquis 5 Star Consumer Review
Marquis Spas Consumer Review

Marquis Parts

If you're wondering where you can get replacement parts for your Marquis hot tub, then your best bet would be to contact your local dealer through the Marquis website.

Marquis parts are also available on the My Spa Store website should you wish to find the parts to replace yourself.



Marquis hot tub financing offers are available through the qualified Marquis dealers. There are a wide variety of tub financing options available upon the approval of your credit.

To go ahead with any financing option, it is advisable to contact your local Marquis dealer.


Marquis warranty is impressive and among one of the best in the spa industry.

Marquis hot tubs are made from the highest quality materials and the brand came in the top spot in Spa Search ranking of number 1 for quality in the industry.  

Each of the Marquis products has its own individual warranty, but as an overview, each tub series includes a 10-year structure, 7-year surface, and 5-year equipment warranty for any of their products.

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Marquis website offers an index of hot tub manuals and guides for each of the brand's products.

The website has guides on installation and maintenance and troubleshooting questions to help you solve any issues.

Final Verdict – Should I Buy This Brand?

Marquis spas are highly rated in the industry for both hot tubs and swim spas. They are one of the best hot tub brands with a glowing reputation for quality and uniqueness.

Marquis is ranked as one of the best due to its variety of distinctive tubs. There are lots of upgrades and customization options available to make your hot tub suit your needs. With the state of the art technology and added features of the environments module, to customizing your spa settings with seating and other options this all makes Marquis one of the best brands on the market

Marquis spas have something for every budget with a great product variety of tubs from the budget-friendly to the high-end luxury hot tubs. When considering which hot tub is the best, Marquis deserves to be on the list as for consumers this brand ticks all the boxes.

We hope that this Marquis review helps you to select the best hot tub as we certainly feel Marquis should be high up on your radar!

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