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A walk-in bathtub can offer adults a much safer alternative to standard tubs and showers. However, they can often cost quite a bit and take a while to install. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars on walk-in tub installation, only to find out that it's not quite what you desired.

We've done the research to provide you with all you need to know about the safe-step walk-in tub, one of the most popular walk-in tubs on the market today.

Without further ado, let's dive in.






Heated Seat

Built-in Seat, Medical-Grade Folding Chari, or Contemporary Silhouette Chair

Heated Seat

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Prioritized safety and comfort

Safe, high-end showering experience

The best of both the tub and shower products


How Much Does A Safe Step Walk-In Tub Cost?

Safe-Step Walk-In Tub offers a few different products, which have different price points. Here's what you can expect to pay for your desired Safe-Step model:

  • Safe Step Walk-In Tub - $2,500 - $8,000
  • Safe Step Walk-In Shower - $4,000 - $10,000
  • Safe Step Hybrid Tub - $2,500 - $10,000

Don't forget to factor in installation costs, which typically hover around $5,000.

Overall, most customers spend anywhere from $7,500 to $13,000 on a Safe Step model when all is said and done.

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Models

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs

The Safe-Step Walk-In Tub is the flagship product, offering customers a safer alternative to traditional tubs, which can be potentially dangerous for those with mobility issues.

With the low-entry threshold, getting in and out of the walk-in tub is as easy as lifting your leg above a small stair.

In addition, the walk-in tub comes with padded seating to keep you safe and comfortable throughout the duration of your bath.

Just like Safe-Step's Walk-In Tub, the Safe-Step Walk-in Shower gives customers a safe alternative to the high walls often found in showers, allowing for a more accessible entrance and exit from your shower.

However, unlike the walk-in tub, the walk-in shower does not have a large basin that fills with water.

Instead, the shower uses your standard showerhead and optional shower wands, providing users with a safe and easy showering experience.

Note that these showers can be customized to be wheelchair accessible, eliminating the need for any threshold.

The hybrid tub gives users the best of both worlds with the comfort of your standard bathtub and the convenience and luxury of a showerhead.

Similar to Safe Step's other products, the hybrid bathtub also comes with a low-entry threshold.

Safe Step's Standard Features

One of Safe Step's product specialists would be happy to work with you in determining whether or not you'd like to customize your walk-in tub or shower with additional features. However, there are many standard features available that come with every product.

Let's take a close look at the standard walk-in hot tub features.

Low-Entry Threshold

To keep the entrance and exit of your walk-in tub as safe as possible, every unit comes with Safe Step's low entry threshold. The threshold sits only four inches high, giving users peace of mind that they will not fall while entering or exiting the tub, which happens all too often.

Wide Door

You won't find wider doors on the market compared to Safe Step's wide doors. This is what makes Safe-Step Walk-In tubs some of the best on the market for those with mobility issues.

No-Strength Locking Handle

The last thing you'd want is to fill up your walk-in tub only to have water leak out of the seal and all over the floor. With the no-strength locking handle, this walk-in tub is airtight.

The no-strength locking handle is easy to control and takes no effort to close. The company designed this unique handle for those with arthritis or muscle aches, and it can be opened and closed with minimal strain.

Grab Bars

All Safe Step Walk-In tubs come with dual grab bars, which are used to prevent falls and maintain balance while entering and exiting the tub.

Quick Drain Release

The Quick Drain Release uses a similar design to the locking handle, allowing you to drain the water in your walk-in tub quickly. Because it has built-in pumps, the water in your tub will drain much quicker than a standard tub.

Ozone Cleaning System

For the purest and cleanest bathing experience possible, Safe Step's Ozone Cleaning System uses hydro jets that are built into the tub to purify the water as it circulates. This unique system prevents bacteria from getting into the tub.

Anti-Slip Surfaces

The acrylic surface found within these walk-in bathtubs offers both safety and comfort. You won't ever have to worry about losing your balance while sitting in the tub, yet you'll stay comfortable for long soaks.

Safe Step's Luxury Features

Beyond the standard features, Safe Step provides plenty of optional high-end comfort features that you can choose to install in these walk-in tubs. Let's take a look at some of the top comfort features.

Hydro Jets

Ten water jets are placed throughout the tub to soothe aching parts of your body using unique water therapy. In a way, these jets are made to turn your bathing experience into a hot tub experience. If you want to target particular pain areas, such as your back, feet, or legs, you can adjust the speed and location of the jets.

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Essential oils provide an added sense of relaxation. Now, of course, not everyone believes in the healing properties of essential oils, though you can't deny the mood-boosting effects that lavender or peppermint can have on the mind. With the Safe Step aromatherapy system, it's easy to drop a bit of essential oil in and diffuse it throughout the tub, enhancing your experience.


With a unique system of multi-colored lights that run through the tub, Safe Step has made it easy to relieve your stress. There are seven different colors that you can alternate between depending on your mood. We've found the blue is one of the most relaxing colors in this system.

Pros & Cons  


Advanced Safety Features

One of the best things about Safe Step is that the company focuses on advanced safety features. For example, all walk-in tubs and walk-in showers come with anti-slip surfaces, low-entry thresholds, and grab bars for accessible entrances and exits. Beyond these, you'll also find unique features like overflow drains and anti-scald technology.

Luxury Features

While the main focus of Safe Step is to create safe walk-in tubs, the company also provides a distinctive array of comfort features, including aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and hydrotherapy. In addition, the massage system is ultra-luxurious, giving your bath the feel of a high-end hot tub.

Lifetime Warranty

Walk-in tubs are long-term investments. If you're thinking of purchasing one, it is probably because you'll have it for a long time. For that reason, the lifetime warranty that Safe Step provides is top-notch. Not only does this lifetime warranty cover the entire tub, but it also covers the components within the tub, including the blowers, heaters, water pumps, faucets, and door seal.

Excellent Customer Service

Safe Step understands that new customers might feel nervous about spending this kind of money on a new tub, which is why they provide excellent customer service. You will be guided through each step of the process, which includes selecting, buying, and installing your tub.


The price of Safe Step Walk-in Tubs can be a lot for some customers to stomach. The walk-in tubs alone can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $8,000. Beyond that, you'll have to factor in installation, which can be an additional $5,000 more. But, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and Safe Step has some of the highest quality walk-in tubs on the market today.

Competing Alternatives


If you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to Safe Step, we recommend checking out the walk-in tubs from Ameriglide.

These walk-in tubs start around $2,500 and come with a variety of high-end features.

One of the best things about AmeriGlide walk-in tubs is the jet system, which gives users their choice between three types of jets, including Air jets, Water jets, or Combination jets.

The Sanctuary Walk-In is the most popular tub in the lineup, with features that include an ADA-compliant seat, a shower rise, an inward swinging door, and two built-in grab bars.


Ariel also has a variety of affordable walk-in tubs that start at around $2,000.

While they don't come with the high-end features that you'll find in Safe Step Walk-In tubs, there's no other company that can beat these extremely low prices.

If you need a safer alternative to your traditional tub at home, but want it for a lower cost, we can't recommend a better option than Ariel.

Final Verdict

When it comes to Safe-Step Walk-In Tubs, it's hard to think of a company that does it better. No matter why you need a walk-in tub, you can buy a Safe Step product with confidence, knowing that you'll get the best of both safety and comfort. 

We hope that our Safe Step review helped solidify your decision to buy a safer and more comfortable tub that can help with your mobility issues. 

If you'd like to see what else is out there before making your final decision, head over to our Best Walk In Tubs article where we review 5 other brands!

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