Salt Water Hot Tub

While traditional hot tubs have many health benefits, chlorine can do a number on your hair and skin. For this reason, many hot tub lovers are starting to invest in saltwater systems.

However, with so many great hot tub saltwater systems on the market today, how do you know which are best?

We'll explore the benefits of having a tub with a saltwater system and recommend the top rated models.

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What is a Saltwater Hot Tub System?

Many high-end hot tubs make use of salt water systems. Due to the low maintenance and ease of use, salt water systems are considered the best around and far superior to typical chlorine hot tub systems. Salt water hot tubs are unique in that they only require the addition of a little bit of salt to begin generating chlorine.

A great salt water system can keep a hot tub clean for up to a year before it needs to be drained and refilled. While there are plenty of salt water hot tubs on the market, there are two main hot tub brands that come to mind when mentioning saltwater hot tubs: Hot Spring Spas and Caldera Spas.

Both of these manufactures own the best water care systems for hot tubs on the market today, which only complements the fact that they design some of the highest quality hot tub models as well.

Hot Spring Highlife Envoy

If there was one hot tub manufacturer that has gained a lot of attention for its salt water sanitation systems, it would be Hot Spring.

Many believe that this company is the reason why salt systems overturned the traditional hot tub market.

This particular hot tub makes use of the FreshWater saltwater system, which uses a unique titanium cartridge to keep the water clean.

This unique water care system helps to keep the water at a perfect salinity level at all times. 

Users don't have to give the tub as much chlorine, meaning they can enjoy their Hot Spring spa for much longer without skin or eye irritation.

The Envoy spa can fit up to five people at once. It is filled to the brim with the latest in hot tub tech, including deep seats and full-body massage jets, which work together to provide an incredibly soothing and relaxing spa experience.

On the inside of the hot tub lies a high-tech control panel with large icons and a color screen. Users can easily adjust various parameters throughout the hot tub to their liking. Hot Spring has one of the highest-rated water care systems on the market today and the Envoy is easily one of the best saltwater hot tubs in the brand's lineup.

Caldera Spas is another brand that changed the water chemistry game with its FreshWater Salt System.

While the company has plenty of hot tubs in its lineup, one of the best is the Caldera Cantabria from the Utopia Series.

This large-and-in-charge hot tub makes use of Avante Cabinetry, which provides users with a multi-dimensional look.

The cabinetry is both beautiful and durable, perfect for all kinds of weather.

Similar to the Hot Spring tub, this saltwater hot tub comes with a touchscreen control panel too. 

Users can manage the jet systems, water temperature, lighting, and more, all from the intuitive Advent control panel.

One of the flagship features on the Caldera Cantabria is the UltraMassage Lounge, which allows users the deepest-possible massage on the neck, shoulders, and back. Plus, the lounge sits flush in the water so that users can enjoy a warm, blanket-like soak.

Those in search of a large saltwater hot tub that can provide them with the deepest hydrotherapy experience possible, the Caldera Cantabria is an excellent choice.

Advantages of a Saltwater Hot Tub

There are plenty of hot tub owners out here looking for healthier ways to utilize their tubs. Salt water hot tub models can provide users with plenty of unique benefits.

Increased Water Softness

Thanks to the fact that salt systems require fewer chemicals compared to systems in traditional hot tub models, the water quality is far more consistent. Clean water will stay soft for much longer before a drain and a refill are necessary. Having a steady and natural flow of chlorine reduces the risk of pain and discomfort that it can have on a person, not to mention dry hair, red eyes, and cracked skin.

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No Unpleasant Odors

Some chemicals have incredibly distinct and unpleasant odors. Chlorine is one of those chemicals. It can stick to hair and skin long after a soak. Because saltwater systems prevent chlorine from mutating into chloramines and instead revert them into sodium chloride (table salt), there aren't any odors to worry about.

Easier To Maintain

Saltwater systems help to reduce the amount of maintenance and water care that is needed for spa owners. A salt water system will continue to function and sanitize spa water from the moment that it is set up. Higher-end salt water hot tubs can even control the amount of chlorine going into the spa water depending on how heavy the ho tub use is.

Hot tub owners should test the water using test strips once per week to make sure the system is functioning properly. However, there is no need to purchase bromine or chlorine tablets, which can save money and create a safer environment for kids and pets.

Disadvantages of a Saltwater Hot Tub

Initial Cost

Compared to traditional hot tubs, hot tubs with built-in salt water sanitation systems can end up costing more right off the bat. Of course, it is possible to add saltwater systems to standard hot tubs, which is one thing many hot tub owners do not realize.


One of the biggest disadvantages of a salt system is that it is corrosive in nature. Many hot tub models that have excessive salt levels often have problems with liner corrosion, heater corrosion, and underwater lighting damage.

Finding the Best Saltwater Hot Tub

There are plenty of considerations that must come into play when searching for the best saltwater hot tub, as there are many hot tubs on the market that use saltwater systems.

The beauty of saltwater is that it is far gentler on the skin.

Plus, the additional initial cost that scares many buyers off is eventually offset by the fact that the hot tub water becomes far more enjoyable and the spas require little oversight to be properly maintained.

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Of course, there is always the possibility of adding a saltwater system to a pre-existing spa for those who want to enjoy the benefits without the initial cost. Clean water does not have to come at the cost of comfort and health.

Adding salt water into the mix can provide a clean water spa experience without the underlying health issues.

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