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Pinnacle spas offers some of the most reliable and high-quality hot tub models on the market with budget-friendly prices.

Of course, with so many close competitors, determining whether or not there are better choices out there can become quite time consuming. 

We're here to help.

We'll review the 3 series that this company offers, highlighting the features of each. 

Our Pinnacle Spa reviews will help you determine whether or not Pinnacle Spas carries exactly what you're looking for.

Our top picks for pinnacle spas
Pinnacle Plus
  • Best mid-range series
  • 50 square-foot filtration system
  • Deluxe LED Lighting Package
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Pinnacle Premium
  • Best for high-end buyers
  • Earthly inner acrylic design
  • Thermozone Insulation
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Pinnacle Standard
  • Best for Budget buyers
  • Very minimal design
  • 110v plug and play options
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Pinnacle Spa Prices

The range of Pinnacle Spas is fairly wide. Whether you are looking for a small, minimalistic spa for you and your loved one or you are looking for a high-end, feature-rich spa for the whole family, Pinnacle Spas has it.

With that range comes a fairly wide range of prices as well. At the low end, you can expect to spend around $5,500. If you are looking to shoot for one of the company’s high-end premium spa models, you can expect to spend around $20,000.

Pinnacle Spas has some financing options available if you can’t afford to throw a lump sum of money at a tub. Click the link below to learn more about Pinnacle Spas prices.

Pinnacle Series

It is important to note that there are many different hot tubs to choose from in the company lineup. As with most manufacturers, Pinnacle has a few tiers of spa models that range in price and features.

They currently have three different spa series to choose from, as well as a series of swim spa models for those looking for a bit extra.

Let's dive into each one of these spa series to see what kind of features lie under the hood.

#1 Pinnacle Plus

The Pinnacle Plus series is the mid-range series and is perfect for buyers who are seeking out a mix of value and design.

The smallest spa in the lineup is the Pinnacle PP631. It costs around $11,999 and comes with two bucket seats and a lounge seat. There are three comfortable pillows for resting your head during your hydrotherapy experience, as well as some other standard features, including a 50 square-foot filtration system, digital smart controls, illuminated water fountains, and the Deluxe LED Lighting Package.

If you’re looking for something a little bit bigger, you can go with the Pinnacle PP864. This tub comes with many of the same features as the Pinnacle PP631, though has some additional features worth mentioning, including the Deluxe Stereo System with a built-in subwoofer. 

Overall, the Pinnacle Plus Series is the perfect middle-of-the-road choice for those who want to get the best out of their spa choice without breaking the bank.

#2 Pinnacle Premium

The PInnacle Premium Series is the high-end series in the line of Pinnacle Spas.

There are three spas in the lineup, each of which has tons of incredible features and plenty of space for the whole family.

The smallest and least expensive spa in the series, which sits around $14,999, is the Pinnacle PR761.

This spa comes with an earthy inner acrylic design that is perfect for natural backyards, including those found in desert or forest landscapes.

It comes with tons of the same high-end features as the Pinnacle Plus Series, as well as other features, such as Thermozone Insulation, and Ozone Generator, and a heavy-duty cover. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate spa in terms of luxury, we highly recommend the Pinnacle Premium PR982. This six-seater spa comes with four comfort pillows, a back-lit LED jet system, illuminated water fountains, a maintenance-free synthetic cabinet, and much more. It’s an excellent choice for serious hot tub enthusiasts.

Overall, if you want the best of the best hot tub models, the Pinnacle Premium Series is where it’s at.

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For those looking to find relaxation in a gorgeous hot tub without spending tons of money, the Pinnacle Standard is a great choice.

These hot tubs are fairly minimal in terms of features and there are much smaller sizes to choose from too, making them perfect for those looking to enhance intimacy with loved ones or for those who simply don’t have a lot of space on their property.

The beauty of the Standard Series is that there are 15 tubs to choose from, which makes it one of the most versatile in the lineup.

The least expensive spa in the Pinnacle Standard Series, sitting at just $5,500, is the Pinnacle PS612 Spa. 

This five-seater spa comes with one lounger and a 110v design for a plug and play experience. One thing we love about plug and play spa models is that you don't have to worry about getting a converter for your home outlets, which can make the installation process far simpler. The features on the PS612 model include digital smart controls, Lucite Cast Acrylic, LED lighting, Thermozone Insulation, Shut-Off T Valves, an Ozone Generator, and a heavy-duty cover to keep clean. 

To get a bit more out of your value hot tub, we recommend looking intothe Pinnacle PS852 spa. This six-seater hot tub comes with 51 stainless steel jets and sits around $13,499. It comes stocked with many of the same features found in the Pinnacle PS612 Spa, as well as some additional and noteworthy features, including the 360-degree surround sound waterfall, the maintenance-free synthetic cabinet, LED lighting, custom stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, and more!

Overall, if you want to get the most bang for your buck while still retaining access to some of Pinnacle’s most popular features, the Pinnacle Standard Series is a surefire win. The spa models in this lineup range pretty great in terms of size and cost, meaning you'll definitely be able to find at least one that fits your needs.

Pinnacle Swim Spa Models

It is worth noting that Pinnacle has a high-quality line of swim spas as well. There are seven swim spa models to choose from, starting with the Dual Zone 18 and moving through a series of fun and feature-rich swim spa models to the high-end Dual Zone 19.

Most of the swim spa models are made for the same primary function, though they each come with unique features that make them worth looking deeper into.

Swim spas are a great choice for those who want to add an element of fitness to their soaking routines.

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Each of these models comes with swim jets that create infinite swimming currents for those who want to stay in shape without ever having to hit the local lap pool. These swim currents are surprisingly strong and steady, creating the perfect, linear fitness machine for swim lovers of all kinds. Plus, when you're done exercising in your swim spa, you can take advantage of the hydrotherapy features!

Some of the noteworthy features in Pinnacle’s Swim Spas include the Deluxe Stereo System, rowing and resistance bands, stainless steel safety hands, XT insulation packages, and salt systems. 

These swim spas hover around $40,000-$45,000, so the price can seem a little steep. However, compare to them to the average cost of a pool and you get more than your money’s worth. Plus, you get to enjoy all of the same benefits as a traditional spa with a swim spa too.

Final Verdict - Should I Get a Pinnacle Hot Tub?

Pinnacle has some of the best spa models in the hot tub industry today. With hydrotherapy water jets, unique and reliable water care systems, outstanding customer service, excellent warranty agreements, and more, this company offers the best hot tubs on the market when you take into account their low pricing.

Whether you're just window shopping for price, or are ready to dive in and purchase your new hot tub today, click the button below.  Our FREE service provides hot tub quotes on the brands that have the features you're looking for. We take your location and personal preferences into account, then show you the lowest price quotes in your area.

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