Plug And Play Hot Tub

Plug and play hot tubs are great for those who want a budget-friendly and easy-to-use hot tub.

110v hot tubs can be plugged in and heated up from the moment they arrive, as they don't require any special wiring. 

Of course, with so many plug-and-play hot tubs on the market, how can you know which is the right one for your needs?

Come dive in as we check out some of the best plug and play hot tubs on the market.

The Essential 50-Jet Polara Plug and Play Hot Tub might just be one of the most loved plug and play hot tubs on the market today.

It comes complete with a wide variety of functions and features.

Plus, it is one of the best plug and play hot tub models for colder climates.

This model comes with 50 high-quality, stainless steel jets, which provides users with a hydrotherapeutic spa experience, relieving stress and tension along the way. 

Beyond standard jets, this hot tub also comes with shoulder jets to target sore neck muscles.

The Essential brand designs all of its hot tubs for relaxation and efficiency. Users can alter the jet speed to their liking using the built-in control panel, which integrates with the motor. On the inside lies a 4kW stainless steel heater. The heater is so strong that users can enjoy the hot tub during the coldest months of the year without any issues.

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In terms of the overall hot tub design, Essential kept it pretty simple with the choice between Espresso and Gray. The low-maintenance wood material provides a bit of extra strength, though retains a lightweight character to make it easier to transport and move.

For use during colder times of the year, this hot tub comes with thick insulation around the perimeter and a durable insulated cover. The cover doubles as protection from any unwanted dirt and debris that might fall into the water when not in use.

Within the Polara lies an Ozonator to keep the water as clean as possible. When it comes to maintenance, all that is necessary is the addition of chlorine every now and then. Thanks to the strong acrylic shell, users can add TriChlor for extra cleanliness.

AquaRest AR-200 Plug and Play Hot Tub

AquaRest has an incredible reputation when it comes to plug and play hot tub models.

The company has been one of the market leaders for quite some time thanks to its consistency in innovation and quality. 

The company has been in the hot tub business for nearly 25 years, creating some of the best and most unique hot tub products imaginable.

In fact, AquaRest first came up with the Rotomolded design back in 1997.

The beautiful thing about the AquaRest AR-200 is that it is incredibly easy to install. 

Unlike some plug and play hot tubs, the AquaRest AR-200 is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. With a portable and lightweight design, this is one of those tubs that can easily be moved from one place to the next.

One unique thing that this company strives to do is manufacture eco-friendly plug and play hot tubs. All of the materials used in the AR-200 hot tub are completely recyclable and eco-friendly. The materials reduce manufacturing waste by reducing carbon emissions.

When it comes to energy-efficiency, this particular plug and play hot tub model is an absolute winner. This particular model comes with enough room for four people, making it the perfect size for the average home. It also comes with 20 high-quality stainless steel jets to provide users with all of the desired hydrotherapy benefits.

Those looking for the perfect four-person hot tub might want to consider the Lifesmart LS100DX. This high-quality, budget-friendly hot tub is made out of durable polyethylene material.

It comes with four seats that are contoured to fit the body nicely. Each seat has its own set of water jets for individual massages as well.

The hot tub comes with some pretty neat features, including an air control valve, a powerful pump, and an integrated control panel to give users complete control over the parameters of their hot tub.

To help lessen the amount of chemicals needed and keep the water clear, the Lifesmart LS100DX uses a built-in ozone water care system. It is completely energy-efficient in its design, similar to most Lifesmart hot tubs out there. When it's not in use, the heater allows the water temperature remains constant without sucking up a ton of energy.

Consumers in the market for an option that is more energy-efficient should definitely check out the LS100Dx

Benefits of Plug n Play Hot Tubs

Lower Costs Upfront

One of the major advantages of plug n play hot tubs is that they cost less than a standard 220v hot tub upfront. Because the heater systems in these models don't draw the same amount of energy as standard hot tubs, plug n play spas typically do not have the same built-in options.

Plug n play hot tubs can plug directly into a standard 110v outlet, meaning there is no need to have an electrician come into the home to wire the spa up.

This can save consumers hundreds of dollars or more.

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Beyond that, most plug n play hot tubs are far cheaper than standard tubs in the long run. Because they don't draw as much electricity, energy bills tend to be lower.

Easy To Install

Because there aren't any special power requirements for plug n play models to run, there is no need for consumers to hire an electrician. Simply plug in the plug n play model and allow the heater to do its job. The beauty of the plug and play design is that these spas can be installed just about anywhere inside or outside of the home where an outlet exists.

Potable Design

Because plug and play models are a bit smaller than standard spa models, they are more portable too. This makes plug and play models much easier to move around and transport if need be. Those who are in the process of redoing their yards or deck spaces will love how easy it is to pick one of these up.

Why Buy A Plug and Play Hot Tub?

Plug and Play are one of they best types of hot tubs and a great choice for a wide variety of hot tub buyers thanks to their ease of installation and low price tags.

Of course, there are some benefits that standard 220v hot tubs have over plug and play hot tubs, including jet power and size, though for people who want to lower the cost and enjoy many of the same hot tub features as the next guy, plug and play models are a solid choice for any backyard retreat.

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author