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Mira is one of the best American-made hot manufacturers on the market today that you've probably never heard of. With hot tubs produced exclusively in Nashville, Tennessee, you can always expect high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

However, you might be asking,

Does Mira Hot Tubs have the right spa for my needs?

Come dive in with us as we learn more about this spa industry underdog!


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Top Features



Plug-and-Play design, Green Energy Retention System, 360-degree filtration, LED Rainbow lighting



Green Energy Retention System, 360-degree filtration, LED Rainbow lighting, Lounge seat



LED Rainbow Lighting, Two Lounge Seats, Two Fountains, Green Energy Retention System



LED Rainbow Spa Lighting, WaterShow Fountains, Green Energy Retention System, 360-Degree Filtration

Mira Hot Tub Prices

Like many other spa brands out there, Mira does not have a ton of information online regarding pricing. So, unfortunately, you have to submit a pricing request to get your hands on accurate pricing for your chosen model.

However, we know that Mira is a private label brand under parent manufacturers, including Four Winds Spas and Dynasty Spas, both of which have very affordable prices.

Mira models start at around $5,000 and cap out around $15,000, allowing you to make slight customizations to your chosen model, which can increase the cost.

To learn more about the price of Mira hot tubs in your city, click the button below! You'll get free quotes on multiple brands who have what you're looking for and can select the lowest ones.

Mira Spa Models


The M500 is a beautiful entry-level model from Mira, offering a plug-and-play design for easy setup and installation. To get the M500 up and running, all you need to do is plug it into its own dedicated service outlet and flip it on.

The M500 has room for up to four adults and uses 18 standard stainless steel jets and ergonomic seating, acting as your personal masseuse.

Some of the standard features in the M500 include the Green Energy Retention System, 360-degree filtration, and LED Rainbow lighting.

If simplicity is the name of the game, look no further than the M500.

The M400 model is part of the Recreational Series, which provides users with additional features beyond what you would expect to find on a stock model.

For example, the M400 can seat up to six adults and has 30 jets for a comfortable hydrotherapy session.

Plus, the M400 has the addition of a lounge seat, making it one of the best models for full-body massages.

Some of the features you can expect to find in the M400 include Rainbow LED lighting, the 360-degree filtration system, and the Green Energy Retention System for added energy efficiency.

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The M800DL offers the perfect mix of size and comfort, allowing for up to five adults.

However, the thing that really stands out about the M800DL is the dual lounge seating design, allowing two people to enjoy full-body hydrotherapy sessions at once.

Some of the features found on the M800DL include the Green Energy Retention System, the LED Rainbow lighting, and two waterfall fountains.

You can even customize the M800DL with additional features, including LED cup holders, an integrated Bluetooth Stereo, and a Wi-Fi module!

If size is the name of the game, then we recommend checking out the M1100 for the ultimate hot tub experience.

With a stunning array of seats, all of which provide access to the built-in jets, you can bring the whole party inside!

To add to the party atmosphere, Mira added a music and lighting system to the M1100 as well, helping users create the perfect environment for their backyard get-togethers with style.

Some of the additional features found in the M1100 include the 75 Max Pro jets, LED Rainbow lighting, dual water show fountains, 360-degree filtration, the Green Energy Retention system, and the quality cover.

Like the M800DL, you can customize the M1100 with additional features like a Bluecube Mini Amp System, a Backlit Jet package, LED cup holders, and a logo cabinet light.

Benefits & Drawbacks


Shell Customization

One thing that caught our eye with Mira is that the company allows its customers to customize their chosen model with various shell colors. In addition, each model can be customized with seven different colors, giving you the ability to blend your hot tub in with the aesthetic of your backyard.

Quality Materials

You can't make quality hot tubs without quality materials. But, because the brand is based out of the United States with all of its models produced exclusively in Nashville, you never have to worry about subpar quality. Mira has a top-of-the-line manufacturing facility with some of the industry's latest technology. Yet, even with all of its leading craftspeople, customer service reps, and expert engineers, the company is still able to provide some of the most affordable prices on the market.

High-End Features

Mira mixes some of the best elements of comfort and style, providing features like ergonomic seating, high-end jet systems, marine-grade sound systems, and gorgeous LED lighting. Plus, each Mira unit comes with Mira-Shield Heat-Loc insulation and maintenance-free cabinetry, saving you money on your energy bills and allowing you to enjoy longevity you may not get with other hot tub companies.

It's also worth noting that all of these tubs use full-foam insulation for added energy efficiency.


Poor Customer Service

Some reviewers have noted a lack in Mira's customer service department, with many noting that delivery times were unbelievably long.

Other Noteworthy Brands


Sundance has five different lineups to choose from, all of which offer the company's patented jet design and long-lasting acrylic shells.

However, one of the things that Sundance customers really love is the wide variety of bells and whistles that they can customize the various spa products with, including device syncing, underwater lighting, and more.

Sundance has been in the business since 1979 and is one of the best hot tub brands on the market today.

They also manufacture a wide variety of high-quality swim spas, perfect for those who want to get a bit of exercise in with their daily soaking.

ThermoSpas has seven pre-made spa model lineups, each of which has an array of quality hot tubs. But, of course, what customers truly love is the ability to design their own!

ThermoSpas has been in the business since 1983. To this day, they stick with insulating blankets and patented panels instead of using other materials, as these materials provide some of the best energy efficiency you can find.

Whether you're looking for an affordable model for your small family or a top-of-the-line model with all of the latest and greatest features, we highly recommend checking out what ThermoSpas has to offer.

Why Choose A Mira Hot Tub?

There's no question that looking for the right spa can be a challenge, especially when you consider how many spa companies there are on the market today!

Of course, if you're in the market for a high-quality hot tub, then Mira should be on your radar. This brand combines the best in style, features, and energy efficiency, giving you everything you need to have a top-notch spa experience at home. We hope our hot tub reviews have helped lead you in the right direction. For specific pricing in your area, fill out the questionnaire below to receive free quotes!

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