Portable Hot Tub

Traditional hot tubs can be quite an investment, not to mention the fact that many people don't have enough room in their homes or backyards to support one.

That's why going portable is one of the best hot tub options to go with today.

Beyond flexibility, portable hot tubs are a fraction of the price of standard models, perfect for buyers on a budget.

If you're ready to get your own little portable slice of heaven for your backyard, then keep reading to find out more about the best portable hot tubs on the market today.

This particular Coleman spa model is a top-of-the-line blow-up hot tub that is an excellent choice for mid-range buyers.

It sits at 71" long and 26" deep with a capacity large enough to fit four adults.

In terms of size, this particular hot tub is a solid compromise between large and small.

The hot tub is made with durable, puncture-resistant material and comes with a convenient cover, inflation pump, and 120 hydrotherapy bubble jets, perfect for massaging problem areas.

It is not often that inflatable hot tubs are this technologically advanced, which makes this particular portable hot tub unique. It comes with a handy digital control panel that sits on the interior of the tub, providing users with a way to control the jets and water temperature without ever having to exit the water.

With a helpful, energy-saving timer, users can automate the hot tub water temperature up to three days before use, perfect for those who want to set it up in the morning for a nighttime soak, all while saving energy.

There aren't any required tools for putting this portable hot tub together, and the built-in lift handles make it incredibly easy to transport from one place to the next. When it is not in use, it can be deflated and configured into a compacted design to store away just about anywhere in the home.

The best thing about this hot tub is, users get a luxury spa experience without having to fork out a ton of money upfront.

#2 Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Tub

Those looking for a budget-friendly portable hot tub might want to consider the PureSpa Bubble Massage Tub from Intex. The Intex brand might be regarded for its inflatable mattresses or above-ground swimming pools. However, the brand's inflatable spa models are of the same quality.

The PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set is comfortable, resilient, and comes at a price that all hot tub lovers can agree on. It measures 77" long and 28" tall with a capacity that is great for up to four people. With three-ply Fiber-Tech material acting as the outer layer for the tub, it is puncture-resistant as well.

Of course, that isn't all this spa has to offer. With LED lights, two contoured headrests, and 140 hydrotherapy bubble jets with an incredible amount of power, there is more to this Intex spa than meets the eye.

With the integrated control panel, users can adjust the 140 bubble jets to create a custom spa experience. The hot tub filters are very easy to replace too. Pair that with the built-in hard water treatment system, and this spa requires almost no maintenance at all.

For transport, storage, or delivery, the PureSpa portable hot tub comes complete with a carry bag.

#3 Intex PureSpa 6-Person Portable Bubble Jet Hot Tub

When it comes to soaking during colder times of the year, it is necessary to have a spa with a ground cloth and sufficient insulation.

This is where the Intex PureSpa 6-Person Portable Bubble Jet Hot Tub comes to mind.

This portable hot tub can fit up to six people and comes with both an extra-thick thermal ground cloth and a lockable insulated cover to help reduce heat loss.

To help prevent punctures and keep the water warm at all times, it comes with Intex's top-notch Fiber-Tech material.

Users can even rest on the sides of the hot tub to soak their calves and feet, thanks to the sturdy construction.

There are 170 high-quality hot tub jets that surround the interior walls. The jets can be fully adjusted in terms of activation and pressure thanks to the attached control panel. Of course, users can also adjust the overall temperature of the spa using the control panel as well.

In terms of comfort, the spa comes with dual inflatable headrests, which allow users to recline and soak deeper into their massages. One great thing about this hot tub is that it only takes around 20 minutes to inflate, thanks to the built-in spa pump. Depending on how cold it is outside, however, the water may take about 12 hours to heat up completely.

Maintenance is pretty minimal with this hot tub model, thanks to the user-friendly replacement filters and built-in filtration system. The system helps make sure that the water heats up efficiently and remains gentle on the skin. Just like the other Intex spa model above, this spa model comes with a carrying bag for transport and storage as well.

Those who can spend a bit more on a hot tub might want to consider the SaluSpa Helsinki AirJet Portable Hot Tub.

Of course, this spa can fit up to seven adults, hence the name, and still feels pretty spacious once full.

It comes with 81 high-quality massage jets and can reach temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for those seeking out the deepest and hottest massage experience.

The spa comes complete with an integrated water filtration system, a built-in inflation pump, a drain valve, a cushioned floor, rapid heating technology, and a handy ground mat. All of the features that one could want in a hot tub can be found in this particular model.

The Helsinki Spa comes with a hot tub cover that is aluminum-coated for the best heat retention possible. The cover locks down tight, keeping the water nice and warm, even when the weather doesn't permit it. As an added bonus, the company throws in a backup hand pump and a repair kit in the case that any damage occurs.

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One of the best things about this hot tub is the ChemConnect dispenser, which helps users to keep their spa water clean and balanced for the healthiest hot tub experience possible. Unlike what users typically find in other inflatable spa models, the Helsinki exterior provides the look of genuine wood, helping it to look a bit more permanent in any given outdoor space.

#5 Bestway SaluSpa Milan AirJet

Whether the reason for purchasing a portable hot tub is getting intimate with a loved one or hanging out with friends, the Bestway SaluSpa Milan AirJet is an excellent choice.

With 77" of space and more than enough water capacity for up to four adults, it is one of the best hot tubs for those seeking out versatility.

There are 80 jets in the hot tub AirJet system, which release massaging bubbles from the sides and bottom of the spa.

With a top temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the tub can get pretty hot. 

Plus, it utilizes a power-saving timer to cut back on energy costs and a three-day advance setting to heat up the hot tub in advance.

The SaluSpa Milan spa comes with a built-in air pump, two filter cartridges, a hot tub repair kit, a ChemConnect dispense for clean water, and a reinforced cover with UV-resistant material and safety clips.

This particular portable hot tub is different than many others in that it comes with Bluetooth control. Users can use the Bestway Smart Hub app to control various parameters of the spa using their smartphones or tablets. Some of these parameters include temperature, power-saving activation, timer activation, jet control, and water filter activation.

Choosing The Best Portable Hot Tub

There are plenty of things to consider when looking for the best portable hot tub. One of the first things that users tend to look at is the size. It is important to consider the amount of available room on the deck or patio, as hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Smaller hot tubs are great for those who simply want to soothe their aching muscles and relax. However, those who want to have people over and utilize their hot tub for more social activities may want to consider a larger hot tub model that can fit up to six people.

Price is another deciding factor, as well. Typically, price correlates with size and features. Some premium models that cost much more will have features, including LED lights, adjustable jets, removable headrests, or cupholders. Some features aren't necessary and can just add to the overall price.

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Consider necessary features first, such as high-quality construction materials, heat retention, energy-saving design, and jet power. A higher jet count doesn't necessarily make one tub more superior to another.

Finding the best portable spa for home use may require a bit more careful research, though finding the best portable spa can be life-changing, which helps justify the initial search time.

Tyler Connaghan

Contributing Author